What Makes InCharged Charging Stations Different?

If you search for “mobile charging station”, you’ll see that there is no shortage of companies out there leasing and selling charging units. Many of these companies offer similar products at similar price points, and it may be hard to decide who to trust with your investment. Luckily for you, InCharged is the nation’s most experienced team of customer cell phone charging innovators, and it’ll be apparent from the moment you contact us.

Our attentiveness to our clients’ needs is what sets us apart from the rest. We understand you may be busy or constantly on the move, so we’re happy to communicate with you in the easiest way possible- talk, text, email, whatever works for you! We’ll even give you our personal numbers if need be so you can always get in touch with someone from InCharged, at any time. We also offer free consultations so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best product for your needs, every time.

We manufacture the only mobile charging products on the market that are modular, scalable, compatible with 100% of devices, and ready to evolve with technology. In fact, our business model is to upgrade your investment so it never becomes obsolete. Our proprietary technology has been developed and revamped based on real client feedback, and we base our solutions based around real event problems so you know you’re using a purpose-built product tailored to your specific needs.

Other companies may boast about custom branding options, but try finding another company that provides custom wrapping and branding services for no additional fee. If that’s not enough to set us apart from the rest, we’ll even ship your unit out to you for free- that’s right, no shipping fees whatsoever!

We are committed to providing the safest, most efficient charging technology while collaborating with our partners to ensure an effective user experience. Built in our Union, NJ warehouse, our products are second to none – and our team stands behind them to provide exceptional customer service and the longest warranty in the industry. InCharged delivers more than a power boost – we offer unique tactical marketing that puts brands InCharge of their own customer experience!


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