Event Marketing Trends: 2020 Guide

Event Marketing tends to be integrated hand-in-hand with the technological advancements of the era. Coupling this with the popularity of social media and hashtags, has allowed businesses to build a stronger physical and digital presence than ever before. Certain apps can even measure consumer engagement to pinpoint their likes and interests, guiding companies in the expectations of their customer base.

Importance of Attending Live Events

Businesses tend to place a high valuation on in-person events. The advantage of interacting directly with consumers cannot be overstated. In real-time, you can get useful feedback from potential customers about your product or service. At a live event that is, you can see their behavior patterns to get an idea for what potential customers do and don’t respond to overall. This means that you can tailor your message to your target audience in an even shorter timeframe since you are taking the pulse of the event participants, and not waiting for data to aggregate over a long span of time like weeks or months.

Event Marketing Trends 2020

In addition to providing these high-exposure benefits, live events also enhance networking connections. Attendees communicate their presence with photos, videos, and social media posts. If you provide the opportunity to communicate constantly, they will appreciate the gesture. From a marketing standpoint, this benefit is two-fold: you get unpaid brand mentions when guests show off online that they attended and mention you and also you generate a new lead list in the process, an organic list of potential customers who are voluntarily demonstrating an interest in your brand at the event.

Distinguish Your Booth

At most events such as trade shows, conferences, and conventions, people are looking for more than an advertisement. They want to be provided value for their time and attention. As the old adage goes, everyone likes to buy, no one likes to be sold. Consumers today must be approached with an idea that quickly demonstrates value for them, or before you know it, they will have already moved on.

Some companies still stick to the practice of giving out token-freebies like portable car chargers, plastic cups, pens, etc. These freebies are an old, classic and generic way that is out there for many years. Though most people enjoy receiving freebies, it doesn’t make them any more likely to remember your brand come decision-making time, just because you had a bucket of free pens available at your booth. You’re better off being unique, providing value and impressing potential clients or customers in a more memorable way. How can you grab their attention to your brand, while still providing enough value to keep them engaged past the initial interest?

Foot Traffic is the Start

Your goal might be building brand awareness, getting contact details of as many as people or collecting demographic information about people interested in your products or services. No matter what your main goal is, you will need to pull foot traffic to your booth. One of the best ways of achieving this is by providing value for visitors’ daily lives to get their attention. 

You’ll want to design an event website page to promote your presence so that potential clients and customers become familiar with your brand. The more people are aware of your attendance and the value you’ll provide, the more likely they are to be receptive to your representatives in person. You can promote your attendance on Facebook or any other channels to gather a bigger crowd as well. Be sure to personalize your messages as much as possible though. You can do this by knowing your audience, and targeting them with the right message of value.

Track Outcome of Your Efforts

Certain apps can help you track metrics and goals. Are you going to measure goals based on how many people sign in to use charging stations? Or by how many pictures are posted with a designated hashtag? Even better, do you want to measure interest in upcoming products and services? Live events give you an opportunity for lots of data points about potential customers. Make sure you’re prepared to capture and organize this data to stay ahead of the curve.

How we can help you boost your booth

When attending live events, offer customized experiences to boost foot traffic. For example, We offer products that are specifically designed to boost your engagement at any event. Here is a sampling of those products.

InCharged Phone Charging Stations

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Phone Charging Stations are one of the best ways of pulling foot traffic to your booth. Think about it. By some estimates, at least 80% of American adults are using smartphones– multitasking, battery-draining smartphones. And the longer the event, the more likely nearly everyone in attendance would be able to benefit from a charging station. Phone Charging Stations will give you the time you need to interact with your potential clients or customers while they are waiting for their phones to get charged.

Mobile Photo Booths

Mobile Photo Booths

Another engagement-boosting InCharged product is the Mobile Photo Booth. Photo Booths are a great way to pull foot traffic. Obviously, many people enjoy taking pictures and posting them online on Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media sites is a social standard. With the InCharged Mobile Photo Booth, visitors will be able to take selfies and group pictures and will keep this physical image with them as a personalized souvenir. They’ll also be able to post the pictures to their favorite social media sites right there at the event.

The number of stations and booths supplied would depend on your budget and needs. These stations can charge phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. Setup is easy, and lifetime warranties are guaranteed. We also proudly develop software updates and enhancements as needed.

Learn More

InCharged combines technological innovations with marketing trends to assist with clients’ campaigns. That’s why we created charging stations and photo booths.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have or provide you a quote specific for your company needs based on the event you will be attending or hosting. Contact us for more information.

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