Cell Phone Charging Stations- The Ultimate ROI Booster for Event Sponsors in 2020

The event attendees are addicted to their cell phones and almost 90% of the world’s population has their cell phone which connects everyone. While attending or hosting the events, you must have seen the people who are looking at their cell phones or tablets whether they are roaming around, sitting at one place, or standing. But do you know the chargers are among the top forgotten items that they usually left behind their homes and if you will do polling then you will probably find that it is the item that they usually leave at their homes? While looking at the exhibitors, you will find it difficult to engage the participants in the long conversations so if you want to make your booth a gathering place, then you need to consider the incorporation of cell phone charging stations. These are a great way to invite attendees to hang out and keep them connected while keeping them at your booth for longer. If you are still thinking about the reliability of the idea then you can look for the places where people prefer to charge their cell phones and you will find that they use any outlet they find at that time.

The attendees usually spend most of their time using cell phones when they are at conferences or events, as they make videos or take pictures to share them on social media platforms. However, the incorporation of cell phone charging stations can result in greater benefits but at first, you have to consider the factors, including –

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Cell Phone Charging Stations


While deciding the cell phone charging kiosks at your venue you need to look for your budget, you need to consider whether it is reliable or not. Furthermore, while choosing the suitable charging stations you need for your venue, you need to look for the space that you can use for branding as it can save your efforts. If you are spending more on a suitable cell phone charging station, then you need to place them strategically as the higher-priced units cover more surface area and you can also use them for branding purposes.

Reasons for selecting the cell phone charging station

While choosing the cell phone charging station sponsorship, you should be aware of the reasons for choosing the cell phone charging stations. The attendees use their cell phones all the time when they are at the venue as they take photos, share their moments, and make videos to post them on social media platforms due to which they run out of their batteries. When the attendees run out of the batteries, they suffer from low battery anxiety for which they search for outlets to charge their cell phones. However, the incorporation of cell phone charging stations is a great way to get rid of such situations as these not only keep the attendees engaged but keeps their cell phones always charged so when they share their moments on social platforms, they do indirect advertisement.

Target Audience

Charging stations are fairly straightforward as the sponsorship opportunities go, but nowadays, the sponsors are much savvy so you need to consider your target audiences along with their demographics, interests, and motivations for crafting the activations that differ from the attendee to attendee. When you ask the questions from the sponsors, you will surely get the different answers regarding the brand awareness, leads, reach to the specific audiences, or launching of a new product. Any answer or solution can lead your sponsorship team towards different roads. If you want to deliver a message to your audiences then you can do so with wraps, imagery, or messaging on cell phone charging stations that build a new structure around the kiosk.

Charge Cell Phone Chargers

Return on investment

The sponsors look for ways to measure the value and return from their sponsorship ideas so it is merely important to determine the ways to measure them efficiently. If the sponsor wants feedback from attendees, a charging kiosk needs a complete survey to access the charging station and if the desired metric is leading the branded kiosk can be accessible with the use of a code that is obtained at the booth.

It is essential to ask the questions for the sponsors as well as the events as it enhances what can be considered as a commodity with branding, appropriate features sets, placements in the events, various other customizations that can make them more reliable for the sponsors and more lucrative for the organizers.

Cell phone Charging Stations for Business

While running a business, you should take care of your customers and without them; it is not possible to establish a reliable business. You need to think about your current strategy which is solving the problem of the customers and the situation of running out of the batteries can create huge problems for them in your establishment. However, if you are ignoring the problems of your customers, then you are making your business lack behind your competitors so by providing the wall mount cell phone charging station, you can help your customers to get rid of these problems.

Increase the permanence and engagement of the clients

A cell phone without a battery can make the customer leave the venue on the spot and if your customer has to send an important mail, access to your website to know about your business or is waiting for your call then it can make them suffer from low battery anxiety. However, if you are offering the benefits of cell phone charging stations, it allows your customers to continue their involvement in their cell phones without leaving your venue so these are the great way to enhance the dwelling time and you can focus on other important things rather than worrying about charging the cell phones of the customers.

Increases sales

If you are enhancing their staying time, it means you are increasing the probability of spending more so it provides you the opportunity to increase the clientele which includes the time they are spending in your venue as well as their loyalty. If they are leaving your site to load their cell phones then you will be losing money as well as your customers. However, with the incorporation of wall mount cell phone charging stations you can make the customer stay for charging their cell phones which enhances the possibilities of their spending.

Your business becomes a reference

The people who know that they can charge their cell phones in your establishments will recommend your site to others to visit you and will make their returns more often. Mainly, the restaurants or the cafes that have a place where you can charge your cell phones securely while you are eating or pubs that provide cargo services provide an added service that can make it possible for you gain more customers and make them visit your venue even more.

Positive experience and loyalty

Many businesses do not offer charge cell phone chargers because they think they will not get anything in return and they do not see any benefit from their incorporation. However, instead of focusing on improving the revenue, the businesses should focus on how to make the customers appreciate your services. If you are providing a load service then it can help you to improve the experience of the customer as well as make the customers visit your site more frequently which is also a great way to build loyalty.

It is a great way to enhance the visibility of your advertising

Events and locations are the most suitable ways to enhance the profits with the charge cell phone chargers as you can use the displays to incorporate the images or videos that leave a lasting impression on the mind of the onlookers. Furthermore, if you are not interested in acquiring the cell phone charging stations then you can use them as a way of advertising to enhance the brand visibility that can leave an impression and make the customers remind you.

Wall Mounted Charging Stations

Wall Mounted Charging Stations

They are the competitive advantage

Charging stations can solve the problems of the customers and these are the perfect solutions for the low battery anxiety or keep the attendees free of worries when they run out of the batteries. Nowadays, where everyone uses their cell phones, customers search for the sites that offer them a solution to their problems. When they visit your site if they do not find the solution to their problems, they will not hesitate to leave your place to find another site that can help them with the solution. Various reasons depict the importance of cell phone charging stations but among them, the most essential is the advantage over the competitors.

Reasons to have a charged cell phone charger

The event organizers always look for ways to enhance the engagement of their attendees and every time they offer something that can make them come back to their establishments. While organizing the event, you make everything available to the attendees with the hope to make them stay engaged and involved in your venue. InCharged provides charging solutions to the customers for the event venues that can charge various devices at the time and make the customers satisfied and involved.

Charging stations for multiple devices

Nowadays, everyone has their cell phones and they carry them along with them everywhere they go so and among them, there will be only one or no one who is without a cell phone. When the attendees visit your venue they will surely have their cell phones with them, which means they will need a power source to charge their cell phones when they run out of the batteries, which is the main reason that you should have a charged cell phone charger at your venue. The charging kiosks from InCharged can conveniently charge two devices simultaneously so you should incorporate the cell phone charging kiosk that can keep the customers, as well as the main attendees, satisfied by providing them the facility to charge their cell phones conveniently.

An easy charging solution for attendees

Generally, people spend their maximum time on cell phones, whether they are handling the business operations or simply using the cell phones, the mobile phones have become an essential part of our day to day life. Mainly, everyone needs cell phones for sending messages, booking appointments, browsing the websites, or using social media as people use cell phones for handling their routine. They also struggle to keep their cell phones charged. If you are providing the cell phone charging stations to keep the cell phones fully charged, then it is a great way to enhance the dwelling time of the attendees. Your customers will be excited to see that you are making efforts to serve them in a better way as they do not have to leave your venue when they run out of the batteries, and if they are charging their cell phones then they do not have to worry about the theft or losses.

Perfectly matches with attendees style

When the attendees visit the venue they look for the charging stations where they can charge their cell phones and the tables where they can sit conveniently while enjoying your event. However, the incorporation of charging tables will make the attendees stay engaged as these are what they look for and the charging stations can keep them engaged in a better way. It means when the customers get the charging stations along with the tables, it makes the attendees think that you are concerned about them. Furthermore, you can use these charging stations for branding purposes as these are a great way to leave a lasting impression on attendees’ minds.

Battery-powered, durable, and hassle-free charging

The cell phone charging stations from InCharged are battery-powered wireless chargers that can turn any space into the charging stations. If you are looking for a solution that can keep the attendees engaged for longer, then the incorporation of the cell phone charging stations is the perfect solution. InCharged chargers can last long and charge various devices simultaneously that makes them the perfect choice for the multi-day event. The most efficient way to keep the customers satisfied is to incorporate the chargers in the areas that are more accessible and these are mainly near the stages or in the middle of the venue where more people prefer to gather around.

Provides huge benefits

When the guests enter your venue, you want them to feel comfortable and enjoy their stay to have a better experience for which you need to take care of the meals and beverages, but the technology is becoming an essential part in the lives of the people so you also have to consider their smartphones. Their cell phones are a great way to enhance their experience within the organization so the charging stations can provide peace of mind to the guests with a view that they can use their cell phones with ease. Mainly, the attendees use their cell phones for posting and sharing their moments on their social accounts which is also beneficial for your event as it can reach various people who are not physically present at your venue so it is also a way of advertising. It is not possible to keep the attendees for longer if they are running out of the batteries and cannot use their cell phones due to their low charge. The incorporation of cell phone charging stations provides immediate access to mobile devices due to their convenience and suitability as it allows guests to gain a better experience that also results in enhancing revenue.

When people are at your venue they constantly look for the place where they can charge their cell phones, mainly when they are receiving important messages and their cell phones are notifying them about their low battery percentage. If you want to keep the attendees free of low battery anxiety then you should incorporate the cell phone charging stations that also create an opportunity for you to introduce them about your current promotions, offerings, and new products through the displays of the cell phone charging stations. Furthermore, you can also make settings to change the images on the display after conveying the important message to the attendees. You also have an option to build your brand buzz strategically as you can use your company name, logo, social media channels, and QR codes on the cell phone charging kiosks.

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