Boost Your ROI Next Time You Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring an industry event is a time-tested way to increase brand visibility and close new business – but you’re no longer limited to the time-tested booths, giveaways, and business cards. With new technology, you can make your investment go much further by going digital. Sound expensive? It’s not!

How to Boost your ROI & Increase Foot Traffic With Effective Event Marketing

Offer a service: How many notebooks, flash drives, pens, and candy do people really need? Your clients have already seen all that – instead of providing something for them to grab and go, try offering a service they will appreciate. For instance: conference attendees use their smartphones all day to exchange contact information, plan meetings, and check emails – their batteries are sure to be running low. If you offer a cell phone charging station, you’ll not only be providing a memorable and genuinely appreciated service, but you’ll also score some extra face time while they’re at your booth charging up.

Utilize a dynamic display: illuminated and video-oriented displays are much more eye-catching than the traditional poster-on-an-easel. Invest in a projector or a large monitor to run a presentation featuring your capabilities, success stories, and value proposition. Our InFuse Slim cell phone charging stations and InFuse standing cell phone charging kiosks have HD screens to keep your clients engaged while their phones are charging.

Harness Social Media to promote your sponsorship before, during, and after an event – make sure your potential clients know when and where to find you. Be the reporter for people who wish they were there: take photos, make real-time posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and write blog posts about hot topics. Not only will you establish yourself as a top name in your industry, but you’ll increase your web traffic too.

Enable Conversations: Industry events and conferences are for meeting people and making new connections – so if you’re facilitating conversations (both online and off), your company will be more memorable. Make your booth the place to be by giving people a reason to stay, and the conversations will flow naturally. Ensure there is comfortable seating, try serving coffee or snacks, and provide a cell phone charging station to keep people around for a few minutes. To carry the impact online, you can even create your own hashtag for the event to increase visibility. Don’t forget to collect email addresses to send thank-you notes after the event!

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