How Buying Products with Shipping in Mind Can Save You Thousands

Nowadays, customers avoid shopping in the crowded malls and long checkout lines instead they use the internet to make the purchasing process easier and faster. It is the most common thing that all customers need to make a good deal when they are shopping online for a product. Every customer wants their items to be delivered in a fast and cheapest way due to which the shipping has resulted to be the most relevant option to make the delivery easier and possible. The shipping should be in a very good manner because it helps to increase the likelihood and then customers will buy from you again.

On the other hand, shipping products are one of the most complicated operations for all small and large businesses. Improper and no planning can result in owners overpaying as well as losing the customer if they are unable to deliver the product at the right time. The main focus of every buyer is to save as much as they can save through the most efficient process of shipping. Nowadays the customers are pretty smart and savvy shoppers and the shipping charges increases significantly then the packages get heavier. You may be found large cell phone charging stations that would be convenient because all things are in one piece and don’t require much assembly but these units require more costing than their sticker price because they get them shipped to your location. The best way to save money on shipping is to avoid using one carrier and you can check all the options to choose the most suitable one. While it may consume time but it can save you a lot of money. By leaving yourself to all the options, you can receive the best options from which you can choose the most advantageous rate from the number of available options.


Shipping Charges

While buying the cell phone charging stations, there are various key elements on which you need to focus that help you to influence your decision. Few customers emphasize on the customization, or some on the mobility of the unit, or the number of concurrent devices that can be charged. While these all are equally important, then most shoppers take into account.

When you are choosing a modular cell phone charging station that breaks into smaller and more manageable pieces, it helps you to save thousands just in shipping alone. It also makes it much easier to transport your station in short distances or it can adjust its position in your location if needed. The benefit of the smaller pieces is the fewer people are needed to move and carry the piece.

While choosing the cell phone charging station, you should keep one thing in mind of how often you will be transporting it from one location to another. If you are purchasing for a single location then a less modular charging station may work fine.

To save money on the shipping charges and giving an ability to break down or modify your charging station when needed is a big advantage. If you are hosting multiple events in multiple locations then you know that your charging station will be traveling frequently. At that point, a lightweight unit is best for you as well as it saves time and money.

If you are looking for a modular and lightweight charging station then the Flex model is best suitable for you. It has modular standing, tabletop, and wall-mounted options. The flex unit is easy to set up and easy to experience. 

Following are the 9 charging stations by InCharge:

Flex charging Kiosk:

The flex cell phone charging station is a lightweight, easy to transport, set up and configure. The name indicates that the flex provides plenty of customization flexibility to their customers. Consumers can use this unit anywhere they need to stand up to the wall-mounted on a tabletop panel. The flex has twelve charging tips. The flex makes both ios and Android devices chargeable. Also, it provides an additional open port with a USB connector. The flex stations are also entirely brand able and deliver 360 ° of marketing message capacity and contain HD screen of 20 inches that plays audio as well as video so your audience will stay engaged.

The flex weight is about 38 pounds and can be packed in four easily assembled parts. So it’s delivered quickly with standard shipping. This charging station is incredibly light and simple. There are five apple lighting connectors in a regular charging tip configuration, two Micro USBs, four USB C and an open USB for anything else that requires it.

The Power method:

Looking for an association with a better trade show or events? When your phones are charged at your station, you get the full attention of your audience. The power method is light-weight and

Free-standing and only takes 5 minutes to assemble and strike. Yes, multiple-device cell phone charging stations can be simple. Showcase your brand style with a custom 360 ° app. People love charging tools, and they would love to provide them to you. Events can happen, we get it. Power method branding charging station for cell phones lets you charge your customers irrespective of budget. Our main, single-sided free-standing panels, various tabletop models and even wall-mounted are available in a variety of designs to suit your needs.

The Power Method Plus charging station:

The reinvented charging station Power Method Plus is lightweight, studier, and easier to set up, which makes them the most suitable charging station for the event organizers. Power method plus has 8 charging ports, and can simultaneously charge up to 8 computers which also help you with your needs. The USB ports are a more secure enclosure which includes pre-configured cables incorporated into the various units. You can wrap your charging station in the best way to make your brand visible, which can gain relevant traffic.

If you are choosing the Power Method 2.0 then it is sure that the event will be much better as well as phones of your attendees can be kept fully charged due to the portable battery dock charging station.


The InBox Charging station is portable with a sleek design, which is also known as the powerful 360 degree branded charger and sometimes you have to compete with hundreds of vendors when you are at trade shows, conventions, and conferences. Each and everything is arranged for the attention of the attendees, which provides the fastest and efficient cell phone charging capabilities with minimal ambient space.

The Inbox charging station has 8 charging tips including Apple lightning, USB-C + Micro USB for all modern smartphones, which is also suitable for laptop charging. It is up to you that you like

it in custom branded wrap includes tabletop artwork of charging stations, logos, colors to use in decoration so replace the lazy power strip with state of the art quick charging technology.


The power Box is a wireless and portable battery dock charging station which also has the features of lightweight and with all these capabilities it can be easily integrated into the environment where you want to fit it. If you want to show off your style then you can fully customize the PowerBox with your creativity to make an impact on your attendees. The powerBox has 8 USB ports and the battery holds 8 hours’ worth of charge and you can keep it on the top of the table to ensure that the artwork, logos, and colors to enhance the visibility of your brand.


6 Chamber Lockers

The 6 chamber locker is more user-friendly, which can open the product line by offering an open port solution and advanced metal lockers charging station. It also provides six secure phone storage chambers with 3 cables in each chamber and charging up to 2.7a each. It supports the following phones-iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, and many more. The locker options can be rented in either a tabletop or wall-mounted or free-standing or single or dual-sided all can be customizable. If you want to increase your brand visibility, the inCharged cell phone locker provides you a custom graphic panel with your artwork, logos, and colors. Our templates provide you a facility to fully customize the look and then you can get the attention that you want.

The locker of the mobile device is safe and secure and one of the best features of InCharged 6 chamber cell phone filling steel locker is the handheld locker and there is not any chance to steal a phone from that locker.

The cell phone locker option is available only if your event uses RFID technology then participants can use their unique RFID tags to access their mobile devices using their credit card. There is also an option of a fish data system from where you can see the behavior of your attendees.

8 Chamber Lockers:

The 8 chamber locker offers open port solutions with the advanced locker charging stations and these chambers come ready with the 3 cables in every chamber. It can be rented in the tabletop form or floor standing which also supports iPhone, Samsung, blackberry, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson and many more. The 8 chamber locker provides a feature of a back graphic panel with your brand, artwork, logo, and colors. This template allows you to customize the look as per your own choice and feel of your custom charging station then you can send the message that exactly you want as well as gain the attention of your attendees. The most important feature in the 8 Chamber charging locker is its safety, which also provides an aluminum chamber where the phones are secure from theft even when the phone is charging and there is not any chance of losing the phone. However, it does not access the data of the phone and nor keep the information of credit card.

Glass Power Table:

The Glass power table is a user-friendly self-service cell phone charging table. The events need tables and the phones need a charger. To make easier your audience live with our tabletop charging

Stations and this will become a new favorite brand. The height of this charging table is 44″ which is the standard height. This table is equipped with 9 Smartphone cables, 6 open USB ports, and 2 power outlets. It also provides a recharge facility to phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. It has the highest functionality: solar power and wireless charging.

The weight of this charging station is less than 100 pounds. This simply plugs the charging table into a regular outlet and then you can charge something, and it needs no assembly. If you want o to maximize branding then the charging stations from InCharged provides you a facility to customize the station as per your artwork, logo, and colors for the decoration to make it more attractive. It also provides total graphic services at a surcharge.

Charging Table

When attendees are charging their cell phones at your table you get an opportunity to gain their complete attention so you should incorporate the tables to make them the place it needs

to be. Events are busy but with the cell phone charging stations these can make things easier as well as help you to focus on other important things. No doubt, events need tables, but if the tables have charging stations in them they can become the perfect space for the attendees. These charging stations come with 12 charging ports that can charge various devices from Apple to Android and everything in between, which makes them the most relevant choice for the events.

Following are the tips to save money on shipping:

Choose standard shipping:

Standard shipping is the cheapest option and it can take a week or two to deliver your parcel. Apart from this if you want your parcel in a hurry then it costs more because they deliver as per priority or overnight shipping. You can consider this if you need an item in one or two days otherwise a little patience saves a lot of money.

Shop when the retailer offers free shipping:

If you want to stay informed of upcoming sales and promotions, you should notice that the email alerts are active and will regularly check the emails of your favorite retailers. Mostly various retailers occasionally run free shipping to provide the benefits to the customers.

Inspect your shipment at delivery:

Make sure the delivered products are in good condition as if they are in the expected state they can result in unexpected losses. The customer should notice a scratch and will mark on the proof of the delivery because without noticing the damage you would not get the claim for any damage and this thing will cost you money.

Track carrier performance:

All the carriers are different and the buyers should try different carriers and track their performance just to noticing that you are choosing the right one or not. Once you choose the one who is the best by trying different services then you can stick with them.


Shipping Charges

Offer combined shipping discounts:

The buyer should do shopping when they want to buy several items to reduce the shipping charges. This thing saves the money of the customer.

Negotiate with multiple carriers:

Shipping charges is one of the major factors that keeps you competitive in the E-Commerce industry. Through experience one can find ways to trim the shipping charges. Most of the users don’t know that they have to negotiate power. The users should not be afraid to negotiate with the multiple carriers to see which one is giving the lowest cost.

Never stop learning and researching:

Take it wisely when it comes to shipping calculations. Always take time to your shipment and do proper research to find the best and cheapest way of shipping. The buyer should observe from their shipment history and then they know how to arrange better conditions and rates.

Find Shipping partner:

If you realize that asking for help saves your money and time then you should go ahead. If something goes wrong then you and your partner can handle it by discussing it with each other and will find an appropriate solution.

Pack as small as light as possible:

It is a common thing that the shipment cost of smaller packets is less than the larger packets because they are light in weight and can easily port. The good rule is to package the product in the smallest possible dimensions just to diminish the cost of shipping.


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