Cell Phone Charging Tables: From Problem to Prototype

It’s no secret that InCharged offers a wide range of charging options to fit anyone’s needs, and many of our units were developed based directly on the needs of our customers.  For today’s post, we’re highlighting one of our most unique and eye-catching charging options- the Charging Table.

Our charging tables are some of the best on the market, but they didn’t necessarily start out that way.  When we first started offering a charging table option, we were selling the tables through another manufacturer.  Unlike the majority of the other units we design and build in-house, these outsourced charging tables were getting a lot of feedback about their high shipping costs.

Our clients had highlighted two main issues:

1. The tables cost more to ship than they cost to rent

2. Tables had to be shipped freight, which can be a huge inconvenience

We listened to the feedback and were able to develop a comparable charging table that costs 60% less to ship than any other table on the market.  By making the tables more modular and scalable, we were able to address both issues at once and deliver an even more affordable product- but we didn’t stop there.

To up the ante, we added in some new features to give our updated tables a real boost!  Our tables now include 3 prong outlets for additional charging options and LED lights to make your table stylish, functional, and eye-catching.  All tables still include 9 built-in charging cables and 6 open USB ports in addition to the 3 prong outlets, so you have 18 charging options on a single table!  Our tables are also 44” tall- a standard cocktail table height chosen specifically to blend in with the majority of your existing furniture.

In order to maximize branding, our charging tables can fully incorporate your own artwork, branding, logos, and colors.  Our simple templates allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your custom table charging station so that you project exactly the message you want and get all the attention you need.  Need a little assistance?  InCharged also offers full graphic services at an additional price- just send us your logo and we’ll take care of the rest!

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