Ensuring Your Charging Station Investment is Never Obsolete

Are you ready to make an investment in a customized charging solution? Whether you’re looking to make a charging station investment for a single event, lease a station for a long-term period, or purchase a station for your place of business, charging stations are a sound asset that will do nothing but benefit your business.

With any investment, you want to make sure it’s sustainable and continues to benefit you in the long run. With the rapid rate at which technology advances, having the confidence that your charging station will continue to stay at the forefront of industry charging standards is all too important – be sure to choose from a  company that will protect your charging station investment.

You can rest assured that InCharged is providing you with the most up to date hardware the industry has to offer. With our industry leading 5 Year Warranty, you’ll be covered not only for all internal parts and manufacturing defects, but for cable swaps and a complimentary rewrap as well. InCharged is also the only charging solution who’s warranty covers technology upgrades. If new charging technology is released to the general public while your charging device is under warranty, we’ll upgrade your device.

InCharged is also proud to offer fast cable swapping technology- in fact, we’re the only company in the industry to incorporate this feature into our products. Rather than sending the entire unit in for servicing when a cable breaks or when new charging cables are released, all of our products have been designed for instant cable replacement. Some of our competitors force you to send your unit back for simple servicing such as cable swaps, but InCharged lets you make the swap on your own so you and your charging unit can stay put.

Whether you’re upgrading your charging cables to a newer version or replacing a broken cable, InCharged products give you the ability to make your changes on the fly. With loads of add on features, a comprehensive 3 or 5 year warranty, and an array of different charging solutions to choose from, investing in an InCharged charging station truly puts the power in your (and your customers’) hands!

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