Trade show ideas to turn your event into an EXPERIENCE!

While planning your event, it is essential to invest in every little trade show booth ideas to see better results as it is not less than a daunting task when you have to take care of everything. Various details are involved for which you have to take care effectively, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed to make your guests leave with a positive impression of your brand. Before starting with planning, you should check out everything to lead your event towards success and to provide an unforgettable experience to your guests.

Clarify the purpose

At the very first you need to clarify the purpose of hosting the event with suitable planning for themes, decorations, catering, and various other things that can enhance the event experience of the attendees. Make sure to make decisions during the planning process to include every little detail that can leave a bad impact if not done correctly. It will not only ensure the success of your business according to the goals, but it will also guarantee the success of the events.

Trade Show Booth Ideas

Event Experiences

Start delivering the experience even before the arrival of the people

You should avoid waiting for the guests to wait until they walk through the events’ doors, instead, you should start providing a reliable event experiences even before the arrival of the guests. Whether it is the event website, invitation, registration process, social media presence, or the reminder, you should schedule everything perfectly to make them all-ready to attend your event.

Don’t forget about the food, drinks, or the impressive things

These are pretty basic but if not handled correctly then these can mess up the things which make the attendees leave the event with a bad impression. Your main motive should be to create reliable event experiences that amaze guests with impressive displays, quality food, and drinks, pleasing music or live entertainment, and interactive experiences.

Make it personal

People only remember the events when they are valued and the best way to design the memorable event is to enhance the experience of each guest with the most effective arrangement. It does not mean that you have to turn it into fancy by spending more but you can ask guests for their viewpoints on the arrangements when they register for the events. You should make sure that the guests should be served with suitable services as these can leave a positive image on the guests.

Focus on creating uniqueness

If you host the event every year with the same design, theme, and on the same location then it will withdraw the attention of the attendees after attending once or twice. However, it is essential to make changes every year that can amaze your guests with uniqueness and makes your guests come back every year to attend your event.

Trade Show Booth Ideas

Enhance the event engagement

 How to build the best event?

From planning an event to create a reliable experience for the attendees, there are few approaches that you need to take care of the better results.

Your audience – customer-centric experiences

When we talk about the events, audiences are the king who is investing their valuable time and money to attend your event, so it is essential to provide a suitable experience for your customers. Maybe, your attendees are sitting comfortable, but it does not mean they are not expecting for the better event experiences. However, you should make sure to tailor your event according to the needs of your customers for which you need to consider:

  • Who is going to attend and why?
  • How can you enhance their expectations effectively?

It is essential to analyze the experience of the customers to tailor the event experiences according to the needs of the audiences to get reliable benefits of:

  • improved brand perception
  • enhanced word-of-mouth marketing
  • increased attendees
  • more efficient learning

Technology: enhances the engagement

No one leaves their homes without their Smartphones as these are the most reliable way to enhance the engagement of the attendees in a more natural way to make them stay connected. However, it is where technology plays an important role in enhancing the effectiveness of learning processes, but nowadays the mobile is the most useful thing that brings more engagement opportunities. 

Besides the engaging aspect, mobile is a great way to collect data effectively so it would help if you will incorporate the mobile phone charging stations in your event.

Technology enhances the engagement

Technology enhances the engagement

Furthermore, if the attendees run out of their batteries, it can withdraw their interests and make them to leave the event immediately but the cell phone charging stations can make them to stay for the longer period. Mobile phones are used to:

  • enhance the reach of the audiences
  • improve the engagement of the attendees
  • provide access to the real-time data tracking
  • provide information regarding post-event
  • improve the marketing follow-up

The cell phone charging stations that InCharged provides:

6 Chamber locker – These charging stations provide peace of mind to the audience by providing them a safe place to recharge their cell phones and provide you with valuable usage data. These charging stations provide a secure phone charging locker that builds reliable trust among the customer and makes them remember you as well as your event. It is available with 3 cables in each chamber that supports various mobile devices from Apple to Android and with a sense of security to the customers.

PowerMethod Plus – These charging stations are compact, powerful, and affordable charging stations that can charge various devices simultaneously providing you with better event engagement benefits. These charging stations support up to 8 devices with the 8 charging ports that are the perfect choice for any event or festival. Due to its availability in dynamic designs, you can fit each unit according to your needs and the LED lighting matches every environment effectively.

InBox – If you want an affordable solution for your events then InBox charging stations are the most reliable options that you can choose for the events. These charging stations provide a charge for your attendees to make them stay engaged throughout the event while charging their cell phones. Due to their small and lightweight features, these can be mounted on the tabletop, inside the lamp, or even on the bottom of the table.

Charging tables – The glass-topped and fully brand able tables are what most of the attendees look for when they are at the events, and the best way to enhance the engagement of the attendees. Our cell-phone charging tables are available in ready to go, you just need to plug them in and it will charge your cell phones effectively. Events need tables, and phones need a charge, so these are charging tables is the most reliable solution to meet both the requirements effectively.  

Flex – These charging stations are the most reliable solution for the events that you can choose for enhancing the engagement of the attendees, and takes only a few minutes to assemble and strike. Flex has a 20″ HD screen and LED that illuminates its 12 charging tips that support various mobile devices ranging from Apple to Android. These charging stations are most suitable for the last-minute charge due to its features of Wi-Fi enabled and a hidden USB port that fits any space.

PowerMethod – These charging stations are well known for better event engagement as when your cell phones are charging you can gain the complete attention of the audiences. PowerMethod charging stations are lightweight and free-standing that takes only a few minutes for assembling and striking. It can charge up to 18 devices with its 10 USB ports that make it convenient for the customers to charge their cell phones effectively.

8 Chamber lockers – These lockers are safe and provide security for the devices as it provides easy access with a personal Pincode that makes it a perfect solution for enhancing the engagement. These lockers are secure as well as look great with a digital screen to make the attendees remember their brand name even if they are not involving themselves in the event. These charging stations have 3 charging stations in each chamber that can charge up to 2.7a supporting the devices from Apple to Android.

Venues: most essential thing to consider

Venues are the essential part that most of the event planners look for while holding their events as the surroundings play an important role in enhancing the overall event experiences. If the venue is interesting, it can transform the perception of the attendees for the event, improving their interest. Furthermore, venues are also a great option to make your event more memorable and some of its benefits include:

  • Improved brand perception
  • better word-of-mouth marketing
  • great engagement of attendees
  • enhanced value of entertainment
  • more network opportunities

Sustainability: the reliable factor

Events produce a lot of waste so it is essential to consider the green practices with better wellness initiatives that improve the overall event experience. Nowadays, if you consider the environment and well-being of the local community as your main priority then you can get a positive response from the attendees with better feedback.

Event Management

Event Management

Better together

Despite being social animals, people prefer to have face to face communication that is still the natural way of interaction with everyone. A great event experience is where you meet other people, create new business opportunities, and even make long-lasting relationships. Creating a better environment for connection and getting people together is still the most essential that enhances the overall value of the event.

Create a grand experience

Whether your budget is large or small, you should focus on the efforts for creating a theme at the entrance that can create a long-lasting impression on the audiences at the very first when they enter into your event. Make it unique and impressive for the attendees so that they will remember your event for a long period, and it will leave you with better results. Schedule everything to amaze the guests every time with something special as it will encourage them to get involved in your event.

Select The Most Reliable Host

Hosts can make or break the events as they have the power and the complete responsibility to cheer up the mood of the guests, entertain them, and to delight them effectively. Furthermore, they have the power to drive their interest towards your brand by encouraging them to make use of your product. 

On the contrary, sometimes the hosts fail to catch the attention of the audiences, enhancing their engagement, creating the mood, and delivering a suitable experience. So, you should choose the host that can manage your event effectively according to the theme, audience, and purpose to enhance the experience of the attendees.

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