Wireless Phone Charging Coming To New Cars

When you are in a hurry to drive somewhere, you grab your cell phones without noticing its battery and most of the times you realize on the halfway of your journey that you forgot to bring the charging cable. In cars the wireless charging helps you to end this frustrating scenario as various wireless chargers boost your cell phones’ battery without any leads. 

A wireless charging Kiosk keeps your iPhone or Android devices powered up while traveling without the chargers, so if you are heading out on a trip you don’t have to worry about your cell phone charger.

Wireless Cell Phone Charging

The wireless cell phone car chargers are located in the hidden places mainly near the gear shifter, in the back seat, on the top or inside arm set. Mainly, it is convenient for people who keep power banks, data cables, or chargers in their cars all the time.

The wireless charging pads in the car allow you to charge your phones without plugging in your cell phones – simply set your phone on the charging pads and it will charge them frequently. If you want it to work properly, you should have the phones that support wireless charging, nowadays various cell phones are available with this feature. 

Benefits of using the wireless charging

  • Less cords – With wireless technology, you don’t have to carry around the USB cables everywhere you go as you need a cable that is connected to the charging mat.
  • Universal compatibility – It is compatible with all the devices that are wireless capable and you can use these charging pads without any issues.
  • Safer connections – Since charging occurs without any cords so there will be no risks of electrical faults and you don’t have to worry about the short-circuits.
  • More durable – You don’t have to plug or unplug the devices regularly so there are less chances of wear and tear on the Smartphone sockets.
  • Less heating – When your Smartphone gets fully charged, the wireless charger shuts off automatically; it means less energy consumption, safe charging, and less heating.

Why you should prefer wireless charging?

Wireless Charging

You should consider wireless charging due to the following reasons:

  • It is cost-effective – Though you don’t have to maintain the cost of the wear and tear of the cables, jacks, and plugs, so these are cost-effective solutions. Additionally, wireless chargers allow you to charge your cell phones effectively without considering the cables that sometimes creates chaos.
  • Easy integration – The best advantage of wireless technology is that it can be integrated with any shape or size of the device. With the up-gradation of wireless technology, these are among the most used chargers that are preferred by most of the people.
  • It is more reliable – Due to the less wear and tear of cables or plugs, there will be less chances of defects as well as it connects and disconnects the cell phones efficiently when you lift your phone from the charging pod.
  • It charges multiple devices simultaneously – Today everyone uses the gadgets or devices that need regular charging, so the wireless charging station that supports multiple devices can support multiple devices simultaneously.

Wireless Charging

Nowadays, more and more devices are available with the features of wireless charging, and more are on the way of their launching. Wireless charging-

Keeps your cell phones always powered – The InCharged wireless charging stations can fit perfectly in the public spaces, leaving you satisfied throughout the day. Today, the wireless charging stations are available in the cars also, so you can go with your busy routine without worrying about your batteries throughout the journey. There will be no worries at all as you can concentrate on your driving or the work for which you are heading out urgently. Keep in mind, while it is a new technology wireless charging speeds are slower than traditional direct-to-cord applications. If you are looking for speed go with a traditional “cords included” charging station.

Provides seamless experience – Mainly, when you go to the meeting or conference rooms, you must have seen the mobiles on the tables that are placed next to their owners. The phones are left ideally on the wireless charging stations that fit perfectly in the daily routines. With wireless charging, you can place your cell phones on the nearest tables while charging your cell phones to handle the tasks conveniently.

No wear & tear – Most of the time it happens that when you answer the call on the mobile phones, you forget to disconnect the cable chargers. With wireless charging, you don’t have to worry about charging cables or connecting or disconnecting the wires. Moreover, there will not be any worries about the wear and tear due to aggressive use; you simply have to place your cell phone on the charging pad.

Provide a clean surface – The charging cables create mess everywhere around wherever you place them, but with the wireless charging stations you can get rid of such situations. Keeping your car clean will create a healthier and efficient space to drive your car conveniently.

Make yourself stress-free with in-car wireless charging

Sometimes you get late for your business meetings, and while heading out don’t even check your Smartphone, whether it is charged or not. In such situations, if you have the charging stations in your cars then it is not less than a burden-free situation in today’s scenario. However, you need your cell phones for handling every little activity whether it is for checking the updates for a meeting, making calls, or sending emails. 

If you are heading out without your phones, it feels like you are missing information and you are lacking far behind. Furthermore, you need your cell phones for running your daily routine, but with an in-car wireless charging station you can charge your cell phones fully and it keeps you free of stress throughout your journey.  

Wireless solution by InCharged

Red branded charging table in conference room for an event

If you are looking for a wireless solution that works efficiently and provides you with reliable results then our PowerBox solution is for you. It is the perfect solution that you can choose to charge your devices everywhere due to their long-lasting features. You can place them anywhere in your cars to get the most out of your charging experience due to their cutting-edge technology.

Everything to know about charging your Smartphone

It is easier to charge your cell phones, but more challenging when you have to keep an eye on the battery level or when to plug them on and off at a suitable time. However, if you want to keep your cell phone batteries healthy for the long run you need to keep in mind the following tips:

Avoid idle charging

You should avoid charging your cell phones overnight or for the whole day, no doubt it leaves your mind with ease but you should avoid such things. If you leave your phone at charge even after the battery becomes 100% then it can leave the cell phone battery at the higher stress voltage.

Prevent your phone from the excess heat

Temperature also contributes to the longevity of the battery life; if the phones will have a higher temperature then it can make the batteries to their capacity more quickly as compared to the lower temperature. The best way to keep your cell phone batteries healthier is to unplug them from the charging stations when the batteries charge up to 80% and plug them when they are 20%.

Prefer to choose slow charging

Today, you can get various fast-changing technologies, but if you want to enhance the longevity of the batteries, then consider the slow charging. It is not that fast-charging can affect your cell phone batteries; you can use them only if they are approved by the manufacturers. However, you should prefer your charger that comes with your cell phones to keep the batteries healthy for a longer period.

Take care of the minor things

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile data – When you turn off the Wi-Fi or mobile data while charging your cell phones, it restricts your phone from using excess battery resulting in charging your phones even faster.
  • Turn on the battery saving mode – You should turn on the battery saving mode, it let your cell phones to use less power and charger quickly.
  • Turn off the phone or keep it on the airplane mode – Airplane mode is among the best things that restrict every action of your cell phones, allowing them to use very less power to finish the charging sooner.
  • Avoid turning the screen on – Mostly while waiting for the calls, text, or checking your cell phones, you should not turn the screen on as it can enhance the charging time.
  • Do not charge from a USB port or car charger – Charging your cell phones from the USB port or the car charger can reduce the battery life and affect the charging cycle badly.

Wireless charging

Most of the modern cell phones have the features of wireless charging, as you only have to place them on the charging surface and it will start to charge. No doubt, they do not include any cables and charges slowly, but they create extra heat that can affect the life of your cell phone battery when you charge them. However, if you want to keep your cell phone healthy, it is recommended to use their original chargers that are the perfect option for your cell phones.

Blocking ads

Your phones charge frequently when you make even little changes such as making your screens dim, shortening the timeout of the screen, or turning off the vibrations. However, when you browse the web, it is sometimes not in the correct way due to which you get ads on your screen that can drain your cell phone batteries or shortens their battery life. So, you should block those ads to conserve the life of your Smartphone battery.

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