Reduce Event Cost With Lightweight Display Options

If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably realized that there can be a significant upfront cost when ordering a charging station. While some of the price includes the cost of the equipment and various services, a large portion of your total cost could arise solely from shipping fees. A great way to reduce event cost can be considering shipping fees when making budget decisions.

Living in a global economy allows us to ship goods all over the world, but having any goods shipped to you inevitably costs money. Whether it’s a 6-pack of socks or a 6-pack of your favorite drinks, you’ll usually end up paying shipping and handling fees based on a number of different factors.

Shipping location, shipping method, and weight all affect the cost of shipping. If the price tag is standing between you and your charging station, consider lowering the price by choosing the most lightweight model that fits your needs. For example, opting for a freestanding model rather than heavier charging lockers can help reduce event cost.

InCharged is proud to offer the most lightweight charging stations available to consumers. Even our largest units that include HD screens are lighter than any other charging units on the market. The lightweight design makes our charging stations easily transportable- so much so that we also offer travel cases as an add-on.

If you’re looking for something with a lower profile, we also offer the largest variety of small charging units. For example, lets say your venue or event space is a bit cramped or the floor plan doesn’t work well with a freestanding charging unit. We offer a number of tabletop or wall-mounted charging stations (such as our Powermethod models) that are small, lightweight, and are guaranteed to drive the price down while still delivering the best charging experience.

When considering a new charging station, remember to keep the weight of your new unit in mind when calculating the overall cost. Anything you can do to reduce its weight will help save you on shipping fees, but will also make your charging station easier to transport. We’ve taken this out of the equation by designing all of our charging units to be as lightweight as possible, that way you can focus on function, style, and branding rather than shipping fees!

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