InCharged: The End of the Dead Cell Phone Battery Panic

Whether you’re using its GPS as you try to navigate the perpetually confusing streets of New York City or just playing games on the subway to pass the time in the dark tunnels, there are a myriad of ways to drain your phone’s battery as the day goes on. It is nearly impossible to keep it going until 5 p.m, much less into the later hours of the evening.

And if it dies, what then? Most stores, restaurants, and public places do not allow customers to charge their phones using their electrical outlets. And if you forgot your charger, then you had better turn off your phone and save that last bit of battery for emergencies only.

Jessica Gonzalez, the founder of InCharged, had these problems and decided to do something about it – and so the InCharged cell phone charging kiosks were born.

“There are basically machines and kiosks for everything. Why can’t there be a place where I can just plug in and charge my phone, or borrow a charger?
Jessica Gonzalez

Gonzalez researched the idea, looking for available solutions. Finding nothing satisfactory, she decided to create a product from scratch that would provide benefits to consumers like herself but also to businessowners and landlords.

She devised a plan to provide free cell phone charging for people who were far from their home chargers – people wrapped up in their busy days. InCharged developed three types of mobile charging kiosks which can charge not only cell phones, but digital cameras, mp3 players, tablets, and iPads. The charging tips are compatible with 95% of all cell phones.

InCharged is able to provide this free service for consumers by giving all interested parties what they want. Venues benefit from the increased foot traffic brought by having a free cell phone charging station, advertisers from the unobtrusive advertising mechanism, and consumers are able to stay connected to the world around them.

Advertisers sponsor the kiosks, getting a captive yet willing audience for their media while consumers are being given what they need: more battery life for their cell phones.

“The cell phone charging kiosk fixes a problem often found in advertising: it gives back to consumers right away, as opposed to billboards or other forms of advertising, which are always taking away”

The kiosks are incredibly user-friendly for businessowners and consumers alike. They all arrive with media (or your existing media management software) preloaded, so all you have to do is plug it into a regular three-pronged electrical outlet. And all your customers have to do is plug their phone into the cell phone charging station. Additionally, customers often use the free InCharged application to find the closest InCharged charging kiosk – if your business is the nearest one, you’ve just earned yourself some new potential customers. InCharged mobile charging stations are already available at hospitals, doctor’s offices, bus stations, airports, and many other locations – get in touch with our team to place one in your business too!

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