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Here at InCharged, we’re always looking for new charging options so we can better serve a wider number of events. In the past, all of our charging solutions have been flexible but if your guests wanted to use their phone while it was charging, they’d have to stay in one place. While this boosts dwell time and brand engagement, it may not be a viable solution for events where you want your guests out and about.

That’s where our new PowerPack Kiosk comes in.

The PowerPack Kiosk is an easy on-the-go charging solution that lets your attendees roam as they charge. Guests simply swipe a credit card, pick up a portable battery, use it for as long as they need it, and return it once they’re done. The service is entirely self-service and can be configured to be either a free amenity for guests or a “premium” service available for an additional price set by you.

Like our other charging solutions, the Power Pack Kiosk can include HD screens to display your media and can be wrapped in a custom skin to promote your brand. In addition, our unit boasts 99% device compatibility with options available for Apple 30-pin connectors, Apple lightning connectors, and MicroUSB for other devices.

Providing your guests a way to recharge while they take in everything your event has to offer is yet another cutting edge amenity you can offer to bring your event to the next level. If you’d prefer to keep your guests lingering in one location, check out our flagship Flex unit- with a number of configurations to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find the right charging unit to fit your event’s needs!

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