InCharged introduces new Director of Business Development

Our InCharged team has grown once again! We’re thrilled to welcome Duong “Zong” Nguyen to our headquarters in Union, NJ. Zong brings over 10 years of experience in B2B sales in areas from technology to pharmaceuticals. He will be managing sales both domestically and internationally.

“I’m excited to be with InCharged because the possible growth of this product is exponential. InCharged will solve the consumer’ problem because everyone today is dependent on their mobile devices – I chose to join the InCharged team because I love that this company is innovative and always striving to evolve the product line. I relish the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with partners and clients for long term success. My personal goal is to see our client succeed – we want to get them more consumer touch points and increase their level of global brand awareness.”

InCharged turns a simple challenge of modern life – the urgent need to keep smartphones and other mobile devices charged beyond the capacity of present battery technology – into a fundamentally new way for organizations to engage customers with a genuinely appreciated service. For more information, contact

Why is there is a need of charging stations for phones?

The latest technology of the power stations has taken a front seat when compared to the traditional lithium-ion batteries as now titanium dioxide gel is used for the charging purpose. Titanium Dioxide triggers faster chemical reactions and speeds up the process of charging. It is used in sunscreen and is extremely safe to use. The element is taken out of soil and helps in charging up the phone at a faster rate. More and more people are now shifting towards using this technology to come up with innovative ideas for power stations. 

The batteries that are made out of this gel has longer shelf life and tend to perform substantially better than the lithium-ion batteries. Another thing about the using these batteries is that they help in waste reduction as disposing them off would do not damage when compared to throwing other types of dead batteries in the open. Manufacturing is also easy with these batteries and while replacing the gel, you do not need to have immense knowledge about the equipment and procedure. Anyone can easily replace the gels after following the instructions.

How will our charging stations prove to be useful in the long run?

In general, the latest innovations in the phone charging stations have become highly popular among the people as they provide charging facilities for multiple devices. It also offers ease of convenience and are highly useful for people who want to charge their phone instantly in case of emergency. Apart from the cell phones, you can also charge other devices as well such as tablets, laptops, etc. More and more service providers have started getting into this technology in order to make the lives of people easier and engage with them at every level. Some of the biggest advantages of using these charging stations are listed below: 

Anyone can easily use the stations: These stations are not complex and anyone can operate them without much technical knowledge. The stations can be installed anywhere making it easy to charge the devices instantly without any complex process.

The stations are accessible: The charging stations have become highly advanced, and there are a wide range of similar solutions and designs that are available for the public to use depending on their requirements in the public places, homes, or even offices. The stations are highly accessible, and you do not need to depend on anyone for help if you forgot to carry your charger and you have these around. 

Your phone gets fully charged within minutes:  The fast charging capabilities of the stations make them highly useful for people who are in hurry. These would save you from standing for long hours as you can charge the batteries fast it gets drained.

Why Should You Start Using Charging Station Technology for Businesses?

Using the charging station technology can prove to be excellent for any business. Here are some of the reasons behind it:

1)You are surely going to increase user engagement

Phones are a necessity these days and it is the best way to engage with clients. Dead phones might pose a problem if you want to send an important e-mail and have no access to the web. It might even be possible that the customer gets irritated and might leave your conversation prematurely if you are a business person. If your home or workplace has phone charging stations, then that would allow the employees to take care of the responsibilities of the clients on the spot. Moreover, you would surely be able to engage with the customers as they would want to come back again and again seeing the kind of facilities you have. 

2) You will see a sudden boost in sales

Customer engagement will lead boosting sales of your business to a great extent. There are also chances that they would want to spend more on your services if you are able to provide them value and good customer experience. If the customers happen to engage with your product, then they would surely want to keep investing in your services which would eventually garner a lot of sales. 

3) Your workplace would become the go-to destination for customers

Whether you run a restaurant or have an electronic shop. If you provide your audiences with something extra that shows that you care for their experience with charging stations being one of the best things for their convenience, then they would surely want to come back to you for services again and again. In case they do not find something different at you place, they might run away from your services which would directly or would want to switch taking your services to someone who is providing them more value.

4) You will see a drastic improvement in customer experience & loyalty

As the customers see that you are caring for them, they would automatically start becoming loyal to your brand. Providing them with services for their benefit would surely lure them into your services. You should be willing to care for your customers and provide them with something unique and useful so that they would want to respond you back. 

5) You will get a competitive advantage over your peers

There are multiple reasons behind the selecting of charging stations as they have proven to be an effective solution for attracting customers. You will certainly get some competitive advantage over your peers and that would surely help in improving your business to a great extent.

9) You will be able to solve a major business problem

The charging stations are meant to solve customer problem as that would help in reducing their anxiety when the phone becomes dead due to loss of charging capacity of the battery. If the customers get instant support for their phone when they find a dead phone then they would surely feel engaged with your brand. People often look for businesses to solve such problems, and if as a business, you are able to provide them such help, it would surely reflect on your revenue.

10) It is easy to install the stations anywhere

It is easy to install the charging stations anywhere in the public place such as a mall, park, corporate parks, residential complexes, and other places wherever you people can find the necessity to charge their phones. The kiosks will work as your brand representation and solve a lot of problems faced by the customers every now and then related to dead battery of the phone especially in the case of an emergency. Installing multiple number of kiosks would mean that you are promoting your product to a large number of people, and that would surely help in engaging them on the go.

Types of Charging Stations Provided by Us

Flex charging station

These stations come with a 20” HD screen, audio facility, LED that illuminate the charging tips. It is perfect to be used in a workspace and you can load data into it based on the usage. It can be connected to Wi-fi and has USB port as well. The design of this table is urban and you can install it in any décor theme and it would stand out automatically. There are 24 charging tips that come with one kiosk.

Charging Table

This specimen of charging Table comes with two A/C outlets and twelve industrial cables which make it suitable for charging phones and tablets. The top is resistant to scratches and is efficient and safe to use to make it convenient for the users and use varied settings available with it. 

Glass Charging Power Table

The Glass Charging Power Table comes with multiple USB ports, industrial cables, as well as A/C outlets which help in charging the tablets and smartphones. The top of the tables has tempered glass and the station has multiple settings which can be used as per convenience. 

6 chamber locker station

The unit consists of chambers where you can lock your phone while it is charging. It is ideal for use in both corporate as well public places and will make the users less tensed about getting their devices stolen.  You can also make payments through an encrypted card when you are using it. Setting this would be perfect during events and trade shows.

8 chamber locker station

Similar to the six chamber locker, this one has eight chambers and is compatible with most of the smartphones that are available today.  It has more holding capacity and comes with payment features as well.

Power Method

This station is affordable, lightweight and has excellent strength to bear weight.  The station has eight A/C outlets and ten cables. It is free standing unit and is available in multiple models and wall-mounted versions as well. Most suitable for someone who is running on a budget but still wants to make impact on their customers. Another version of this is the Power Method Plus which is additional features to this version.


This is available in multiple designs such as table-top, wall mounted, flat surface and has the capacity to charge eight  phones at a time. It is small in size and can be adjusted anywhere easily. 


As the name suggests, this enables faster phone charging and comes in flat and table-top versions. It is small in size but offers great capabilities and features. 

We hope with the onset of new journey with our new business development director, we hope to be expanding horizons and reaching out to maximum people for solving their biggest problems and giving them the gift of technology.  Our team is glad to have a new member in our team who is going to take lead of our international and national sales. 

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