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Why the Glass Power Table?

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Captive Audience

Looking for better event engagement? When phones are charging at your table, you have your audience’s full attention

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Make an Impression

Show of your brand style with customized branding, a glass table top, and LED accent lights. This phone charging table a convenience concept for anyone who wants to charge mobile devices with the latest charging technology available.

table charging station

Purchase: $2599

Rent: $1599/weekly

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No Assembly

Our cell phone charging tables come ready to go - just plug them in a power outlet all charging cords included. It’s that simple! The less you have to worry about the better.

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Make it Easy

Events need tables, and phones need charge. Make your audiences' life easier with our phone charging table, and you’ll be their new favorite brand.

The Fine Details.

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100% Device Support

Equipped with 12 charging ports and two A/C outlets making it an ideal laptop and tablet charging station.

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Glass Top

No cheap plastic here. Our table top is strong, durable, and constructed with tempered glass with plenty of surface area that protects devices from spills.

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Versatile Design

Foot rests around the base making it comfortable for both sitting and standing. The LED lights add a beautiful touch and customized branding, while the wheels allow easy maneuverability and no assembly required. Some of our designs include a solar charging table, you can wirelessly charge your phone, charging station end table , coffee table designs.  

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Our standard lead time is 3 weeks. However, we get rush orders all the time and can often turn around even in the same day. Rush orders will be charged an additional fee.


Create the perfect conversation starter with this simple phone charging table. This cocktail charging table stands 44″ high, which is standard table height to ensure cohesiveness with your existing furniture.


The Glass Power Charging Table has 12 charging cords built in with an additional 2 A/C outlets to plug in additional phones, laptops, cameras, etc. We include an industry standard mix based on the most popular devices on the market. Our charging technology supports 100% of devices from Apple to Android and everything in between.

About the Glass Power Charging Table.

User-Friendly Self-Service Cell Phone Charging Table

Create the perfect conversation starter with this simple phone charging table. This cocktail charging table stands 44″ high, which is standard table height to ensure cohesiveness with your existing furniture. The glass power table comes equipped with 12 smartphone charging cables and 2 AC outlets, allowing the recharge of multiple devices; including iPhones, Androids, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. The product weight is under 100 pounds. Simply plug the wireless phone charging table into any standard outlet and you are ready to charge no assembly is required.

Branding Your Custom Table Charging Stations

In order to maximize branding, these device phone charging tables provided by InCharged can be fully branded with your own artwork, branding, logos and colors. Our simple templates allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your custom charging station so that you project exactly the message you want and get all the attention you need. Need a little assistance? InCharged also offers full graphic services at an additional price. Send us a logo and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Events just got easy.

Are you renting a booth at a trade show? Are you putting on a festival or event? You probably need some tables. Whatever side of the event coin you’re on, people are going to congregate somewhere, and you have a chance to decide where.

And, if you can add phone charging options and outlets too, well, you’ll be turning attendees away, not begging them to stay. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the nearest coffee shop and see which seat everyone fights for (spoiler: it’s the one by the outlet).

Charging tables are also great purchases for high-traffic areas: restaurants, airports – even waiting rooms. Their multi-use functionality makes them more than just accessories, they provide layers of amenities for your audience.

Fully customize the table to show off your brand or upsell it to sponsors – either way, your Tables will be an invaluable asset to your event or space.


Graphic Design Services

Don't have a designer in-house? No problem! Our design team is ready to bring your brand to life.


White Glove Addon

We know your hands are full. Let us setup, breakdown, and repackage your order so you can focus on the rest of your event.

event insurance

Event Insurance

Insurance is never a fun thing to buy, but $#!& happens. Protect your unit in case it all hits the fan.Insurance is never a fun thing to buy, but $#!& happens. Protect your unit in case it all hits the fan. You can rent or buy the insurance on the standard phone charging tables or solar charging tables insurance also covers the, usb charging port, charging ports, usb ports, any usb charging functionality and or usb charging cables. 

extended warranty

Extended Warranty

Rent or Buy a device charging unit and you’ll never have to worry. We cover any hardware issue for the lifetime of the unit.

What are my options?

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Spec Sheet

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product manual


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*NOTE: the glass power table comes fully assembled. The table with storage crate can easily put away for extended periods of time if need and adds minimal product weight.  

Revolutionize Your Events with the Glass Power Charging Table

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Transforming Events with High-tech Charging Solutions

At the heart of every successful event is a blend of innovation, convenience, and technology. A vital part of this mix is the provision of charging solutions. The Glass Power Charging Table brings a revolution in technology, adding an aesthetic appeal to your event while fulfilling a practical need. This table is not just an attractive piece of furniture; it doubles as a convenient station to power up phones and electronic devices. With 12 ports and two A/C outlets, the table allows multiple guests to recharge their devices simultaneously, keeping everyone connected and engaged.

Maximum Benefit from Our Charging Tables

Imagine offering attendees a place to relax, network, and charge their cell phones. The allure of charging their device can draw in attendees, creating a captive audience around your branding. Utilizing our tables as a station can significantly improve your event’s overall attendee experience. It’s a subtle yet effective strategy, perfect for trade shows, festivals, conferences, and any gathering involving a significant number of people.

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phone charging service 3

What We Offer

We provide a comprehensive solution that perfectly blends with your event setup. Our Glass Power Charging Table is a user-friendly self-service station, requiring no assembly and compatible with virtually all small mobile devices. Whether it’s iPhones, Androids, or laptops, this table is equipped to handle them all.

The Glass Power Charging Table stands at a standard height of 44″, ensuring it fits seamlessly with your existing furniture. Its sleek, modern design features a strong, tempered glass top and LED accent lights for added appeal. Furthermore, our table comes with the option for complete customization, allowing you to showcase your brand and impress your audience effectively.

Benefits of our services

Versatile design: The Glass Power Charging Table is designed for both standing and sitting, providing comfort for all users. Its design is adaptable, and even includes a solar charging table option.

100% device support: With 12 ports and two A/C outlets, our table can accommodate a wide range of devices.

No assembly: Just plug it into a power outlet, and the table is ready to go. This eliminates any setup stress on your part.

Customization: We offer complete customization of your station with your branding, logos, and colors. Our team can also provide full graphic services to assist in creating your unique look.

Moreover, we understand that every event has its own unique needs, so we offer flexible arrangements. If you’re planning a one-off gathering, consider the option to rent our charging table, ensuring a hassle-free experience. On the other hand, if you’re aiming to provide a continuous service in your establishment, we have the table available for sale. It’s an investment that not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also offers practical utility.

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The Bottom Line

As we transition into an era where phones and electronic devices play an integral role in our daily lives, it’s crucial to keep up with the changing times. By offering our table for rent or sale, we provide solutions for events of all sizes and durations.

So, whether you’re looking to rent for a single event or thinking of a permanent sale to elevate your venue, our Glass Power Table is your solution. With its blend of innovation, convenience, and style, this station is more than a piece of furniture – it’s a testament to your commitment to your audience’s needs. Remember, the best events are those that anticipate and cater to the needs of their guests, and with our charging table, you’re setting the standard.

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