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Top 3 Charging Stations for Convention Centers

Not long after the late Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in June 2007, analysts started to ponder how advanced mobile devices would change business meetings. At one point, futurists believed that the convention and trade show industry would take a hit because of increased connectivity; the crux of this conjecture was that the ease of two-way video conferencing would do away with the need for business meetings and face-to-face interaction, but we know that never happened.

The reality in 2019 is that the convention, expo, and trade show sectors are booming, and it almost seems as if their growth is being driven by mobile devices. In 2017, conventions in the United States generated more than $13 billion in annual revenue, and 36% of business owners that are also exhibitors expect to increase their trade show budgets in 2019. 

We know that smartphones, tablets and ultra-portable laptops work wonders in terms of promoting gatherings. Think about major consumer conventions that have developed their own mobile apps for the convenience of booking admissions and providing event information. 

Mobile devices make it easier for organizers, exhibitors, and attendees to connect prior to the event. Furthermore, we also know that these devices are brought to the events for the purpose of networking, sharing updates, and staying in touch with the office.

Smartphone charging stations can be strategically placed at conventions for various reasons, the two most common being providing a value-added service and branding. Incharged offers various charging stations for many situations; the three below are the most ideal for conventions, conferences, and trade shows.


As its name suggests, this charging station kiosk provides lots of flexibility. If you need to get and up running quickly, you can choose the free-standing Flex model equipped with a 20-inch HD screen, a nice audio speaker, LED illumination, and 12 charging tips that support modern and legacy ports. Depending on the floor and space layout, the Flex can also be configured as a table-top, wall-mounted, or double-sided station.


Similar to the Flex, this model can be configured as a pedestal, table-top, or wall-mounted station, but it provides more power thanks to a connector array that can support up to 18 devices. A nice feature of the PowerMethod is that it offers more square footage for branding in case you want to wrap the entire unit.


Nice, simple and discreet: the InBox station by Incharge keeps the event organizer in charge at all times. Let’s say your event features conference tables or shared workspaces; in this case, the InBox can sit on a tabletop surface, but it can also be mounted on a wall should you need to maximize space. If you prefer to provide a charging solution that is not visible or obtrusive at all, the small and lightweight InBox can be easily tucked away.

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At Incharge, we want our convention clients to feel free to create the right experience for exhibitors and attendees without having to worry about charging technology. Our clients include established brands that really care about branding; we are talking about MTV, Starbucks, Verizon, and others. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can really charge up your events.

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