How to Customize A Charging Station

One of the main reasons to lease or purchase an InCharged charging station is to promote your business or brand, but without a clear vision of what you’re trying to advertise you may find yourself left with too many possibilities. If you’re looking for a unique way to market your brand but don’t know exactly how to customize a charging station, the following points may help you settle on a design.

Conveying your message

Regardless of if you’re an individual, business, or organization, everybody has a message they want to convey. Trying to communicating your message to your customers, patrons, audience members, or attendees is a great way to figure out what language (if any) you want to include on your wrap.

Are you trying to showcase your overall brand or promote a particular product or event? Do you want to communicate who you are as an organization or do you just want your brand to be present? Take some time to figure out what you specifically want to promote by using the charging station- this might help you narrow down what text is absolutely necessary and what you may want to leave out.

Visual Appeal

You’ve probably spent a good deal of time perfecting your logo or brand, so why let your hard work go to waste? Incorporating your engaging brand or logo is a great way to draw attention to your charging station, especially if it already incorporates vivid colors. If you worry that your logo or brand isn’t eye-catching enough to draw traffic, consider using colors that fit a theme. Choosing to use seasonal colors, incorporating the color scheme of the event or location the station will be in, or even adding a pop of bright color such as yellow or orange could be the extra touch your charging station needs.


If your charging station doesn’t incorporate a call to action, consider adding one. Any of our InCharged stations that include an LED display can be pre-programmed with your content. Consider adding your social media accounts so your customers can interact with your brand while they charge. If you have a new product, an upcoming event or opportunity, are currently trying to fundraise or crowdsource, or if you’re trying to get a specific reaction or action from your audience base, this is the perfect opportunity to let it be known!


Is there a particular demographic or audience you’re looking to reach? Based on the event or location of your charging station, you may want to customize a charging station to the tastes of the people that will be interacting with it. For example, customers at a retail store may be attracted to different things than festival or trade-show attendees. Take some time to consider your audience base before you commit to your language, colors, and any type of call to action.

If you need help designing your charging station, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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