Looking for a Fresh Trade Show Booth Idea? Try a Cell Phone Charging Station!

It’s tough to keep the attention of trade show attendees for long enough to make an impression. Giveaways often get lost during the day, and even the most eye-catching display has to compete with hundreds of others.The most successful trade show booth ideas make your booth noticeable.

Trade Shows Booth Idea

Attending a trade show is expensive – don’t let your investment go to waste! Make sure you have a unique trade show booth idea to catch the attention of your potential clients, keep them around long enough to have an effective conversation, and make a long-lasting impression.

The most successful trade show booth ideas will guarantee more foot traffic, keep trade show attendees lingering, and make a great first impression – and there’s an easy way to do it. Offering a convenient cell phone charging station for people to charge their mobile devices is an affordable and effective way to boost your trade show ROI. And, it will also provide you with ten to thirty unhurried minutes of your potential client’s time. Our cell phone charging stations are the fastest and most efficient in the industry, and also offer multiple opportunities for customized branding and multimedia displays.

Phone charging station ideas will ensure that you make a lasting impression – get in touch with us today to learn how we can help!

What makes power stations suitable for charging phone batteries?

Cell Phone Charging Batteries

The power stations used for charging mobile phones have replaced the traditional anode in lithium-ion batteries with titanium dioxide gel. Titanium Dioxide is used in sunscreen and is safe to use and can be easily found in soil. It has the capacity to speed up the chemical reaction which eventually helps in charging the phone fast which is suitable for use in power stations in public places where people would want to charge their phone batteries quickly.

These batteries have a long life and perform much better than the ones that have the composition of lithium-ion. These batteries are highly preferred due to the following reasons: First, they have a good shelf life, and second, they help in toxic waste reduction which is caused due disposing of the dead batteries in the open. The latest technology has proven to be effective when it comes to manufacturing as you just need to replace the gel in the batteries without making heavy changes in the equipment and procedure.

How can charging stations prove to be useful in the long run?

Phone charging stations have highly popular among the people as they provide charging facilities for several devices. The ease of convenience makes them highly desirable for people to charge their phone instantly. Not only can the phones, but these charging stations also be used to charge other devices as well. It has been observed that several service providers have started venturing into this technology in order to provide convenience to people wherever they go. Some of the biggest advantages of using these charging stations are listed below: 

Easy to use: These stations are extremely easy to use. The stations just need to be installed, and it would easy to charge the devices instantly without any further complex process.

Accessibility: The charging stations have become highly advanced, and there is a wide range of similar solutions that are available for the public to use. The stations are highly accessible, and you do not need to depend on asking for help if you forgot to carry your charger. 

Fast Charging Capabilities: People can easily access the fast charging capabilities, and they would not need to wait for long hours to charge the battery to the fullest in case it gets drained.


Types of Portable Battery Chargers

Black iPhone plugged into Lightning USB charging cable on black surface

There are several types of battery chargers that are available today and can prove to be highly beneficial for the people in general: 

Juice Packs

If you are looking for small and portable battery charging options, then these might suffice. Although they have limited charging capacities, they are easy to carry and are highly convenient when you have issues to outages as well. Charging these packs might take up five to six hours completely.

High Capacity External Batteries

The batteries might be slightly expensive, but they turn out to be an efficient solution. The battery has enough capacity to sail through the long outages easily. These batteries are small similar to the size of a card deck and tend to be extremely powerful. 

AA Battery Chargers

The battery chargers are available online as well as in the outlet stores. You can also ask the vendor for USB emergency AA battery chargers which are suitable for mobile phones. The battery chargers also need a USB cable in order to connect the battery with the mobile phone. These batteries are cost-effective and can go for a long duration of time. You just need to plug to the batteries, and the phone would get charged automatically.

Portable solar powered battery chargers

Solar-powered batteries are somewhat costly, but it is highly efficient and is a good source of a natural resource. You can charge the phone and other electronic devices with this instantly within two or three hours when the sun is at its brim. The battery chargers have built-in solar panels and come with an electric outlet and USB cable in order to build up the connection. The internal battery system charges the phone within in 5 hours in direct sunlight. The only drawback to such batteries is that they do not work efficiently during stormy or cloudy weather.

What makes Charging Stations Useful for Businesses?

Here are different types of charging stations useful for businesses: 

1) Increase User Engagement

Phones are a useful entity for engaging with clients, and if you want to send an important e-mail and access to the web then at that time, your dead phone might create huge problems. It might even be possible that the customer left your conversation prematurely. If your venue has phone charging stations, then that would allow the customers to take care of the responsibilities of your clients on the spot. Moreover, this would also help in engaging the employees with the customers more effectively and leave their phone attended on the charging station.

2) Boost in Sales

Customer engagement can help in boosting sales to a great extent, and there are chances that they would spend more on your services if you are able to provide them value. If the customers are engaged properly, then they would surely want to keep investing in your time which would eventually garner a lot of sales. 

2) Most preferred destination for customers

If you provide your audiences with something extra such as charging stations for their convenience, then they would surely want to come back to you for services again and again. In case you are unable to fulfil their demands they might run away from your services which would directly

4) Improved Customer Experience & Loyalty

You will eventually see that your customers have started becoming loyal to your brand if you make them feel special and provide them with services for their convenience. You should be willing to care for your customers and provide them with something extra so that they would want to respond you back. 

8) These would give you a competitive advantage

There are multiple reasons for choosing charging stations as an effective solution for attracting customers. These would also help the businesses to overcome competitive advantage and help in improving your business to a great extent.

9) They are made to solve a business problem

The charging stations are meant to solve customer problem as that would help in reducing their battery anxiety and have something that would support their phone from becoming dead. People often look for businesses to solve such problems, and if as a business, you are able to provide them such help, then it would surely benefit you to a great extent.

10) The stations can be installed anywhere

You can install these stations anywhere in the public place such as a mall, park, corporate parks, residential complexes, and so on. The kiosks will work as your product and solve a lot of problems faced by the customers at large. The number of kiosks would mean promoting your product to a large number of people, and that would surely help in engaging them with it.

Reasons that Will Compel You to Open your Booth at Trade Shows

Trade shows bring a huge opportunity for the people who want to open their booths and promote their product to a wide section of audiences. Here are a few reasons why you should promote your products on such platforms:

Garner attention of the audiences

You do not need to book a conference room to speak about your product. You can instead present your outlets which would stand apart in the crowd and garner attention of the audiences instantly.

Keep people at your booth 

It is necessary that you booth remains attended by someone from your organization so that the customers do not get irritated in case there is no one to attend them. Make sure that the you explain to them in brief and do not take much of their time as they might not be interested to stay long.

Provide necessary documents to the attendees

You need to catch up with the potential customers and keep them engaged with the brand so that you find them attending your booth in large numbers. The more number of people you contact, the better chances you have to get noticed. You should make sure that you keep visiting cards ready in case someone would want to reach out to you for the franchise of such charging stations. It is just a matter of engagement and marketing; if you are able to do it properly, you will surely earn excellent benefits in the future.

Keep your brochures ready 

It is necessary that you come up with useful documents so that customers can take a look at the product that you have to offer and provide them with information that would make them interested. Make sure that your product is providing some value to the customers and solve their daily problems as that is one point where they would feel connected with your brand the most. 

At last, charging stations truly are the latest innovation in the right sense. They can solve a lot of problems faced by the people when it comes to dead phone during an emergency and make the services accessible to them whenever needed. It is important that more and more businesses should come up with innovative trade show booth ideas to provide their clients with best of services and solve their daily problems. The idea of charging stations is surely a profitable one for the businesses and can garner a lot of revenue and profits if they keep on innovating with such devices in the future.

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