The Flex
Charging Station

Our clients' favorite charging station. Easy
to set up, easy to brand, easy to experience.
Save time and money with the Flex.


The Flex
Charging Station

Our clients' favorite charging station. Easy
to setup, easy to brand, easy to experience.
Save time and money with the Flex.

The possibilities are endless.
See what you can do with
The flex charging station.

Catch Their AttentionBe Unique Icon

The one advertising giveaway that doesn't get
thrown out and forgotten. Fully customize your
phone charger station from top to bottom including
a digital screen to display advertisements.

No Shipping Fees
No Branding Fees
No Setup Fees

Chances are charging stations
aren't the only thing you're worried about.
That's why we made things simple and easy.
No hidden fees. Just order and you're all set.

Lifetime Warranty &
Done Right Policy Done Right

Set your mind at ease with our
standard Lifetime Warranty on purchases and our
Done Right or It's Free policy on charging station rentals.

About the Flex Mobile Device Charging Station

The Most Advanced Cell Phone Charging Station

The Flex mobile charging station boasts a 20” HD screen, audio with external volume controls , and dimmable LEDs illuminating its 12 charging tips. We can pre-load this charging station with your content or existing media management software, but in case you need to make last-minute changes it is WiFi enabled and has a hidden USB port. Use this charging station for phones as it is for a modern and unobtrusive option, or take advantage of a custom shrink wrap to complement your branding or décor. The Flex comes in several configurations to fit any space: Standing, Tabletop, Wall-mounted, and Standing or Tabletop Dual (with two screens and 24 charging tips). If you are investing in a unit for multiple events, the Flex Single Conversion package comes with all of the pieces you need for 3 different configurations to suit your changing needs. Interested in two units? The Flex Dual Conversion package allows you to choose between single and dual options whenever it works best.

Mobile Charging Kiosk With 100% Device Compatibility

The standard charging tips support most Apple and Android devices, but the Flex charging station includes an extra open port just in case. Users plug in their own charging cord (or one you supply) and any USB-powered device can be charged safely and quickly. This feature also ensures your charging station never becomes obsolete – the charging tips can be easily updated to keep up with changing technology.


The Flex is a commercial phone charging station that features a digital 20″ HD screen to display videos or images. It can charge up to 12 devices at 2.4A each, which is the greatest power and speed a phone can consume to charge safely. Our standard model is a single-sided free standing unit (see specs below). The Flex is also available as a tabletop, wall mount or double-sided option.

Charging Tips12 (5 Micro USB, 5 Apple Lightning, 1 Apple Legacy 30-pin, 1 Open USB Port)
Screen Size20"

Display Full Media

Images or Videos with sound

20 sf of Branding

Uninterrupted branding space
with a vinyl wrap

5 Minute Assembly

Perfect for events,
no tools required

Lightest on the Market

Over 50% lighter than

100% Device Support

Supports all devices on the
market, easy upgrades

Rent or Purchase

Whatever works for you, we
can make it happen

Interested In A Flex Charging Station?

Flex Charging Station Add-ons

Traveling Cases

To save you even more time
and hassle, we've built custom traveling and storage
cases for ultimate protection and ease when going
from event to event.

Remote Management

When you're not on-site or
need to manage media on-the-go, our Remote
Management upgrade is the perfect solution
no matter where you are.

Anything Happens Plan

We get it. Things happen. Aside from our industry leading Lifetime Warranty we also offer the Anything Happens Plan. A one time fee for the life of your purchase, the Anything Happens Plan covers 50% off any repairs due to vandalism, mother nature, metalwork damage or any human error.

Custom Panels

Want to cause an even bigger impact at your event? We can create a custom panel to go along with the Flex S to attract more attention to passerbys that would make them walk back just to check out your display.

The Flex In Action

See what the Flex looks like at live events and view samples of custom branding as well as potential placement ideas for your next event below.

Free Consultation

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