Things to Consider Before Making a Charging Station Purchase

If you’re looking to purchase a charging station for your business, the options can seem a bit overwhelming. With so many different types of charging stations and configurations to choose from, it’s a good idea to consider a number of internal and external factors before making your final purchase.

InCharged wants to ensure that you make an educated decision when purchasing your charging station so you can get the most out of your device. To help you do this, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider before making your purchase.

Intended Purpose
While all charging stations serve the same purpose of charging mobile devices, they can be used in different ways. Are you looking for a way to draw traffic to a particular area of your business? Are you purchasing the charging station as way to provide a space for your branding? Maybe you’re looking for charging lockers so your customers have the ability to leave their devices and return later once they’re charged. Determining how you want your charging station to be used by your customers will help you find the right type of charging station by easily weeding out those that aren’t a good fit.

Strength of the Company
Many companies claim to provide similar charging stations for competitive prices, but sometimes you have to look past the initial price tag to determine the worth of your new charging station. Is the company you’re purchasing from still going to exist in a year? Buying from an opportunist company looking to make a quick profit in a growing industry may score you a deal upfront, but trying to get any type of service or support later on could be a nightmare. InCharged has been in business since 2012 and has provided charging solutions to hundreds of satisfied clients nationwide, so you can purchase confidently knowing we’re in it for the long haul!

With any large purchase for your business, you always want to be sure there is a layer of protection on your investment. After all, getting a great deal on a charging station may not matter in the long run if you have to purchase a new one in a year. You can purchase with confidence knowing that all of our charging stations come with a 3 year warranty- the longest guarantee in the industry.

Maintenance and Long-Term Viability
The mobile technology industry is constantly changing and improving at an astounding rate. To assure that your charging station stays up to date, consider if your potential charging station is upgradable and how easy it is to maintain. If there is a low level of support or the station is not easily upgradable, you may not want to invest as it could become obsolete in a matter of years. All of the cables on our stations can be easily replaced or updated, and our 3 year warranty is the only warranty that covers any technology upgrades your station may need to stay on the cutting edge of mobile charging technology.


InCharged manufactures the only mobile charging products that are modular, scalable, compatible with 100% of devices, and ready to evolve with technology. If you’re ready to invest in an efficient, attention grabbing charging station that promotes the best user experience and includes one of the most comprehensive warranties on the market, contact us today!

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