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By: incharged On: July 27, 2015 In: News, Blog Comments: 0

Festivals are an awesome experience – and there are a few creature comforts that attendees have come to expect at any event. Along with restrooms, first aid stations, and concessions, cell phone charging stations are near the top of that list. InCharged has been providing cell phone charging services...

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By: incharged On: July 08, 2015 In: News Comments: 0

Has this ever happened to you: You’re on your way to an event (a movie, theatre performance, concert…) and before you get to your seat, you look down and realize your phone is at 3%. While you know you really shouldn’t be using your phone during your outing, you...

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By: incharged On: June 25, 2015 In: News Comments: 0

We all know there is a huge market for phone cases. Some boast sleek functionality, some boast absolute protection, and some are simply aesthetically beautiful. Designers such as Ted Baker and Tory Burch even have lines of name brand iphone cases for the fashion savvy consumer. While this is...

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By: incharged On: May 14, 2015 In: News Comments: 0

We understand that sometimes finding time to charge your cell phone and tablet can be tricky. While our charging stations are convenient, safe, and offer the fastest charging technology on the market, the market is ever growing and new products are constantly being developed. Israeli company StoreDot has developed...

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By: incharged On: April 20, 2015 In: News, Blog Comments: 0

Our InCharged team has grown once again! We’re thrilled to welcome Duong “Zong” Nguyen to our headquarters in Union, NJ. Zong brings over 10 years of experience in B2B sales in areas from technology to pharmaceuticals. He will be managing sales both domestically and internationally. “I’m excited to be...

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