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If you’re neurotic about making sure your phone is on you at all times, chances are you’ll sympathize with Olympic French fencer Enzo Lefort. – InCharged Charging Kiosk most popular cell phone charger station.
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Lefort began his match on Monday with his phone still in his pocket, and he may have forgotten it was there entirely if it had not fallen out of his pocket mid-bout. The match was temporarily stopped as Lefort gathered his phone and handed it off to an official on the sidelines.

While Lefort ended up losing his match (not due to his phone mishap), there are lessons to be learned.
First and foremost, we can all rest easy knowing that fencing uniforms have pockets. More importantly, we must keep in mind that Olympic athletes hail from every corner of the earth (literally). Having the ability to keep in touch with family members, friends, and fellow athletes that couldn’t join them at the Olympic Games is important during a time as stressful as the Olympics. Additionally, as most of us know, travelling for extended periods of time can throw anyone off their guard if they don’t have all of the creature comforts they’re used to.

So, even if Lefort was doing nothing but playing Candy Crush, having his phone by his side may have given him a way to settle his nerves while sitting on the sidelines, which is paramount for someone competing at the Olympic level. Still, let Lefort be a shining, comical example of knowing when to put your phone away. Who knows, maybe if Lefort had access to our charging lockers or a charging kiosk, this little mishap never would’ve happened and Lefort would’ve competed knowing that his phone was safe and sound waiting for him with 100% battery after his match. But hey, look on the bright side- at least Lefort doesn’t play water polo.

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Enzo Lefort dropping his phone mid-bout tells us how close we are to our phones or how much influenced we are from them and that we want to keep them as close and safe as possible. He was may be using it just before the bout and as the usual habit, put it in the pocket after the use and brought it on the ground where he shouldn’t have brought it.

There are many such instances where we bring the phone and later realize that it shouldn’t have been here, for example, the examination hall.

Enzo was dueling in the round of 32 with Peter Joppich when Enzo’s phone dropped on the ground all of a sudden. The internet is full of memes pointing out the heavy usage of phones by today’s generation. We are even using it when it is getting charged.

We do understand that phones are an integral part of our lives, but we should use them responsibly to avoid such accidents. Enzo’s phone was saved, but if it had fallen on hard concrete, it would have broken.

If InCharged’s 6 chamber locker or 8 chamber locker Kiosk charging station was installed near their locker room or the hallway, then this had not happened.

There are many places where our 6 chamber locker and 8 chamber locker and charging stations come out to be very useful as they keep the phones of the users safe and they don’t have to keep it in their pocket. And, not only keeping the phones, but the lockers are helpful in keeping the keys, wallets safe as well.

Do not consider these as charging stations with locker facilities. Consider them as lockers with charging facility. These charging stations do give a peace of mind to the phone user.

Our 6 chambers locker charging station comes with a 14-inch digital screen to run the images and videos on a loop. It has a great advantage for marketers and advertisers.

The InCharged’s Kiosk charging stations also give you the data of how much it was used. This helps the event organizers a lot as they can know how many they need to install the next time and how proficient their investment in the charging station went. Marketers love knowing the ROI, instead of guessing it.

Charging Kiosk

The 8 chamber locker charging station comes with a 20-inch digital screen. And, the screens in both models are placed at the eye level for the user’s convenience.

Each locker in both the charging stations contains 3 charging cables that cover multi-device compatibility whether it be Android or Apple. The chambers are built with aluminum which is strong but lightweight.

If you are in a huge shopping mall, you can easily shop and roam around while your phone is getting charged safely. You won’t have to worry about the phone’s security. This practice has also allowed the customers to stay in the shopping mall for longer. This increases the dwell time in the retail stores. Such a facility is not available in the standing charging stations without the locker. However, the standing cell phone charging stations have their own perks in their domain. Those cell phone charging stations have their own marketplace.

The locker type phone charging station at large events is a trend as there are hundreds to thousands of people that attend the event. You simply can’t leave the phone at the station. The locker type phone charging stations come to rescue then.

The goal of charging your phone at a public event or a retail store or shopping has just got secured, all thanks to InCharged’s 6 chamber locker and 8 chamber locker charging stations.

The videos or the images in the charging stations cannot be done on-site. You can send us the videos and images you want to run in a loop, we will upload it in the charging stations.

If you want a custom-designed chamber locker charging station but do not have an in-house designer, need not worry. InCharged has a dedicated team of expert designers who are ready to design the graphics for your Kiosk charging station as per your requirements.

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We understand the workload during the multi-day events. There are a lot of people in the event organizing team who do multitasking. We are offering a helping hand to set up the cell phone charging stations at large events while you and your team perform other important tasks to prepare for your mega event.

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We offer a lifetime warranty on all our products. Our cell phone charging stations do not save any data of the phone nor any credit card information.

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