Introducing the Power Pack Kiosk: Portable Device Charging Packs

Here at InCharged, we’re always looking for new charging options so we can better serve a wider number of events. In the past, all of our portable device charging packs have been flexible but if your guests wanted to use their phone while it was charging, they’d have to stay in one place. While this boosts dwell time and brand engagement, it may not be a viable solution for events where you want your guests out and about.

That’s where our new PowerPack Kiosk comes in.

Charging Technology

The PowerPack Kiosk is an easy on-the-go charging solution that lets your attendees roam as they charge. Guests simply swipe a credit card, pick up a portable battery, use it for as long as they need it, and return it once they’re done. The service is entirely self-service and can be configured to be either a free amenity for guests or a “premium” service available for an additional price set by you.

Like our other portable device charging packs solutions, the Power Pack Kiosk can include HD screens to display your media and can be wrapped in a custom skin to promote your brand. In addition, our unit boasts 99% device compatibility with options available for Apple 30-pin connectors, Apple lightning connectors, and MicroUSB for other devices.

Providing your guests a way to recharge while they take in everything your event has to offer is yet another cutting edge amenity you can offer to bring your event to the next level. If you’d prefer to keep your guests lingering in one location, check out our flagship Flex unit- with a number of configurations to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find the right charging unit to fit your event’s needs!

InCharged has always kept its customers a priority. Our R&D department takes feedback from the clients seriously and customizes the cell phone charging stations accordingly.

Making the changes and updating the product line as per the client’s requirements have always given InCharged a competitive edge.

The clients wanted a video and image played in loop on the Kiosks, we listened and designed accordingly.

PowerBox tabletop charging kiosk

The clients wanted a portable charging station that is wireless, small in size, and can put anywhere, we listened.

And, when the clients wanted a safety lockers attached with the charging stations, we even did that. We have two models that have the safety locker facility.

It because we listened to our clients what they wanted, we built the products that are popular. See the complete list of cell phone charging stations, we have built so far.

Now, the newest edition to our product line is the PowerPack Kiosk, which also has its foundation in one of our clients’ feedbacks.

Let’s rewind the clock…

As you already know that our portable device charging packs stations are placed at airports, retail stores, resorts, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls among many other places. We have a huge chunk of market share in business events and conferences. The organizers usually get the cell phone charging station on rent from us as they don’t want it on a permanent basis.

Now, installing our stand-alone cell phone charging station at a retail store increases the dwell time of the customers in the store. The store owners love it as they get repeat customers who spend the majority of their time in the store and they usually buy more.

This kind of scenario doesn’t happen in business events, corporate trade shows, and conferences. The organizers told us that they don’t want their attendees to stand on a particular location for a significant amount of time. They want their attendees to roam and explore the whole event.

Usually, the attendees pay for a daily pass for the event and their money will be wasted if they don’t explore the booths. This puts a bad impression on booth owners as well. They wanted the charging stations at the events, but not something that would make the attendees keep standing there.

And, there was a solution – Portable Device Charging Packs Station. But, how many of those as there will be a hundred to a thousand attendees at one event.

So, instead of focusing on separate portable charging stations, we built PowerPack Kiosk, which is a combination of your regular charging kiosk and the portable charging batteries.

Square hi-top cell phone charging

The PowerPack Kiosk – portable charging station holds the portable batteries, which a user can access by unlocking the portable battery chamber through their credit card.

*We do not save the credit card details of the users

Event attendees simply have to swipe their credit card to unlock the portable battery and carry it with them throughout the event, use it as long as they want or until their phone is charged, then come back and place the portable battery in its chamber using the same credit card. That’s how it works.

Event organizers loved the idea as this way they can still have a cell phone charging station at their events and the attendees don’t have to stand in one place for long, and the attendees don’t have to leave their phone behind in the chamber as well. This matched perfectly with their requirements.

And, when other event organizers got to know about our PowerPack Kiosk, they were equally thrilled.

This way, the attendees can charge their phones, use their phones to click event photos and explore the whole event and take part in other event programs.

PowerPack Kiosk is a self-service solution. The event organizers can choose whether they want all the attendees to avail this add-on service or just include it in the premium pass. It is entirely up to them.

We are testing out other scenarios where this can be beneficial. This can be installed in shopping malls or anywhere people don’t want to stand in one place or want to keep their phones in the lockers. Our PowerPack Kiosk is a great option for them as it fits multiple locations and scenarios.

InCharged is an award-winning cell phone charging station company. Whether it is about portable charging stations, power boxes, kiosks, we have what the clients demand. And, our highly trained team made it possible for us to achieve this feat.

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