Track your event ROI with PeopleCounter

How can you tell you’re getting a good ROI when you invest in technology? Yes, the appeal of a charging station, HD display, or other technological amenity can draw in a crowd, but how can you be sure that translates into increased business or engagement?

A charging station is a great investment because it’s proven to attract attention and increase foot traffic – but you don’t have to take our word for it. Our new PeopleCounter technology has the ability to provide hard data on how event attendees interact with your charging station so you can get an accurate read on how well your station is performing.

PeopleCounter uses a camera with tracking technology to provide valuable metrics such as age, emotion, gender, and the movement of people around your charging station over time. With this service, we’ll gather the data and send you a report one week after the event so you can see exactly how valuable your investment truly was.

The convenience of having us collect and analyze the data for you can empower you to make a better assessment of what (if anything) needs to change to make your next event more successful. You may also be surprised at the demographics and responses you’re seeing from the people that actually use your charging station and can tailor the content of your display or branding accordingly. It can also be a powerful resource to have when pitching the use of charging stations to business partners, board members, team members, or other departments within your organization.

Using PeopleCounter can ensure you have a solid grasp on how well your investment is truly performing. Contact us today to learn how!

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