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How to Market Your Brand at Sporting Events and Concerts for 2020

Ever since the file-sharing network once known as Napster made its debut at the turn of the century, musicians knew that the era of relying on album sales had come to an end, thus underscoring the importance of live performances and concerts in terms of revenue generation. What is interesting about the Spotify era we live in is that concert and music festival attendance has gone through the roof, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Sporting Events

Concert promoters and organizers are certainly happy with fans and their ongoing enthusiasm for live performances. This is something that brand managers and marketing professionals have been following with great interest. Sponsor activation is the technical term for branding strategies. That makes sense in the context of events; for example, at the new Railbird Music Festival in Kentucky, one of the coolest features, so to speak, was a tent equipped with large and powerful fans for attendees to relax and cool off. This tent was sponsored by the manufacturers of industrial fans, for the benefit of music fans.

With the right sponsor activation at concerts and sporting events, your brand can go a long way in terms of being recognized by attendees; the key is to provide value and convenience. It doesn’t matter if your products and services do not align directly with music or sports marketing. In the case of the aforementioned cooling tent, you wouldn’t normally associate industrial fans with rock and hip-hop, but the positive experience of getting a blast of cool air during a hot summer day in Kentucky is certainly something to remember.

The Value of Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

At Incharged, we know all about the importance of branding as a memorable experience. It’s called experiential marketing, and it is extremely effective. Our smartphone charging stations are designed with convenience and positive experience in mind. Imagine being able to promote your brand for 10 to 15 minutes while your audiences wait for their mobile devices to complete charging. At concerts and, sporting events for example, music and sports fans need a full charge that can enable them to share Facebook and Instagram. They need to have enough battery power to order an Uber ride at the end of the event. They also need to let their loved ones know that they are on their way home.

Charging Station

You know that feeling of relief you get when your smartphone or tablet has a full charge? This is something that attendees of concerts and sporting events are likely to remember and associate with your brand. The possibilities are endless: think about a law firm providing mobile charging kiosks at a real estate seminar. How about a saxophone teacher featured on one of our kiosks at a jazz club? Mobile recharging sponsored by a local cell phone repair shop at a farmers market? You get the idea: It is all about providing value to prospective customers at a time when they are enjoying themselves.

Incharge lets your brand be in charge at sporting events and concerts. Our kiosks are made in the USA, thus making them ideal for all types of events nationwide. Get in touch today so that we can discuss your experiential sports marketing options.

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