How We Build Our Products Based on Customer Feedback

We owe all of our success to our loyal clients – you have allowed us to not only further develop charging solutions to suit your specific needs but also to change the overall culture and the way we do business at InCharged.

At InCharged, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We have a duty to make every client happy and to understand your reasoning if not. But what makes InCharged different than other charging companies?

We create charging solutions that are meant to work a lifetime, which is why we recently implemented a lifetime warranty. This strategic move helps us to create positive, lasting relationships with our clients: we want our clients to be assured that our solutions are a durable and lasting investment.

EventMobi trade show booth at IMEX convention center in Las Vegas with cell phone charging station

In the event planning business, shipping fees are rarely shown up front. A company will often tell you one price without mentioning the hidden fees such as shipping, handling, and drayage costs. At InCharged, we have no hidden fees and we pride ourselves on offering free shipping to our clients. We understand the frustration that hidden fees can cause – especially when shipping costs can easily double the quote you were originally given. 

When planning for an event, timing is a critical detail – but often things get lost in the shuffle, and details are forgotten until the last minute. But don’t sweat it – at InCharged, we offer next-day service. We understand that clients may have last minute requests, so we wanted to create a flexible atmosphere so we are able to help clients with these specific needs.

High-volume businesses send out incorrect orders more often than they would like to admit – but you can trust InCharged, because with us your order will be done correctly and on time or it’s free. Every order goes through a strict quality control check. We want to ensure our clients are happy and that everything goes as planned.

The stages every physical product manufacturer go through are, manufacturing, promotions, feedback, improving.

Of course, there are several stages connect to these four main stages. Feedback from clients is a stage that often overlooked. It is underrated. But, here at InCharged, we improved our products based on feedback from clients. Our team members understand the importance of the feedback stage.

Benefits of Getting Feedback from clients

Clients can tell you if there’s any fault in the product, there could be a manufacturing fault, a quality fault that is hampering the performance of the product. It is good that the client discusses this with the current vendor instead of changing the service/provider without notifying. It is the duty of the product manufacturer to get feedback from the clients.

Feedbacks give manufacturers a chance to serve their clients better. If there’s a part of the services that the client isn’t happy about, post-feedback improvement is the time where they can serve the clients better and retain them. It also helps build stronger relationships between the company and the client.

Feedbacks from client sometimes help in innovating the product. The product may not have any fault, but if the client wants something add-on with the product, then the manufacturers can introduce this in their next versions of the product. The improved products help the manufacturer more clients.

Best Phone Charging Station

Manufacturing The Best Phone Charging Station

In the phone charging station business, there have been several inputs from the clients that have helped InCharged improve its product line. As there are many use cases when it comes to cell phone charging stations, every client wants the product meeting his/her requirements.

Clients wanted good advertisement options on the cell phone charging stations, we manufactured Flex. Flex offers 20”wide screen where the marketers or advertisers can run the brand advertisements. It offers 12 charging cables.

Clients wanted a lightweight and free-standing cell phone charging station with wall mounted facility and great graphical advertisement opportunity, so we made PowerMethod.

Clients wanted an upgraded version of the PowerMethod that appeals more to the eye and can easily blend in with the surroundings. So, we added an LED RGB lighting panel in our PowerMethod Plus adding the design features that clients missed in the previous one.

With the rising need for the cell phone charging stations, we realized that people want something portable, smaller in size that can be placed anywhere such as tabletop, conference table, living room, office desk among other places. Our InBox model does the job pretty well.

And upgrade of InBox, that doesn’t need a wired connection as it runs on the battery. With portability, comes the requirement of carrying the cell phone stations outdoors where there’s no power back up. In those remote areas, picnic spots, trekking adventures, the PowerBox fit right in. This wireless battery-powered cell phone charging station fully charges overnight and lasts up to 10 hours charging up to 8 devices in at once.

Adding more space for advertisement and also fulfilling the utility requirements, we designed the complete glass power table that has charging ports. This is best for conferences, restaurants, and bars. It has a foot-stand as well for people’s convenience.

Another table with different designs and different approaches. Check out our square charging table yourself. Table corners have the charging cables. It is perfect for bars where people want to charge the phone and not stay away from their table.

In particular cases, clients wanted a secured cell phone charging station that comes with storage lockers where the phones can be kept and the phone owner can continue to work during the official hours. We have two models with lockers. One has 6 chamber lockers and the second one has 8 chamber lockers. Both these models have digital screens for advertisement display.

You can see how different each of our charging stations is from the other products in the same category. Some of these developed from scratch by our R&D department and some of them were upgrades that our clients felt they need.

Safe charging cell phone kiosk at music festival

– All our products come with a lifetime warranty

– There’s no hidden fee involved. You only pay what we promise. The cost details are shared upfront. Unlike other companies, we don’t keep any of our costs hidden.

– If you don’t want to buy the cell phone charging station, then you can even rent it out for a couple of days or one whole week

View our complete product and decide for yourself which one fits your requirements. Our best phone charging stations are installed at airports, restaurants, bars, retail stores, resorts, hotels, shopping malls, beaches, conferences, meeting halls among other places.

Get in touch with us today, we will guide you to the best phone charging station as per your needs.

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