Cutting Down on Cell Phone Charging Time

We understand that sometimes finding time to charge your cell phone and tablet can be tricky. While our charging stations are convenient, safe, and offer the fastest charging technology on the market, the market is ever-growing and new products are constantly being developed.

Israeli company StoreDot has developed a battery that they claim can be fully charged in less than one minute. This would significantly cut down on the amount of time your average person spends charging their phone and tablet a day.

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While this seems incredible considering most people spend an hour or more each day charging their portable technology, StoreDot’s Flash Battery is still a prototype. It currently is quite bulky, much too large to fit into a smartphone, and still cannot operate as a fully functional battery.

The search for a safer, larger capacity and faster charging battery has been at the forefront of cell phone technology. Back in 2013, California teen Eesha Khare won a $50,000 scholarship from the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Awards for developing a supercapacitor capable of charging a cell phone battery in just 20 seconds.

While these steps in portable charging technology are impressive, companies have a lot of tweaks to make before batteries with such high capacities and quick charging times will be available to the public. Even StoreDot themselves claim it will most likely take 2 to 3 years before their super-fast charging Flash Battery will be available.

No matter how quickly your battery may charge, you will still eventually need to charge it. Remember, our versatile, customizable, and easily portable charging stations will be a hit, regardless of if your average consumer uses it for 30 minutes or 30 seconds!

Innovations in the field of stored energy are going on in various parts of the world. Researchers are trying to develop a battery that is safe, charges quickly, and have more efficiency than your regular Lithium-Ion batteries.

On one side they are developing new types of batteries and on the other, they are developing the technology to fast charge the batteries. Now, these two innovations might clash as both are in the development stage. If the fast charging technology is developed first and reaches the consumers in the market, then the new battery types such as solid state batteries need to have a fast-charging feature. If the new batteries such as Solid State Batteries reach the consumer market first then the fast charging technology has to focus on reducing the charging time for the solid state batteries.

Both innovations will solve many problems that the industry is facing.

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Fast Phone Charging Technology

  • By reducing the phone charging time, the end-consumer can focus and perform other important tasks and spend less time in charging the phone.
  • Less time in charging will also save energy
  • People suffering from low battery anxiety must be relieved by keeping their phone’s batteries charged for the most time of the day. Even if they get a 5 minutes break, they can fully charge their phones.
  • Fast phone charging technology once reaches the end-consumer, the next step will be to make that technology available for more gadgets that run on batteries including electric cars.

We already have the phone batteries that have reduced the phone charging time from 1 hour to 15 minutes. The innovations are targeting to reduce the 15 minutes bracket to a couple of minutes only.

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Solid State Batteries

We have shared in another blog on our website on safer and powerful cell phone battery that how solid state batteries will revolutionize the cell phone charging industry.

  • Using different electrolytes, several variants of solid state batteries can be developed.
  • The solid state batteries are more powerful than the traditional Lithium-ion batteries.
  • They are safer and more durable than the Li-ion batteries.
  • The efficiency of the Solid State batteries is much higher than the Li-ion batteries.
  • In the same size, the solid state batteries can save more energy.

These technologies are still in their prototype stage, but once they enter the end-consumer market, we will witness a revolutionary breakthrough.

One thing is sure that no matter which technology gets into the market first or both come together, the need for charging the phone will always be there, and the cell phone charging stations are here to stay because of their wide uses.

However, the cell phone charging stations will also evolve and introduce fast phone charging technology as well. So, if now you were standing for about 20 to 30 minutes at the charging stations to charge your phone, you will stand for only a couple of minutes once the fast phone charging technology is introduced in our charging stations.

InCharged cell phone charging stations are easy to customize inside out. The batteries are easily replaced. So, no matter which battery type is invented, the easy replacement option is there. We can convert our regular charging stations into fast phone charging technology stations within minutes.

When it comes to customizing our cell phone charging stations from the outside that is also easy. The outside customization is done for brand advertising and promotion to make them more attractive and eye-catchy.

The dimensions of the printed graphics are available charging station wise on our website. And, if you need any assistance in designing the logo and other branding material, InCharged’s in-house team is always there to offer its designing services to you.

Explore our product list to see which one fits your requirements. If you are about to order a cell phone charging station for the first time, then you can consult our experts on the subject. They can suggest the best model as per your needs.

We have our cell phone charging stations installed at airports, retail stores, waiting for lounges of various companies, dental clinics, hotels, resorts, restaurants, business events, conferences, holiday homes among other places.

Our clients have seen an increase in customer base, customer retention and repeat customers because of our cell phone charging station whether they are installed at a retail store or a shopping mall. Booth owners at a business event have seen an increased footfall into their booth because they installed a charging station at the entrance.

Talk to our experts to see what difference our cell phone charging stations bring to your business.


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