How to Choose the Best Mobile Charging Station For Your Event

If you’re thinking about investing in a mobile charging station, you may be stuck on the type of station to choose. With so many different configurations and options, making a decision on which model best fits your needs can be a bit overwhelming at first.

To help you find the best mobile charging station to fit your needs, we’ve put together some common questions everyone should ask themselves before choosing a cell phone charging station.

Where will my mobile charging station go?

Does your space call for a free-standing unit or one of our tabletop models? Do you need a smaller unit to help save space, or should the charging station be a prominent fixture? Thinking critically about where exactly you’re going to place it may help you find the best mobile charging station to best fit your space. At the very least, it’ll help you decide which models don’t quite work for you. Also, it’s good to note that if you’ll be traveling to different locations with your charging station, InCharged also offers travel cases and locking wheel casters to help make transporting your station as easy as possible.

Do I want to provide a way for people to use their phones while charging, or do I want to provide a secure mobile charging option?

InCharged offers multiple types of charging stations, but they generally fall into two categories: charging stations and charging lockers. Our various styles of free-standing, tabletop, and table integrated charging stations allow people to continue using their phones while they charge. This is great for conferences, festivals, or any type of setting where you’re encouraging users to use their phone.

In contrast, our locker units provide a safe way for people to recharge without needing to wait with their device. Lockers are great for any event or setting where having a charged device is important, but device usage may not be imperative. For example, if you run a restaurant, adding charging lockers provide an appreciated amenity while encouraging your customers to put their phones away during their meal (so they can focus on your food, atmosphere, and service of course!)

How do I want people to interact with my cell phone charging station?

If you’re looking to use your charging station a place to congregate or as a way to encourage interaction, the best mobile charging station for you may be a freestanding model or table model with an added wifi hotspot. If you’re looking to draw people to your location via your charging station, choosing one of our Flex models with an LCD screen and custom wrap would suit your needs perfectly.   Conversely, if you’re simply looking for a way to provide a quick and discreet way to recharge, one of our Powermethod or InBox models would work perfectly.

What types of devices should my mobile charging station cater to?

All of our charging stations can be fitted with android, iPhone, and other USB compatible chargers. Depending on what type of charging options you’re looking to provide, you can choose your own custom cable configuration. You can even choose to simply provide the basic charging bank (such as our PowerMethod B) and let the people choose to use their own charging cables. If you’re running an event that requires additional outlets, our PowerMethod units include 3-prong outlets as well as USB ports.

Choosing the best mobile charging station

Still need help choosing the best mobile charging station? Send us a message or use the live chat bar at the bottom of the page! Our representatives are happy to answer any questions you have and can work with you to help you pick the perfect charging station.

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