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How To Prepare For The Future Of The Events Industry

There are so many people and industries being leveled by this experience, and the last thing I want to do is compare tragedies. But, since I love events, that’s what I want to focus on — and since I’m a business owner in the event space, that’s what I have to focus on: What comes next?

Governor Murphy Names Commission to Advise on Restart and Recovery of State Economy

Governor Phil Murphy today signed an executive order creating a commission charged with advising the administration on the timing and preparation for New Jersey’s recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown. Our own, Jessica Gonzalez, has been chosen for the commision.

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Optimismo en la reapertura para abrir lentamente el estado

“Este es un gran fin de semana”, fueron las palabras del gobernador de Nueva Jersey, Phil Murphy, con respecto a la apertura de parques y campos de golf, uno de sus primeros pasos para reabrir lentamente el estado, pero; ¿cuál podría ser el próximo?

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At my company, we closed our eyes and imagined the future of SWAG-giving and sampling — and it sure doesn’t look like handing out armloads of branded pens and waving goodbye. SWAG stands for “stuff we all get” and is a mainstay at events and expos.

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Marketers are always asking, “How do I best reach my audience?” That’s why I’m eyeing the experiential space. Marketing that’s fresh and immersive and in person has a hook to it that digital just can’t beat.

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Three Guidelines To Writing A Warranty That Doesn’t Suck

Warranties are like parachutes. You know you need one, but you hope you don’t have to use it — at least, that’s what we’ve been told (cue dramatic music). Read why we chose our simple, lifetime warranty.

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Whatever It Takes: Four Customer Service Goals To Keep Your Customers Happy

Underlying all these goals is a basic philosophy: Remember that your customers are human beings. Treat them well, and they will treat you well.

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Top 5 Business Lessons for Starting and Staying Lean

Many successful businesses start out with funding — from a bank, from investors or even from personal savings. My business was not like that. I was young, so I only had a few months of savings in my bank account and when I researched the loan process at my bank, it just seemed too…


Is Your Employee Having an Off Day—Or Is Something More Serious Going On?

GI find that just asking has help me identify if my employee is having a rough patch. It also helps with rapport and shows we genuinely care.


Falling behind the trends? 12 ways to successfully adapt and catch up

Get ahead of the next big trend. If everyone is doing 3D VR sets, then I’m doing social vending. When I have missed the curve on a product or offering I use that time to get ahead of the next one or offer something…

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6 Smart Ways to Deal With Workplace Stress

Remember, it’s all in the mind. Stress at work is largely a mental state, and becoming aware of that fact can sometimes be the key to overcoming it. Jessica Gonzalez, founder of cell phone charging station provider InCharged, says: “When I’m…

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13 Agency Pros Share The Most Important Career Lesson They’ve Learned

Operate Lean. Early in my startup when we started earning revenue, I was tempted to get an office in Manhattan or go out and buy the car of my dreams. I looked at all the other funded companies and thought that having the big office meant…

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Need To Reach Gen Z? Here’s How To Market To A Younger Demographic

Show Them How You Can Help Them. Gen Z can spot promotions and sponsorships from a mile away — they’re looking for value. The trick is to focus less on selling to them and more on how you can help them. For example, instead of an ad spot…

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What’s Next In Marketing: Rise Of The Experiences

Technology changes consumers.

It can happen in an instant. A new advancement, a new app, or even a new combination of features we already know can alter consumer preferences and behaviors permanently. When consumers shift, brands must as well — if they want to keep up. We all know what happens when they don’t…

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Encouraging Your Customers to Be Your Brand Advocates

Not long ago, I had a huge a-ha moment — one of those realizations that you know will impact your business for years to come.

One morning, the host of a business-focused talk radio show reached out to me and asked me for an interview. He’d received a newsletter I’d written, and it had sparked his interest. This wasn’t your typical sales newsletter: It was unconventional. Frankly, it was brutally honest. I’d written it because I was tired of boring newsletters; the ones that people delete before they even make it to the second sentence. I hopped on a call and did the interview. It was broadcast on the radio program and disseminated across its social media platforms…

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Eight Things Not To Do When Handling Difficult Workplace Conversations

At the risk of making too many generalizations, women in business often feel pressure to qualify their decisions or feelings. Yes, you’ll have to have hard conversations, but be careful about apologizing for things you shouldn’t. If it’s your company, then you’re in charge…

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5 Best Practices For Your New Company Blog

Establish Expertise, Not Self-Promotion. Think beyond self-promotion. The purpose of a blog is to add value for customers, not to hard sell. Think of yourself as a subject matter expert and use the space to establish expertise in your industry…

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6 Ways to Get Your Office Out of a Winter Rut

Turn it up. Sometimes the smallest changes can make all the difference. If you can’t manage major shifts in your team’s working arrangements, find little ways to add excitement to the work week this time of year so employees have a bit of extra…

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What’s the next big thing in IoT? 14 experts share their predictions.

The healthcare system. Our healthcare system is slow, inefficient, and sometimes prone to error — yet it relies on many things that could be effectively automated and improved with technology. Telemedicine will be big and so will additional…

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