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The Ultimate Safety And Reliablility

Why the Metal Detector?


Superior Target Detection

Exclusicve multiple target pinpointing with 33 distinct zones shows precise location on the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe. Unmatched precise detection of harmful and harmless items such as coins, jewelery, knifes, guns, keys, etc


Easy Setup

The easiest metal detector setup you'll ever experience. Portable, and comes with the option to be mounted to the floor. We set up + calibrate and train your staff with all our rentals* * additional set up fees may apply

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Purchase: no

Rent: $799/weekly

Purchase: no

Rent: $799/weekly


Optimum Alarm System

Bright LED visual alarm and audible tone and volume adjustable alarm with the option to randomly alarm on a selected percentage of non-alarming persons; adjustable from 0 to 50 percent.


Make it Safe

Make your audience feel safe and secure with more than 20 standard program settings scientifically engineered to address the needs of venues and special events with masses of people.

The Nitty Gritty.


Easy Assembly

We set up, calibrate and train your whole team with each rental.


Tamper Proof

All settings are secured with a key lock and two levels of access codes, and additionally with a cabinet lock.


Superior Versitality

Menu based settings for feature selection such as alarm indication, count method, and language without use of the computer.

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At Incharged, we understand the significant emphasis that has to be placed on security at all times. That is why, since the inception of our brand, we have strived to ensure that we offer top-notch and high-quality walk through metal detectors that you can constantly and consistently count on to keep you safe.

Our products maintain the highest standards and are ranked among the best in the world year after year. If you’re still wondering whether these products are the right choice for you, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Incharged walk through metal detectors offer:

Wide Application Purposes

With products from Incharged, the list of possibilities that you can explore becomes almost limitless. Because of the level of technology that each of these walk through metal detectors has been built with, the degree of applications you can put them to increases significantly.

From helping you immediately pinpoint even the most minute illicit materials to helping you identify and pick out the most well-concealed contraband products, Incharged gives you everything you need to not just keep your events safe but also give you more versatility with the resources that you have at hand.

If you’re looking for the best walk through metal detectors, Incharged products are here to meet and exceed your expectations.

See here to pick the perfect walk through metal detector for your next event.

Time Efficient

One common theme with most walk through metal detectors is that, while they function well enough, you usually have to sacrifice time efficiency when making use of them. Incharged rental walk through metal detectors is here to change all of that speedily and effectively.

All products made available by our team have gone through rigorous and extensive testing to ensure that they not only efficiently catch all of the signals that they have to but also do it without expending any appreciable amount of time and/or effort.

This is a critical factor worth considering because how well a walk through metal detector can function may affect just how well your event kicks off. When you have a time-efficient walk through metal detector in your corner, every event becomes simple, safe, and enjoyable.

See here to check our list of available rental products.

Simple to Operate

Although all Incharged walk through metal detectors that are available for rental are incredibly complex pieces of machinery, their operability has been extensively streamlined and optimized to make sure that you will encounter only a minimal amount of stress when making use of these devices.

The main reason for this is that each of these products was chosen for its incredible user-intuitiveness. All of these walk through metal detectors come fitted with controls, prompts, and guides that are capable of helping even a first-time user find their way around and bring out the best of the machines without breaking a sweat.

At Incharged we’ve always known that it isn’t enough to just have a good device; you also have to be able to control this device effortlessly as well. This is one prerequisite that goes into all the products we offer and we do not back down on that feature.

High Accuracy

At Incharged we intimately understand that the entire point of getting a rental metal detector as a security aid for your event is that you don’t want to take chances when it comes to safety. In these times where technological advancements have made many illicit materials and contrabands more convenient to carry, you can’t be too careful.

Along these lines, Incharged ensures that you have the best walk through detectors at your disposal to help you with this great undertaking. The high level of accuracy and precision that our devices bring to the table gives you that much-needed assurance that not one thing will slip under your radar and compromise your precious event.

In addition to this, you can also increase or decrease the level of sensitivity of these devices. This ensures that you maintain complete control of everything that walks through that security point.

Increased Convenience

The main forte of Incharged rental walk through metal detectors is affording you the highest level of comfort and convenience. From the delivery of the machine(s) to the site of your event to setting it up and configuring it, we at Incharged ensure that you have nothing to worry or stress about at every point of this process.

Because your complete comfort and safety remain a matter of paramount importance to us, we go all the way when it comes to making your event as safe and secure as possible with our rental walk through metal detectors.


About the Walk Through Metal Detector.

Our fast, easy, versatile Walk Though Metal Detector rentals. Come equipped with optional casters and battery module. Because of it’s durable and weather-proof construction, It can be rapidly deployed at indoor or outdoor corporate events, festivals, trade shows, stadiums and other large events.

Since there are no wires to deal with and it has a fast boost time, it’s easy to move to another location with a moment’s notice.

With more than four times detection of competitive models, our Walk Through Metal Detector rentals provide uniform and precise pinpointing. With multi-dimensional, 33 distinct pinpoint zones you can identify not only height but also left, center and right locations for one or more objects passing through archway.

Walk Through Metal Detector provides superior detection and location of any item that contains metal elements and can pinpoint it’s exact location no matter how big or small it is.

The Perfect Metal Detector for Corporate Events

With 33 distinct zones of detection this Walk Through Metal Detector is perfect addition to your events to ensure the safety and security of your patrons. Fast pass-through speed with maximum accuracy ensures that patrons move quickly through the line and are able to enjoy the event while feeling safe.

Walk Through Metal Detector for Festivals and Trade Shows

The world’s highest performing walk-through metal detector now ready to be used for your events! Industry Leader with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched
discrimination features. Designed for maximum patron throughput without compromising safety, this detector has proven its effectiveness at moving high volumes of
patrons through events with massive crowds!


Rent it as soon as today!

Events matter.

You put so much into your corporate events, so making it secure is our highest priority. Whatever it takes, we’ve got your back.

Make them safer.


Why Choose A Walk Through Metal Detector?

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The Advantage of Portable Set-Up

Our Walk Through Metal Detectors are designed with convenience in mind. The easy portable set-up ensures a hassle-free experience, making them ideal for events with quick turnaround times.

These detectors can be rapidly deployed at indoor or outdoor corporate events, festivals, trade shows, stadiums, and other large events. Plus, they come with optional casters and battery modules for added mobility.

Optimum Alarm System and Tamper Proof Security

An essential feature of our Walk Through Metal Detectors is the optimum alarm system. Bright LED visual alarms, along with adjustable audible tones, guarantee the detection of any metal items passing through the detector.

For additional security, all settings are secured with a key lock and two levels of access codes, further protected by a cabinet lock.

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Superior Versatility and Unmatched Precision

One of the primary reasons our Metal Detectors are the best in the market is their superior versatility. The menu-based settings allow for easy feature selection without the need for a computer.

Plus, the detector offers more than four times the detection of competitive models, providing uniform and precise pinpointing. With 33 distinct pinpoint zones, they not only identify the height but also the left, center, and right locations for one or more objects passing through the archway.

The Perfect Solution for Various Events

Our Walk Through Metal Detectors are the perfect addition to ensure the security of patrons at your corporate events, festivals, and trade shows.


The fast pass-through speed with maximum accuracy ensures that attendees move quickly through the line, allowing them to enjoy the event while feeling safe. With our detector, you can have the peace of mind that your event is safe, secure, and ready for a successful run.

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Seamless Purchase and Rental Options

Whether you’re looking for a one-time rent or planning to make a permanent addition to your event’s security, we’ve got you covered. With options for both sale and rent, our Metal Detectors are easily accessible. You can purchase from our depot or have it delivered to your home, making the process as convenient as possible.


In conclusion, if security is your priority, our Metal Detectors are a must-have. Offering superior detection, easy assembly, tamper-proof settings, and versatile usage, they ensure that your event remains a safe space for all attendees. Shop now and enjoy unbeatable discounts on the sale!
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