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Top 3 Branded Charging Stations for Events

While planning for events, consider your booth design for your company and what you will offer. Potential customers need to see your brand and engage with the products and services you sell. If you provide value at an event, then your brand will project it as well, encouraging more engagement. Charging stations are one such means of providing memorable value.

At InCharged, we offer three types of charging stations for events. We know that you want to customize your booth and offer value. You may have varying budgets and differing goals. These stations can assist with your event return-on-investment.

Charging Locker Kiosks

Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

Charging kiosks provide a highly-effective platform for both exhibitors and event organizers. Lure in your audience with outlets, and keep them interested after they plug in their phones. As they wait for their battery percentage to increase, converse with your prospects. Take advantage of the extra time.

What if you want to do more than talk? Customize the kiosk with your company graphics. Design a unique logo that can go on a panel or an eye-grabbing message that people will read. You want them to stop in their tracks, and marvel at your work.

Do you need to keep confidential data and equipment safe? Our lockers, made of aluminum, will prevent attempted theft on the floor. 

PowerMethod Floor Stand Charging Stations

PowerMethod Floor Stand Charging Stations

Our PowerMethod S charges up to 18 devices. Ten USB charger ports and eight surge-protected outlets lend ample support and provide room for your prospects. The standing model features two units on top of a sturdy base. Don’t break your back with the light structure. Your interns will thank you. 

The PowerMethod charges cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and other devices. There is also the USB option, for iPods and smartwatches. Use the freestanding model, install a tabletop station, or mount USB chargers on the wall. We love offering versatility to serve your branding. 

Flex Charging Stations

Flex Charging Station

Do you want to have the option for audio-visual advertising? This model comes with 20-inch HD screens, for any commercials or infomercials you bring. Monitor the volume with external control, to factor in the noise from the crowd. Adjust your LED lights as needed, especially if attendees are photosensitive.

Implement custom-shrink wrap into each Flex Booth. Reflect your branding, with some eye-catching designs. You can discreetly offer Wi-Fi to your target audience, and adjust the displays accordingly with the twelve outlets. When you offer more than one connection, people will notice. 

Fast Assembly, No Tools Required

At InCharged, delivering convenience is our priority. Set up and disassemble your charging stations easily. They’re also fully capable of driving and increasing traffic to your business. 

Charging stations can thus represent any industry. These include education, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Rent the stations with a customizable billboard, so that attendees know you and your brand. Display your company’s marketing message, and add some unique flairs.

Contact Us Today

At InCharged, we will usher clients into the twenty-first century. Our customer service is eager to assist with promoting your brand and infusing it with value. We can make recommendations on which station rentals will suit particular events. 

Contact us at InCharged and reach out to our staff for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you to plan your use of charging stations for upcoming events. 

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