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Whether it’s a trade show or a pop-up, it’s important to keep your attendees, exhibitors, and staff safe. All of our products can either be purchased or rented — there’s a solution for every budget.

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UVC Protection

Hospital-grade technology is now available for events — UVC disinfection inactivates 99.99% of pathogens and delivers significant savings in both labor and material costs.

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Air Purification

Our flexible and efficient air purification technology provides medical-grade disinfection while eliminating the need for costly HVAC upgrades.

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Hand Sanitizing

Motion sensor-activated dispensers provide hand sanitizer to attendees touch-free. Touch-free thermometer options now available!

Products can be fully branded.

No need to sacrifice style for safety — sanitizer dispensers, charging stations, UVC cabinets and air purifiers can be wrapped in a skin with a design created by your team or ours. Showcase your brand or your sponsors, or simply blend in with the decor.

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fresh air, together.

Powerful air purifiers with HEPA13 filters and internal UVC lamps. Clean the air, protect your attendees, and show it all off.

UVC Ultra

Medical-grade disinfection in minutes – without spending money on chemicals.

Our flagship UVC unit can disinfect surfaces up to 25 feet away in ten minutes or less – and it’s so easy to use, anyone can do it. The UVC Ultra holds 10 powerful 254nm UVC bulbs project with full 360 degrees coverage. Perfect for large-event disinfection in a fraction of the time.

Note: UVC can be harmful to the skin and eyes. Exposed UVC emitters should be used in between events and with full PPE covering.

UVC Handheld

Disinfect high-touch areas at any event or installation.

The portable UVC handheld device is ideal for spot disinfection of highly trafficked and used areas, such as bathrooms, desks, seating, and tables. 60 watts of UVC bulbs will disinfect any surface it passes over in mere seconds.

Note: UVC can be harmful to the skin and eyes. Exposed UVC emitters should be used in between events and with full PPE covering.

UVC Disinfection Cabinet

The easy way to protect your attendees: if it fits, it will be disinfected.

Originally built to disinfect airport carry-ons, the UVC Disinfection Cabinet is flexible and easy to use. Simply wheel it into place, insert any items (from phones to backpacks and anything in between), close the door, and the UVC disinfection begins automatically.

Air Purifier Ultra

Industrial-grade air purifier able to cover large and small event spaces.

Your first line of defense against not only pathogens such as Covid-19 and the common cold, but also pollutants such as dust, smoke, and food odors. The Air Purifier Ultra filters out PM2.5 particles with 99.99% efficiency and is easy to use with wheels and a digital interface.

Air Purifier Mini

Provide clean air in smaller spaces.

The Air Purifier Mini features medical-grade HEPA13 filters, UVC lamps, and a powerful fan that allows for an efficient and powerful air cleaning. This device is capable of capturing 99.95% of 0.1 micron particles or larger — smaller than Covid-19!

Portable Purifier

Easy to use, easy to move

BluLabs portable air purifier are incredibly powerful with a slim build for easy repositioning. Our air filters are 99.99% effective in eliminating airborne pathogens, including odors, pollen and dust. Charge this unit before you leave your house and it will last for up to 15 hours on battery power, protecting you where ever you go.

Hand Sanitizer Station with Temperature Reader

Check temperature and dispense hand sanitizer, no-touch needed.

Hand sanitizers don’t need to be an ugly afterthought! Wrap this unit with your chosen design and let this telescoping touch-free two-in-one device screen guests for fever before they enter, and dispense hand sanitizer too!

of UVC.

Using UVC as a primary technique for disinfection can deliver significant cost savings in both chemicals and labor. Plus, there’s less room for error than spraying and wiping.

medica grade

Medical Grade

Trusted by hospitals for over 80 years, UVC technology is now available for businesses and events of all types.

fast clean


Time is money – disinfect between events in a fraction of the time.

liquid free


No chemicals to buy and store – and it’s better for the environment, too.

hands free

no advanced

Get your staff up-to-speed in minutes – there are no complex techniques to learn and master.

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A hands-free clean

UVC products can be turned on via remote to eliminate user exposure. Most devices also include sensors and auto-shutoff functions.

affoordable costs

Affordable Costs

Most of the expense is front-loaded – limit overhead with minimal recurring cost, and low labor needs. Plus, Lux products are much more affordable than comparable UVC systems.

of Air Purifiers.

You can improve airflow and general air quality without costly HVAC upgrades. No matter the number of attendees or the size of the event, HEPA and UVC air purifiers provide the protection you need.


Breathe fresh air

The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outdoor air.


Better than HVAC

Most HVAC systems are not designed to clean air in areas populated by large groups of people, but portable medical-grade purifiers are.


Eliminate Covid and other pathogens

Our air filters are 99.9% effective in eliminating airborne pathogens such as COVID-19 – and odor-causing pollutants as well.


Capture dust and poLlen

Our products house incredibly powerful purifiers in a slim build, so they can be easily repositioned where they are needed most.


Flexiblity when
Needed most

Air purifiers are incredibly powerful with a slim build. Add or reposition air purifiers in your space depending on the number of attendees.

your people

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