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Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

Easy to setup, easy to brand, easy to experience.

Feel the Power.

Why the Flex?

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HD Video

Increase social shares and other engagements direct from the machine.

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Coming in at just under 35 pounds, this unit was designed specifically for easy event transportation no wonder its one of our best sellers.

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5 Minute Setup

The easiest and only free-stranding cell phone charging station that takes 5 minutes to assemble and strike.

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Brand It

Not only can you customize the screen, 360 custom branding in a full-color wrap will transform your cell phone charging station and increase foot traffic.

The Nitty Gritty.

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Screen resolution

The Flex cell phone charging kiosks has an HD 16:9 ratio monitor supporting a resolution up to 1600 x 900 pixels. File formats: MP4, JPG, PNG. Audio is supported.

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Don't ever worry about having to press the play button. All media sits inside a playlist that is set to a constant loop. All this interactivity on one device.

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Charging tips

5 Apple Lightning, 4 USB type C, 2 Micro USB + 1 Open USB Port are included by default. Customization also available. Wireless charger available to improve guest satisfaction.

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Our standard lead time is 3 weeks. However, we get rush orders all the time and can often turn around even in the same day. Rush orders will be charged an additional fee.


We request videos or images for the screen ahead of time and we will pre-load your media for you. If you don’t have anything ready by the time your order ships you will be able to use a USB flash drive to copy files onto the charging station directly.


The Flex cell phone charging kiosks requires one 120V 15A outlet. Which is your standard U.S. wall outlet. Multiple units can be plugged into the same power source at once.


The Flex charging station has 12 charging cords in total capable of charging multiple devices. We include an industry standard mix based on the most popular devices on the market. Supporting 100% of devices from Apple to Android and everything in between.

About the Flex.

The Most Advanced Cell Phone Charging Station

The Flex cell phone charging stations are lightweight, free-standing kiosk – easy to transport, set up and configure. True to its name, the Flex provides clients with plenty of customization flexibility: from standing to wall-mounted to a tabletop unit, use this unit can be whatever you need it to be. Customers love and guests love the ability to save time and money by renting the Flex.

With 12 charging tips, the Flex provides a charge to multiple devices all modern and legacy Android and iOS devices – and even offers an extra open port with a USB connector. Compatible with most of the iphone and usb c androids on the market today. If they got it, we can charge it.

In addition to mobile charging convenience, Flex charging stations are available for custom branding, providing 360° of marketing message potential. The 20-inch HD screen plays video and audio, so your audience will stay longer as they charge their cell phones – even design custom-shaped panels like Coca-Cola did to really show off your brand flair.

The Flex weighs less than 38 pounds and is shipped in four, easily-assembled pieces, which means that you can effectively skip freight transportation and have the charging stations delivered with standard shipping. We’ve built the lightest, easiest to set up cell phone charging stations out there! Light units mean you won’t break the bank shipping them to and from your event.

The standard charging tip configuration includes five Apple Lightning connectors, two Micro USB, four USB C, and an open USB for anything else that needs it with a wireless charger available.

Our Flex brandable cell phone charging stations let you share your marketing message while also giving your audience a free, phone charge. perfect addition to waiting rooms.

Events matter.

For the marketer, impressions are everything. In a day and age of so much digital noise, experiential marketing provides something tactile to audiences, leaving lasting impressions.

Offer your customers memorable experiences, and you’ll get their attention and brand loyalty.

In a smartphone-dominated world, a dead battery can ruin the day. Whether at the airport or at trade shows, cell phone charging stations are becoming an expected 21st amenity. Even other brands like Target and Gap are getting in on the cell phone charging kiosk game. Why? Because charged mobile phones mean happy customers and happy customers mean better business.

Whether you want to rent units or purchase them, we’re committed to helping utilize them to their max. We offer in-house graphic design services, product warranties and insurance for events – even white-glove set up services if you need to just focus on your event.

Our goal is always that you have the most kickass event or activation you can.


Events just got easy.


Graphic Design Services

Don't have a designer in-house? No problem! Our design team is ready to bring your brand to life.


White Glove Addon

We know your hands are full. Let us setup, breakdown, and repackage your order so you can focus on the rest of your event.

event insurance

Event Insurance

Insurance is never a fun thing to buy, but $#!& happens. Protect your unit in case it all hits the fan.

extended warranty

Extended Warranty

Buy a unit and you’ll never have to worry. We cover any hardware issue for the lifetime of the unit.

What are my options?

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Screen Template

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Setup Video

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Spec Sheet

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