InCharged Music Festival Charging Station – Grab the Interest of Your Attendees

During the festival season, you head out for the parties, rock concerts, or festivals in the mountains and these are the days when you keep your cell phones turn on for the whole day. Most of the people got low battery anxiety when their cell phones become 10% and when it comes to festival day you snap pictures, make videos, post them to social media accounts, and always want your phone battery to last longer. Most of the people have cell phones, whose batteries last for a week if they will use them for calling and texting. However, if you don’t want to go with the same strategy then you can follow these tips to get enough battery for posting your videos and stay charged during the festivals.

Music Festival Charging Station

Cell phone Charging at Festivals

Arrange a meeting place ahead of time – You must be thinking how the meeting arrangement is linked with the conservation of power on the cell phones but you need to arrange the meeting place because it can consume most of your battery life when you use your cell phones to find your friends or colleagues. So, it is essential to stay prepared, and even before the event so that you can save most of your cell phone batteries from dying in the middle of the events.

Put your phone in a low-power mode – when you keep your cell phones on a low-power mode, it pauses most of the features including location-based features, background apps, or email updates. Furthermore, you can get the maximum out of your cell phone batteries by turning off the Wi-Fi or mobile data as your cell phones use most of the batteries while looking for the connections. You need to dim the screen brightness and put your cell phones on airplane mode when you are making videos or taking pictures, as these do not need any cellular data or any other connectivity.

Turn off your cell phones – It is difficult to go with the idea but when you are dancing or enjoying the moments, you can turn off your cell phones. No doubt, it will restrict the calls and connectivity but it can save most of the battery, leaving you with sufficient time to use your cell phones.

Look for the charging stations – Nowadays, almost every event organizer wants to enhance the interest of the attendees so that they can stay for a longer period, so there will be cell phone charging stations that you should look around. However, when you run out of battery, you should look for the charging tables or locker where you can charge your cell phones effectively.

Branded hi-top cell phone charging table for US Navy

Charging Stations at Music Festivals

Bring the portable charging stations – You can bring the portable chargers along with you to charge your cell phones if the bags are allowed. Most of the music festivals do not allow bags, so you can carry a spare battery with you and put it in a small purse to use them when your battery dies.

Ways to make your cell phone battery last longer

You must have gone through the times when your cell phone batteries become low and it’s not even noon and if your cell phones are older then it becomes less than 20% and even die. When you are in the music festival, you want the batteries to last long so you can use your cell phones for social media posting, clicking pictures, and making videos so you need to post the pictures of your favorite band. However, there are various ideas that you can use to conserve most of the battery life when you are at the events:

  • Get an extra portable cell phone battery

When you head out in a rush or in the event where you need to use your cell phones, you need to take these batteries to use them when your cell phone batteries get low. However, portable chargers are not allowed at some venues so carrying the spare batteries is the best choice that you can choose.

  • Log out from the social accounts

You spend your maximum hours of the day to scroll through the Facebook news feed, especially when you are outside and you have nothing to do anything else. The best solution is to log out from the social accounts and enjoy the event with the keen interest instead of scrolling down the feedback. You can make a tweet or post your moments on the social accounts after the end of the events as it can save your batteries for capturing the moments.

  • Use a paper map or guide instead of using the festival app

Most of the Smartphone users prefer to use festival apps when heading out for the event or festival but it consumes most of the cell phone battery life. So, you should use a paper map or guide instead of a festival app to use your cell phones for a longer period during the events.

  • Turn off the location services

Mostly you leave the apps open that takes most of the battery life and make your cell phones to drain faster, but you can avoid such a situation by swiping away all the apps and restricting their operation in the background. Make sure to turn off the location services as well after swiping away the apps to save the maximum life of the batteries.

Ways to make your cell phones to survive in festivals

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives as you use them for capturing images, making videos, connecting with people, and share your moments on social sites. However, when you take your cell phones for the events, you need to consider the weather, charging points, and various other things that can affect your Smartphone. If you are heading out for the festival, it is difficult to make your cell phones to survive the mud, theft, or battery-draining, but you can use these tips for their survival:

  • Take a screenshot of band times

The main motive of visiting the festivals is to watch the live moments and you need to be aware of the band time to join the live shows. So, if you want to save the maximum life of the batteries, you can take screenshots of the band times instead of using the mobile networks for a longer period as it can make your cell phones to die faster.

  • Capture the picture of the route

Another thing that you need to consider is to capture the picture of the route, instead of using GPS that consumes the maximum life of your batteries, causing your cell phones to die faster. However, you can capture the pictures of the route either from GPS or from the map to conserve the maximum life of the batteries.

  • Protect your cell phones from harmful elements

Mainly, the festivals do not take place in the clean and hygiene area, so there will be various elements that can harm your cell phones, so the best way to protect your cell phones from such situations is to keep them in a sealed sandwich bag. These are more effective if the events are hosted in a muddy area where there is dust all over the area, so you should take preventive measures to protect your cell phones.

InCharged Charging Stations

When hosting festivals, you take care of everything from parking to drinking water, with the motive to make the attendees satisfied with your arrangements. Nowadays, in the technical era, where cell phones play an important role, you need to place the charging stations at music festivals to enhance the engagement and interest of the audience.

Close up of multiple phone charging cords

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Flex – These charging stations are preferred by most of the attendees due to their easy setup and branding that you can use to capture the interest of the audiences. These are available with 12 charging tips and have a hidden USB port for those are in a rush to charge their cell phones quickly. You can place these charging stations on the tabletop, below the table, or anywhere to turn them into the cell phone charging stations.

PowerMethod – These charging stations are light-weight that takes a few minutes to assemble and are available with multiple charging tips that can charge various devices simultaneously. These are available in different design and you can choose the one that perfectly fits according to your needs. You can incorporate these cell phone charging stations at your events due to their 10 USB ports that can charge 18 devices simultaneously and supports various devices from Apple to Android.

InBox – These charging stations are also known as the secret weapon for the events due to their portable and powerful features that support various devices from Apple to Android. These are merely easy to set up on the surface and turn them into the most reliable cell phone charging station as they are lightweight and small. Furthermore, these cell phone charging stations are the most effective solution for the events that are expensive as these are the perfect solution for those who keep everything in budget.

PowerBox – These charging stations are the perfect solution for the multi-day event due to their wireless battery-powered charging station at charges various devices and lasts longer. These are available with 8 built-in charging ports and are the perfect option for those who need the fastest and most efficient cell phone charging capabilities. Due to their small and lightweight features, these are easy to set up and can turn any surface into the cell phone charging stations.

6 Chamber Locker – These charging stations are smart and efficient that provides a safe place to the attendees to charge their cell phones effectively and keep you free of worries for theft or losses. These lockers come with a 14″ digital screen that has loop images or videos to enhance the engagement of the users and it supports various devices from Apple to Android. The best thing is that these charging stations have 3 charging cables in each chamber that charges up to 2.7a each and are available in different forms.

Glass power tables – These cell phone charging tables provide charge and a place to the attendees to sit while enjoying the festivals. The glass power cell phone charging tables come in ready to go features as you only need to plug them in and they reduce the anxiety of the attendees to charge their cell phones effectively. These charging stations are available with 12 charging ports and have the strong and durable feature that protects the devices from spills.

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