Cell Phone Charging at SXSW 2020

SXSW has proved the most unexpected discoveries where the diverse topics and people come together to feature the variety of tracks through which attendees know about the next thing that will happen in the world of entertainment, and technology. When it comes to planning a conference or festival, it takes a lot of effort in planning or arranging resources and having a phone charging kiosks at SXSW are the perfect way to keep the attendees at your show or to bring them to your booth. InCharged phone charging stations can improve your next event, here is how:

  • Provide a unique space for sponsors – The cell phone charging kiosks are the most innovative and popular opportunities that are used for branding and advertising. However, the consumers will wait for a longer period to charge their phones, creating the perfect opportunity to engage them for long.
  • Make use of cell phone charging stations as the magnet for your vendor booths – If you are looking for the universal offering that everyone can use with a motive to gain the attention of attendees then the cell phone charging stations are a perfect choice that you can choose. Commonly, most of the batteries drain during the conferences or festivals due to the long hours of the events, and it can withdraw the interest of the attendees. If you will provide the opportunity of free charge for the cell phones, then you can effectively grab the attention of the booth, resulting in gaining greater engagement.

cell phone charging station with digital signage in front of greenery at event

Charging Stations at SXSW

  • Use cell phone charging stations to charge your brand activation – The incorporation of cell phone charging stations are a great way with which you can get the most out of your cell phone charging stations. With the reliable mobile charging station to recharge your cell phone, you can go beyond by grabbing their attention and enhancing their engagement.
  • Help attendees to promote your conference or festivals – If it is not social media then it will not be possible, and we all are aware that we cannot post anything on social media with a low or dead battery. So, if you want to keep your attendees satisfied and fully-engaged, you need to place the reliable cell phone charging stations throughout the space.
  • Lock in brand partnership for next year – With phone charging stations, you can win over your advertisers as well as clients by locking into more recurring partnership and sponsorship. However, cell phone charging stations can handle multiple tasks, gaining excellent benefits, and outstanding engagement results that will increase the chances of partnership longevity.

What are the various benefits of having the charging stations at the conferences or festivals?

Incorporating a charging solution not only drives customers, but also provide various benefits to the event planners as well as attendees.

  • Increases customer retention & Engagement – Mainly, when the attendees visit any conference or festivals, they carry their phones with them to send important emails, access the search engines to review the conference, to make an important call. However, a low or dead phone battery can compel them to leave immediately, resulting in withdrawing the attendees and their interests. You can cover the situation with the incorporation of charging stations at SXSW, helping customers to take care of their personal responsibilities on the spot, and it helps to elaborate their staying at your venue, and focuses on the conferences instead of phone’s dead battery.
  • You can become a go-to location – When people will become aware that you provide the charging solutions at your conferences or festivals, they will not miss the opportunity to skip your event. However, by having the charging station at SXSW, you can keep your customers satisfied, and stress-free, resulting in gaining their attention.
  • Improved customer experience and loyalty – Most of the event organizers do not think about the phone charging stations as they think that they will not get benefits or greater ROI. They did not see any benefits in them, but instead of focusing on increasing the revenue, you should focus on how your customer will appreciate. However, a phone charging station helps to improve the overall customer experience due to their better engagement, and by improving the overall satisfaction with which you can gain more loyal customers.

woman using cell phone charging station at night with glasses

Recharge your Cell-Phone

  • Increase in foot traffic – Incorporating a charging kiosk can attract various new customers to your venue, as if various people find themselves with low phone batteries, they can get the phone chargers instantly. Once the people will hear about the charging station in your venue, they will be drawn in regardless of their interest in the conferences.
  • You get a branding opportunity – Whether it is a conference or festival, you need a phone charging station to increase brand awareness and enhancing your reorganization. With the suitable charging stations having logos or videos of your brand, you can accomplish your branding goals effectively by creating a long-lasting impression of your brand.
  • They are charging solution for a reason – Charging stations can solve the problems of the customer, and they are efficient solutions for the low or dead phone battery anxiety. If you want to keep the interest of the audiences in the event, then incorporating a charging station is the best solution that you can prefer.

Which cell phone charging station can you use for the conference or events?

While choosing the best charging station to recharge your phone, you should be aware of the following points:

Charging station table – These are a great way to add a stylish look to your event, as mostly during the conferences or festivals, people prefer to stand with some support where they can keep their belongings and a cell phone charging station is a great option that you can choose. It is equipped with 12 charging ports, strong and durable features that protect your branding underneath with a scratch-resistance finish.

PowerMethod – These types of charging stations are available in various designs, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. These have 10 built-in charging cables that provide a compact charging station for different devices. Mainly, the charging cables provide support to the various phones ranging from Apple to Android, and much more.

PowerBox – These charging stations are used for multi-day events with a compact tabletop wireless charger station that is battery powered and charges overnight. Mainly, these chargers last longer so they are the perfect options for conferences or events. It has 8 built-in USB ports that you can place on any of the tabletop or surface, and use the displays to promote your logos or brands.

6 Chamber locker – Give your audience some peace while charging, and the mobile charging lockers are the safest place to recharge your cell phones as well as provide security to your phones. These charging stations with six secure chambers come ready with 4 cables supporting various devices of Apples to Android and much more.

InBox – The built-in cords of these charging stations provide support to all the phones from Apple to Android, and everything in between, you can place them on the tabletops or the surfaces. All you need to do is to use the display of the phone charging stations to promote your brand with the images or videos. It is the perfect option for those who want the fastest and efficient capabilities of cell phone charging by capturing very little space.

Flex – It is among everyone’s favorite that most of the event organizers prefer to choose due to their easy setup, easy to brand, and easy to experience. These mobile charging stations have HD screens, efficient audio with external volume control, and charging tips. These phone charging stations come in various configurations and can fit any space – tabletop, wall-mounted, or standing.

Reasons – You need a mobile charging station

The charging stations can keep your guests for longer, providing you with greater opportunities.

  • Helps in attracting more attendees – Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to remain at the same booth for longer, but in such a situation, having a charging station can keep your guests for a longer period. Moreover, whether they are interested in your conferences or not, they will participate in the events while charging their phones. However, the conferences last for longer, so it is an effective way with which you can keep the interest of the attendees, and enhance their engagement.
  • Helps in building your brand awareness – If you are going to give a presentation at the conference you can place it on the cellular phone charging station to promote the interest of the attendees. However, you need to gain the interest of the audience, and a phone charging station is the perfect option with which you can do so.
  • Helps in starting a conversation – Maybe it the first time of the attendees at your conference, and maybe they are lost, or they are not getting you completely. However, having a phone charging station can catch their attention effectively while charging their phones, and they will listen to your speech with complete interest.

Man and woman smiling standing next to phone charging kiosk outside

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Before choosing the suitable charging station you need to consider the following things:

  • Durability – Before choosing any phone charging station, you need to consider its durability as you surely don’t want to buy the charging station that breaks down easily, as it will result in losses.
  • Compatibility – Most of the charging station provides wiring for Android and Apple devices, and you much check to ensure that the phone charging station supports the various devices.
  • Location – You need to determine the location where you are going to incorporate the charging stations as if the places are large then you should prefer the locker phone stations or glass table phone stations.

There are numerous gadgets that you need to charge every day and it keeps on rising day by day as phone charging stations are not only needed in business establishments or other institutions, but they also play a vital role in the events or festivals. 

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