Charge Your Phone On The Go With AMPY

Are you notorious for having your smartphone or tablet die at the worst possible time? Too busy working or living life to the fullest to stop and charge your phone? Get ready for what could be your new best friend- a relatively small portable device called AMPY.

AMPY was developed by Northwestern University PhD students Tejas Shastry, Mike Geier, and Alex Smith. As self-proclaimed “active urbanites,” they wanted to find a way to charge their wearable and portable devices by harnessing their own movement. AMPY captures the energy created by everyday movement and uses it to charge your devices on the go.

While this technology has existed before, it has been large, bulky, and difficult to transition into everyday use. The AMPY prototype is the smallest technology of this type available, and the creators hope this will be a key selling point.

AMPY also features an app for smartphones and wearable devices that measures the amount of energy generated, the number of calories burned, and carbon footprint offset from charging with AMPY. Stats can even be compared with other AMPY users, and shared directly on Twitter and Facebook.

While the trio has spent hundreds of hours on prototypes, testing, and customer interactions, AMPY is still in development. However, the team is already taking pre-sale orders after raising over $300,000 on Kickstarter. AMPY is expected to launch during the Summer 2015.

At InCharged, we like to stay active – but when you’re looking for convenient charging on the go, we won’t make you get your daily cardio in exchange for safe, quick, and handy charging!

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