Why In-House Assembly & Design Makes All The Difference

Picture this- you’re shopping in-person for a product and want to learn more about it. You find a customer service associate and finally ask your burning questions. The customer service associate looks at you blankly and says “I don’t know, I just work here.”

How about this one- you’re in the same scenario but shopping online. You send your questions in to the company’s contact form, only to get a cookie-cutter response that includes information already found on their website, word-for-word. Its as if they didn’t even read your inquiry!

If this has ever happened to you, you know just how important it is for the employees of a company to really know and love their product. Here at InCharged, that’s exactly what we do! We know every inch of our charging units and can answer even the most detailed questions with ease (go ahead, try us!)

Our popular Flex units are built in our Union, NJ headquarters and we do our best to locally source as many parts and products as possible. We’re so familiar with the ins and outs of our own product that it only takes us 6 hours total to build a Flex unit from start to finish. Building our units in-house allows us to get your charging station designed and assembled faster with the highest quality assurance possible. After all, we designed all of our units based on your customer feedback, so its only right that we make sure each unit is built to our high standards!

We also do all of our own design and drawing for your custom wraps in-house. This means no time spent waiting on an outsourced designer who may or may not be familiar with your brand, no time wasted playing phone tag, trying to get your design just right, and no worrying about working within someone else’s timeframe.

We’re so confident in our products that we give you a lifetime warranty because we trust what we build and we stand by it. If you’re looking for the most innovative, high-quality charging stations on the market backed by a top-notch team, look no further than InCharged!

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