InCharged Hits a Home Run With the Cell Phone Charging Stations

It is essential to have a cell phone charging station at the sports stadium, and the entertainment venues as everyone uses their Smartphone to take photos, make videos, or post to social media while having fun. Mainly, they use their cell phones to text, call, or to invite their friends to the sports venue, and if their phones will run out batteries it will only ruin their entire experience. 

If you will place a solar charging station to ensure that the attendees would have the charged batteries so they can enjoy their moment effectively. A charged Smartphone or tablet is known as the most essential marketing tool especially for the concert or music hall, where most of the attendees use their phones to share their experiences or make live videos to involve maximum people.

Tabletop branded phone charging station on table surface

Cell Phone Charging Stations for Venues

Sports fans also need their phones to order food, and other concessions, along with taking photos, or shoot their videos. Most of the stadiums are using their mobile app technology to enhance the experience of the fans so that they don’t have to miss any of the action due to their low batteries.

By placing the commercial cell phone charging stations for venues can enhance the experience of the fans and helps them to generate additional revenue for the stadium by keeping the attention of attendees at the event. Think about the situation when they are at the sports stadium, busy taking photos, posting images to social media, and texting their friends due to which their batteries die quickly. However, most of the fans rely on their phones for handling their work and emergencies.

  • Phone charging stations enhance the sale of food and beverages at the sports stadium

While placing the baseball charging stations, you need to find the locations that are more accessible for the people, and from where the people can view the fields. The best locations are near the food and beverage vendors, as people can have their meals while charging their phones, and viewing the baseball match. 

It is the best strategy that you can use to increase the sales of foods or beverages, as people mostly prefer to have snacks while watching the interesting matches, but do not want to move their places. However, no one can sit with their dead phones, due to which they have to leave their places to charge their cell phones, and if there is food, they will surely go for it.

  • Phone charging stations can be used to improve marketing

With the custom multi-device cell phone charging stations for venues, you can do marketing by enhancing their awareness regarding your brand when charging their cell-phones. You can also use them to show the current deals on the food, ticket packages, and much more to the people when they charge their cell phones. You can display the adverts during the halftime or in between the innings when people are not staring at the fields.

 Besides, you can collect the surveys from the people when they are charging their cell-phones regarding the data on the things they like or dislike, as well as the changes they want to see. Furthermore, you can collect the data regarding the favorite players, which player’s jersey they own, and much more regarding the baseball matches.

How commercial cell phone charging station for venues is effective?

No doubt that not all sports fans are alike, but they have one thing in common that they cannot stay at any event without their phones or with the dead phones, especially at sports’ events. From taking photos to watching the throw, fans mostly rely on their fully charged cell phones to capture the best moments of every game they attend and share them on social sites with their friends and family.

Live action photo of phone charging station with custom graphics at trade show

Commercial Cell Phone Charging Station

Multi-purpose cell phone charging stations – With the incorporation of the multi-device cell phone charging stations in various areas near the concessions, and with the view of the field, you can gain huge benefits. 

It enhances the fans’ experience as it allows the users to charge their cell phones while enjoying the matches and having their food. You can use the Baseball charging station to add custom branding to the stations to leave a lasting impression on the fans and to deliver the message to the fans regarding the ticket offer, or the availability of new merchandise.

Custom cell phone charging lockers with advertising technology – Cell phone charging lockers are an ideal choice for the people who can leave their phone away from them for charging. Most of the stadiums open their doors even before an hour to allow the fans to charge their phones and keep them securely in the lockers to avoid unnecessary theft or losses. InCharged provides the following charging lockers:

  • 6 Chamber lockers – The locker has six secure chambers that have three cables in each chamber charging up to 2.7a each, and can support iPhone, Samsung, Android, and various devices with the USB charging cables. These lockers are available with a touch screen displays where you can get the reliable instructions, necessary content, and the setting options for the system. You can use these lockers for branding purposes, as these have a custom back graphic panel which you can use for your brand, logos, or artwork.
  • 8 Chamber locker – These lockers provide the open port solutions along with the most advanced locker charging station that has three cables in each chamber. It supports Apple, Android, and various other devices with the dedicated USB cable, and is rented in either a table-top form or the free-standing form. Among all, the best features of eight chamber charging locker is its safety, and it keeps the phones secure and prevent unnecessary theft that protects you from unnecessary theft or phone loss.

8 Chamber Cell Phone Charging Locker

8 Chamber Locker

Cell phone charging stations for sponsorships – Cell phone charging stations for venues also create opportunities to drive huge revenue, and if you are going to add them to your stadium’s sponsorship list, it can create the opportunity for the brand to improve the interactions with the stadium goers. You will find the various corporate sponsors that are waiting to grab the opportunity of displaying their brand exclusively in front of their high-valued guests.

Why you should invest in phone charging stations for venues?

The main motive of the stadium leadership team is to provide the ultimate fan experience to make the guest comfortable, safe, and entertained. No doubt, if there will be more convenient, people will prefer to spend even more and they will become loyal attendees. You can boost up your growth by investing in the cell phone charging stations for venues or sports stadiums, and you should take it as your first priority while setting up your stadiums.

The incorporation of a baseball charging station is a great way to enhance the advertising revenue, and if you want a better ROI then it should be your top priority. Whether you are making the surrounding luxurious or extravagant, it can be of no use if people don’t have their charged phones, and all the luxury will become irrelevant. 

Stadium-goers mostly prefer to share pictures and videos with the penalty shootout with their friends, but if they are running out of their batteries, it will withdraw their interests from the fields.

How InCharged helps Sports events?

InCharged keeps the devices of your audiences fully charged, to make them stay connected and worry-free during the sports events, and gatherings. Mainly, the sports events attract the most excited, passionate, and like-minded crowd to be entertained, and capture the moments. 

InCharged provides the efficient cell phone charging stations for events to keep the attendees charged up, and stress-free about their dead batteries that can withdraw their interest during the events. With the incorporation of free-standing, and wall-mounted charging stations at the entrance, or in the areas within the view of the field you can keep them satisfied, and engaged.

  • Flex – The Flex is available with an HD display, and a monitor that can support the resolution of up to 1600 x 900 pixels that has 12 charging tips. The best thing about these charging stations is that they are wifi-enabled, with a hidden USB port, and you can use this charging station to take advantage of the custom shrink wrap. These are merely lightweight, and are designed for the transportation purposes that take only five minutes for the assembling, and striking.
  • PowerMethod – If you are looking for better options for sports venues or events, then these charging stations are the perfect way to gain the attention of the audiences. Due to its light-weight and free-standing features, it takes a few minutes to assemble and strike. 

It is available in different designs, and you can choose the one according to your needs, as the charging cables can support various devices including Apple and Android. It can charge 18 devices simultaneously with its 10 USB ports, making them the preferable option for charging cell phones.

  • InBox – These cell phone charging stations support various devices ranging from Apple to Android, due to their feature of full compatible. It is built with a premium aluminum that has the flexible application, as you can place them on the tabletop, or any of the surfaces. You can use the InBox phone charging solution into the custom mobile device charging stations as these are the perfect options for the fastest, and the efficient cell phone charging.
  • PowerBox – The PowerBox charging stations are the perfect solution for the multi-day sports events, as these are available with a compact tabletop wireless charger that is battery-powered and can be charged fully within the whole night. The battery lasts longer due to which these are mostly preferred by the event organizers and are available with 8 built-in USB ports.
  • Glass-powered table – These tables are available in ready to go, as you only need to plug them in and you do not have to worry about their assembly. No doubt, sports venues need table a most of the people prefer to stand, and the phones need to charge, so these charging stations are a great solution for both needs. It has 12 charging ports, and has the features of strong, durable, and glass construction that makes it an ideal choice for the venues.

Cell phone charging table branded with LEDs for rental

Baseball Charging Station

Nowadays, people live on their mobile devices, and they even go through the dead phone anxiety if they run out of batteries due to which they have the charging cable by their side when they watch TV at their homes. If you are the owner or the customer service supervisor for the sports stadium, you should prefer to incorporate the cell phone charging stations for venues to enhance the customer experience and engagement of the fans.

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