Turn anything into a Phone Charging Station with the InBox

If you are running out of batteries during the events, then it is the worst time with which you have a deal as you have to spend hours in the same venue. The most essential way is to incorporate the cell phone charging station which is among the easiest ways to draw the attention of the attendees to your booth, creating a positive impression. Most of the Smartphone charging stations can charge various cell phones depending on the style you are choosing and you can also use these charging stations for branding. There are various ways which can provide you the useful resources to create a positive experience, enhancing your brand image and here are few of the charging station styles that you can choose:

Drop and Go

Some attendees do not want to leave their cell phones behind under someone else’s watch, but nowadays drop and go is the most popular idea for various events. You can incorporate the cell phone charging lockers where the attendees can leave their cell phones while roaming around as they only need to set up a pin code. These are among the most popular charging ideas that leave the attendees worry-free by providing them peace of mind and also create reliable opportunities to gain the complete attention of the attendees.


Smartphone Charging Stations

Smartphone Charging Stations

Lounge Charging

You can treat guests with royalty by setting up a comfortable as well as a relaxed environment when they are charging their cell phones for which you can incorporate the couches or chairs. They are the great ways to promote conversation as well as usage of the cell phone charging stations and you can also provide a chance to the visitors to create professional relations, interact with each other, as well as your brand. If you have a little extra space then you can incorporate InBox the most reliable charging option that not only keeps the guest satisfied but also creates an opportunity for you to gain their complete attention.

Movie theater lounge

If you have enough budgets to keep your attendees engaged as well as involved then you can provide them the comfortable as well as the entertaining space. You can incorporate the digital screens where your attendees can enjoy your event efficiently as it is a great way to keep the attendees involved as well as engaged throughout the event. Furthermore, you can also create the theme like a mini-theater with the small tables and chairs where you can also incorporate the cell phone charging stations as well.

Sponsor-specific charging stations

It is a great way to cater to the needs of the cell phone users while you are promoting the products or services, so you need to set up charging stations at specific areas within the venue and it should have at least one client who is participating each day. Furthermore, when the cell phones are charging, the attendees can walk around which creates the chance to grab the attention of the cell phone users.

Designated charging zone

If you want to encourage people to interact with each other then you should have a spot where people can charge their cell phone devices, which also works well for the conferences as well as the meetings. If you want to use it more efficiently then you can innovate the charging stations with a fun theme that includes the space or movie character which is also a great way to leave a positive impression on the mind of the people. Furthermore, if you want to provide the charging stations to the attendees where they can keep the cell phones safely and securely then the cell phone charging locker is the most reliable option.

Charging Stations to Power up your event

Charging stations are the great event tech accessories that go well with the attendees and show your care for them so you can give your attendees the reliable help by incorporating the charging station they need for the event. In the digital era, everyone carries their cell phones everywhere and if you want to encourage the attendees to use them efficiently then they need a place to charge their cell phone. The charging stations are a great way to build trust between audiences as well as a brand at the trade show or simply show your care for the attendees. Here are some ways where you can incorporate the cell phone charging lockers –

Reception desk

The reception desk is among the places where attendees prefer to stand for hours to charge their cell phones and these are the spaces where most of the attendees spend their free hours. So, you can incorporate the charging stations at the reception desk to keep the attendees engaged as well as stress-free. Mainly, staff looks after their devices during the meeting so that they can focus on other important things which are also perfect for the entrepreneur as well as provides the branding options which are again the useful thing.


When attendees are at your venue, they look for the tables where they can sit comfortably but if the tables have charging stations then it is a great way to keep the attendees engaged. The InBox charging stations are the great solutions for these situations so you need to incorporate them at any space and they are all ready to deliver the most reliable results. When attendees are charging their cell phone you can grab their attention which means they will surely stay for longer when they are at your venue.

Booth platform

Events go for longer due to which the attendees prefer to leave the venue the venue on the spot when they feel tired or stressed and it mainly happens when they run out of their cell phone batteries. The best way to avoid such a situation is to incorporate the cell phone charging stations that not only leaves the attendees satisfied but also enhances their dwelling time. Moreover, attendees use their cell phones to click pictures, make videos, or share them on social media platforms due to which they run out of their cell phone batteries and having a cell phone charging station is a great way to prevent attendees from such situations.

Smartphone Charging Stations

Event Charging Stations

Digital screen

You can also incorporate the Smartphone charging stations near the digital screen as it is a great way to grab the attention of the attendees when they are charging the cell phones. Mainly, these are used for marketing purposes as you can use the display screens to show the images or the videos and at the same time, the attendees can charge their cell phones efficiently. These are also a great way to remove the low battery anxiety as it helps the attendees to stay engaged and stress-free regarding their cell phone battery life.

Cocktail tables

Mainly attendees find the tables as the stylish way where they can stand while in the event and if these tables have the charging cables then it can deliver the positive results to the attendees. Furthermore, you can also use the banners or logos on the top to leave a lasting impression on the onlookers which also allows attendees to stand, chat, and plug their devices into the deck.

Hashtag stands

Events hashtags are the most essential marketing tools that you can use to reach large audiences as attendees use to take pictures while they are at your venue and share them with the large audiences at the same time. These charging stations also deliver the benefits of cell phone charging that makes the attendees charge their cell phones without running out of their batteries. If you are looking for ways to make the better engagement then the cell phone charging stations are the most efficient option that you can choose and the charging stations with hashtags are even better.

Charging stations are available in different shapes and sizes, which includes the cell phone charging lockers as well as the table charging stations, so you can choose the one that fits better for your event as well as guest needs.

Phone charging stations for your events

Everyone carries their cell phones due to which there is not any doubt that the event should incorporate the cell phone charging stations to keep the attendees charged as well as happy. Whether you are organizing a big or small event with more or less attendees, you need to incorporate the cell phone charging station that you can meet the demands as well as requirements of the attendees.

Choose the right phone charging stations while planning your event

When it comes to the cell phone charging stations, you need to choose the most suitable that fits perfectly to the space and matches to the needs of your plan for which you have to be careful. Some options include portable charging stations that can turn any space into the charging station, tabletop charging stations, wireless charging furniture that enhances the look of the events. However, at events, the most popular type of charging station is with lockers that allow attendees to charge their cell phones safely and securely as mainly the event organizers hear about the stolen cell phones of the attendees.

The cell phone charging lockers are the most reliable way to catch the attention of the attendees and they also provide an opportunity for the event planners to brand their event as well as enhance the sponsorship. Most charging stations provide an opportunity to the event organizers to custom brand the display screens which the event planners can use to promote their brand with the use of videos or images. You need to be sure to provide the charging lockers that are compatible with charging tablets and keep them securely so that the attendees can leave their cell phones behind while roaming around.

Incorporation of the cell phone chargers for attendees

Event planners can also take the advantage of the charging stations by placing them at the right place and with strategy where the foot traffic is high and these are mainly near the registration desks or the main hall. The event organizers can also incorporate the lounge that contains charging stations, couches, as well as light refreshments that also provides a reason for the attendees to stay at your event for longer.

Reasons you need cell phone charging stations for the events

Planning trade shows, conferences, festivals, and everything in between needs tremendous planning as well as resources so you have to think about creating event strategies to enhance the involvement of the attendees. In the event industry, you need to face a lot of competition and there are hundreds of event professionals who take initiative each year to determine the best for their event. As a seasoned event planner, you must be aware of the big details and the components that you need for planning a great trade show, conference, or other events. However, you should not ignore the small details as these are the things that you forget easily but these can leave a lasting impression on the attendees.

The most common thing that attendees mainly forget

While traveling, it is guaranteed that you will forget about bringing your chargers with you and every small thing that are the necessities. Attendees mainly rely on their cell phones to check their emails, updates about meeting or making calls and if they run out of batteries in between the ongoing event then it can encourage them to leave the venue on the spot to charge the cell phone. The best solution you can choose to make your event stand out is to use the cell phone charging stations that can make your event the most popular as well as most visited. The incorporation of the cell phone charging station at your trade show, conference, or event is the easiest way to keep the attendees at your venue for longer.

Integrate the charging stations in trade shows, conferences, or events

We live in an era where people cannot leave their homes without their cell phones and cannot leave stressed-free till their cell phones are not charged completely so there is not any doubt that cell phones are gaining huge popularity. These are also known as the event tech accessory due to their high demand and use as these not only keep the attendees satisfied but also enhance their staying time. Mainly, the event attendees use their cell phones to tweet about the event, share their moment on the social media platforms, and update their experience on Facebook or Instagram due to which they run out of batteries even before the day ends. However, if you are providing the options to the attendees for recharging their cell phones then you can keep them engaged throughout the event. Additionally, if you are placing the event charging stations with strategy then these are the great ways to make the attendees remember your event and as a bonus, your event can gain benefit from the additional online traffic as well as brand awareness from attendees who are posting on the social media with the use of reliable event hashtags.

Add charging stations at your venueThe most essential way to attract more visitors to your booth is to make the booth appealing as well as engaging for the attendees for which you need to add popup displays as well as banners that can deliver the brand messaging efficiently.  Once the visitors are at your venue, you can focus on product demos or videos you can use to enhance your visibility as these are the great ways that help you to stand out from the crowd, attracting more visitors.

Event charging stations not only drives more traffic to your booth but they also delivers the most efficient ways to the visitors to stay at your venue for longer which also provides an opportunity to the attendees to capture the larger leads as well as sales conversions.

Event Charging Station

Cell Phone Charging Lockers

Keep attendees at your booth for longer

Sometimes it is much more difficult to get people to stay at your booth for longer but a cell phone charging station can change the time duration and keeps the attendees for longer enhancing their dwelling time. It also provides you a large time frame to talk with the attendees about the businesses and how your products, as well as services, can help them efficiently which also keeps them involved for longer.

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