Let Our Mobile Charging Stations Take Center Stage

Has this ever happened to you: You’re on your way to an event (a movie, theatre performance, concert…) and before you get to your seat, you look down and realize your phone is at 3%. While you know you really shouldn’t be using your phone during your outing, you know darn well that you’ll want to tweet about how good the popcorn is, try to covertly take pictures of the Prima Donna while she’s belting that glass-shattering high note, or look up the name of whoever that actor is on IMDB.

While we’ve all been there, one theatergoer this weekend decided to take the matter of his dying cell phone into his own hands. According to Playbill.com, an audience member climbed onto the stage at the Booth Theatre in New York in order to plug his cell phone charger into an outlet on the set of Hand of God. Obviously, this outlet was non-functional as it was just a prop, and luckily this incident happened before the show started. Still, you have to admire the level of low battery anxiety this audience member felt in order to ignore etiquette and basic common sense.

We understand that a low battery can be the cause of extreme anxiety (if you don’t believe us, take a look at our post dedicated to Low Battery Anxiety) – and we want to ensure you don’t experience a similar interruption when one of your customers tries to find an outlet to charge his or her phone. Let us help you provide your customers with a convenient and affordable charging station so they can give their phones the extra juice they need to make it past the end credits or the second encore. We even offer to charge lockers that will keep cell phones safe while they charge! If you’re in showbiz, just remind your customers to please refrain from taking that call during the show- oh, and keep off the stage while they’re at it!

Charging Station with blue LED

What made the audience member in the Hand to God show to climb up the stage and plug in the phone for charging before the play began? It’s probably low battery anxiety. It is described as an overwhelming fear of experience as your phone’s battery dies. It’s a real thing.

The red battery icon leaves 9 out of 10 people in panic. When this happens in their homes, they can simply plug it in and the terror ends right there. However, when they are somewhere they can’t find a charger or any cell phone charging station, that’s when the problems begin. The panic or fear of the phone battery dying doesn’t go away until they find a supercharger to charge their phone.

That happens because we have a dependency on the mobile phones that we feel stranded without it even if we are not actually stranded. But, it’s all about fear of it, you know.

“Nomophobia” is the word used to describe the fear of being without the smartphone. Let’s be honest, phones are not merely used for calling when you want to talk to somebody. With so many features in the phones, they play a major role in building, maintaining relationships, call somebody when in an emergency, and listen to favorite songs when stressed.

When the phone users see their phone’s battery dying, they feel the fear of losing all those things attached to it. That’s where the roots of it come from. The arguments between the partners in a relationship are sometimes based on ‘why did you not pick up the phone’ or ‘Why was your phone switched off?’ They think that their partner is ignoring them deliberately, but that’s not the case.

What People Usually Do When They experience Low Battery Anxiety

  • Usually, the first thing they do is ask for a charger from people around them even total strangers.
  • They head to the closest restaurant or a bar, order something while they charge their phones.
  • Leave everything and head straight to home. This is usually done during the night time.
  • Carrying a pocket power bank is one solution, but this is something you can’t carry around all day and everywhere. And, that device as well you need to charge.

Close up of man using dead phone charging at Uber lounge during Coachella music festival

What can happen if your phone’s battery dies?

  • You can miss an urgent phone call. It could be a meeting with anyone or personal communication.
  • You can lose your way as you don’t have the GPS access.
  • You can’t call anyone in emergency situations.

There are a lot of other things you won’t be able to do depending on where you are going and whom you are meeting.

Phone chargers for festivals and trade show branded

What’s the solution? – Affordable Charging Stations

We have a solution. In fact, it has been around for a while. We just need to bring it in the mainstream to reduce the low battery anxiety forever.

InCharged presents the cell phone charging stations that allow you to charge your phones. Currently, the InCharged’s affordable charging stations are installed at airports, restaurants and bars, hospitals and clinics, retail stores, conferences and events, hotels, resorts, waiting areas of several outlets, shopping malls among other places.

InCharged’s affordable charging stations not only take care of the consumer’s phone battery but also the business of the person who installed it on his/her property.

The advertisement feature that comes with InCharged’s affordable charging stations is not to be missed. It has helped the marketers generate potential leads. Plus, it has also helped the owner of the property increase repeat customers. InCharged has combined utility and marketing together making a revolutionary product.

There are nine types of affordable phone charging products the InCharged has in its list; Flex phone charging station, PowerMethod charging station, PowerMethod Plus, Inbox, PowerBox charging box, 6 & 8 Chamber locker, glass power table, and cell phone charging table.

The popular one of these products is the Flex as it has a display screen where the marketers can run their advertisements. People spend a significant amount of time on these charging stations as they charge their phones. The attention span for the advertisements is great.

The models of affordable charging stations do come with easy customization for advertisement purposes. The dimension of the graphics for each cell phone charging station are available on the website.

These affordable charging stations can tackle the problem of low battery anxiety if we install more of these in public places. People then don’t have to order something extra just to charge their phones. They don’t have to wait until they reach home. They cannot get lost in midway. They will always be ready for important calls.

The need for affordable cell phone charging stations is as important as the need for the charging stations for electric cars.

In the age where people usually carry multiple devices with them, these affordable phone charging stations from InCharged have to take the center stage. If this happens, then Low-battery Anxiety will be a thing of the past.

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