Put an End to Low Battery Anxiety with a Cell Phone Charging Station

These days, a dying battery can sometimes feel like a death sentence. It doesn’t matter where it happens- enjoying a night on the town, running errands, traveling for work, or even just picking up the kids from school. As soon as you see that little 1% in the corner of your phone, you hurry to send that last text, finish that last email, or reach out to whoever you may be waiting to contact you. You search through your bag or car hoping that you remembered a spare charger but, alas, there are no cables to be found.

This frantic feeling is experienced by far too many of us and it has a name: “low battery anxiety.” Some may consider this feeling as an overreaction to what basically boils down to a mild inconvenience. If you’re not relying on your phone for work or constant vital communication, you can brush this “anxiety” off as the inability to scroll through social media while waiting on line at Chipotle – but if you’re involved in something time-sensitive like a job hunt, apartment search, or family emergency, it’s crucial to remain connected. These days, it’s completely accurate to assume that if you’re not constantly accessible, things may pass you by.

custom solutionsIf you’re familiar with the anxious feeling of a dying cell phone battery, you can be sure your customers are too. We’ve moved so far from the days of being literally tethered by phone cords, and its time we reassume that freedom. Gone are the days of waiting around for what could be hours waiting for an important call – and yet, we find ourselves rushing home to recharge, and waiting around for our cell phones to charge so we can go back out! But what if instead of rushing home, your customers could hang around your business for awhile longer while boosting their batteries at a cell phone charging station? What if they began to think of your cafe, bar, or restaurant as somewhere where they can grab a coffee or drink and relax while recharging?

We here at InCharged would love to provide you and your customers with a safety net so you can roam free once more without constantly having to rush home to charge your phone. Our convenient charging stations can help your customers conquer the “low batter anxiety” and take full control of your mobile communication needs- no more fear of the dark!

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