Designer Cell Phone Charging Wearables

We all know there is a huge market for phone cases. Some boast sleek functionality, some boast absolute protection, and some are simply aesthetically beautiful. Designers such as Ted Baker and Tory Burch even have lines of name brand iphone cases for the fashion savvy consumer. While this is standard practice in the mobile phone industry, designer Kate Spade is taking it one step further.

Kate Spade, the company well known for iconic handbags and women’s clothing, has joined forces with startup company Everpurse to design a fashionable handbag that will charge your phone. Yes- you read that right. Fashion and functionality have never been more beautiful!

Everpurse, the brainchild of inventor Liz Salcedo, raised over $200,000 on Kickstarter in 2012 for a line of rechargeable bags. The collection, set to premiere in September, features a line of clutches, totes, and backpacks that can last a typical iPhone user for two full days.

While some may see a cell phone charging bag as a bit superfluous, having a mobile charging station in your hand can be priceless depending on your daily mobile phone use. Those who live their life on the go or are highly dependent on battery-sucking apps know how inconvenient it can be to find a free outlet or even the right charger if you don’t have your own.

Kate Spade puts the power in your hands (literally), and has made it that much more stylish to be connected. But just remember, if you can’t afford the $198 to $698 price tag for one of Kate Spade’s charging bags, InCharged has got you covered! Keep your eyes peeled for our mobile charging stations in some of your favorite local businesses!

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