Does the pen giveaway at your booth means you don’t care?

If you organize a convention or trade show event then you must know how interesting the flashy schemes are displayed to attract the attendees towards the booth. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool that impacts so hard and within a sudden time, you will see which booth is crowded by attendees, and how many attendees are visiting again. If you make an impression or you want to stand out of the crowd then you need to develop an event marketing strategies to enhance your visibility in the competition. If you have some raffle entry into your event and you want your attendees to fill the form with the branded pens then don’t hesitate to offer them, if they take it then also it’s not bad. Attendees already have their bags and pockets full of free gimcracks in which it is not possible that they will remember your pen. 

The pen you offer doesn’t matter, what matters is you realize the attendees that you’re in touch with their needs and what exactly makes your booth special from other standout booths in the trade show event. Smart and successful attendants understand what his target attendees find valuable and what not. If you are occurring drawn to your business, then spend some time doing brainstorming that what are the loopholes your business is not getting the customers. Once you get the reliable reason about the people who are attracted towards your brand, you need to come up with a new way and incorporate it into the presentation or a product demo video for enhancing the brand visibility. 

If you desire to have potential new clients then choose a branded charging table. No doubt, it’s eye-catching your customer will see you distinct from a crowd while using this your new client will feel comfortable. You can incorporate the cell phone charging station, as an event marketing strategies to keep the cell phones fully charged and enhancing the engagement of the attendees. If you provide service instead of the product come up with convenience that is related to your product line as well as related to the venue that helps a lot to attract the new clients. For instance: if you organize your event in open with a lot of sunlight then consider setting up cooling stations with branded bottles of water.

There are a number of ways to advertise your event, but you have to pick the one right way to get the best results. So, use these marketing as well as advertising activities to captivate the attendees for your event. 

Target audience

Spending your advertising budget should be according to your product line:

  • Who are they?
  • For what purpose do they attend the event?
  • Why do they spend their time online?

By seriously considering these three questions, you will exactly target the right audience. Make out the proper sheet including profession, age group, areas, and interest. After that start contacting interested would be potential clients.  

Use event discovery sites

The search was conducted which results that half of the urban event goers look for a guide to do something. To discover the event the event goers went to many sites to get some unique ideas that make the event look distinct from a distance. 

event marketing strategies

Event Marketing Strategies

Set-up native check outs.

Once your event is on event discovery sites, set-up the native ticket counter to provide ease to your customers, because this is the time attendees have an interest and have the maximum chance to buy the tickets. You should provide the facility to buy the tickets to goers streamlined the customer experience and leaves your positive image in front for the attendees. Events that sell tickets through facebook have two minutes more sale and free registration compared with event redirect to a ticketing page.

Create email campaigns

If you get an amazing response through your whole email list every time, whenever you announce your event. Then it’s a positive sign, to make it more attractive short and simply divide the email list into categories on your demographics within your target audience. Like you can start with the people who always buy your tickets versus those who haven’t. Then speaking to a smaller group of people with specific messages with this email targeting is easier.

Choose the right social media channel

Social media is one of the most powerful tools that is used by most entrepreneurs to advertise their product. Advertising the events on various social media channels can be an overwhelming task. Ideally, everyone has an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. If not then you are missing your major portion of customers.

 Focus on Content marketing

Valid content is the major source from where a customer positions your event brand. Promote your event through content marketing that mostly relies in the form of video, Blog posts, Infographics. You can also highlight your previous content to show your audience how great the time they had during the show. Add some other features which were not in the last event to build the affinity and goodwill that will enhance the curiosity of the attendees.

Event Marketing

Event Marketing

More online advertisement

Spending only money on the advertisement part is not wrathful, use that you have gathered by targeting the audience and by using strategic tools. With this process, you can reach out to your potential client you are looking for. 

Don’t neglect copy and design

Once you are done with targeting the audience and clear with where you’re spending your ad budget. Copy and designing become a very crucial element for event advertisement as it is essential to make attendees aware of the event organizations and the theme. This task is crucial because this is the first thing that attendees look for so, it should not only be eye-catching but also clear, concise and a strong call to action.

Right Keyword selection

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a lifesaver for any business holder, most event searches (Primarily Google) expected to drive the 5 to 10% for a ticket purchase or registration. So, if you expect that your event should come in top searches then your page should be SEO-Optimized. 

Retarget the attendees who expressed the interest

You must have heard the term retargeting the technology, as you look up something online and a few days later that exact product on another site. So,various event organizers create a sign-up function for the first time attendees who did not make their mind instantly for ticket purchase for which they gain a six-time return average on investment.

 Invest some amount in professional photography

To make your events advertisement and email more effective, photography is crucial. Picture set a vibe and answers the questions that attendees have while roaming through your event. The picture must be according to the ambiance of the event that illustrates the uniqueness that people expect from the event.

Marketing Current Events

Marketing Current Events

Time Management

Timing is the most efficient factor and vital in event advertising strategy. By setting up the whole detail as to lead up your event the task complete by whom, Plan what would be the perfect time to launch the product that proofs to gain a sense of satisfaction to the event owners. Moreover, to map your timeline, there are plenty of event management tools.

Search for lookalike audience

As you already have the list of the audience, who have purchased your event tickets in the past and wanted to find more exactly the same. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are the tools who will help you find the audience. It is a great way to look for the target audiences in terms of profession, interest, geographical location, and online behavior as it can help you to target the exact audience and people for whom you are looking while hosting the events. 

Note down the social media influencer

Your attendees are the biggest asset and supporter of your business and from that you can find the best one or two that are influential. Focus on that folks and motivate them to spread a great word online. To manage, capitalize on social influencers in your sphere, you can make event marketing strategies that can leave a lasting impression on the attendees as well as the sponsors.

Choose the Brand ambassador

The highest stratum of influencer marketing is hiring a brand ambassador, the celebrity, bloggers, and youtube attracts the people towards the event. You can enlist them strategically to create effective and timely posts about your event that can be beneficial for the attendees. 

Offer social media  tickets

This is a very simple and easy step to enhance your event to offer a chance to the attendees that must be something playful and unique.  You can also organize the contests as people mainly involve in the fun activities to get rid of the day to day burden of handling the projects that can create difficulties. Make sure you must be aware of all the rules and regulations each social media has around the contest.

Launch hashtag campaign

Creating a special hashtag campaign prior to your event is an amazing technique to get more engagement as well as reach. The more people use your hashtags the more you will see your reach increase.

Collaborate with similar events

To promote your upcoming event just make a network with your similar demographics that is not your direct competitors. For instance, organizing brand new technology and collaborating with any salesforce parties that help you to promote your event.

Focus on conversational from promotional

Focus on the content that engages your followers instead of the strict marketing messages on the social media platform. The genuine way is you have to post the content for other people or brands for the promotional post is into four pieces. 

If you provide your attendees a unique content that will build your trust and automatically they will respect your event brand.

Follow up post for the event.

If you think that you are done with all the aspects of the advertising strategy then it’s not an end here, Continue with a blog post summarizing with the event and post it with the fun photos. Promote it through the newsletter to your segmented email base for the ones who did not attend the event yet. Moreover, if you are planning something like event marketing strategies for the next year don’t forget to announce as soon as possible.  

What different event marketing brings for you in 2020

Marketing is the communication to clearly convey the message at the opportune time. The live events create opportunities for you to get connected with the stakeholders and make the communication clear while interacting with them as it is a great way to gain their trust. In today’s big company event marketing is continuing to grow and consider as the most important marketing strategy.

According to the research, event makeup has set a 24% B2B marketing budget. By 2020 the global professional events are going to take place on an annual basis. Every event organizer is aware of the event and the benefits it can provide so you should focus on making reliable event marketing strategies to make everything better and reliable. 

Types of Event 

New innovations in technology and growing the business needs to combine with each other resulting in a wide range of event types. So, having a good understanding of an event provides opportunities to the event organizers to determine which types would closely work with their specific goal. Here are some of the essential events – 


Conferences can be B2B or B2C and usually engaged with educational workshops, cooperate means, and networking sessions. The successful conferences are a great way to maintain a balance between the professional environment as it can create an energetic social atmosphere so that it can create an effective energetic social atmosphere. 

Trade shows

Trade shows and expos are conducted to advertise the newly launched products and services from a variety of similar brands in a professional manner that can enhance your visibility efficiently. The main motive behind organizing the trade shows is that these events have a theme that is essential to tie the booths together. 


Seminars usually last for a day or few hours, the basic goal is to educate the attendees. The smaller the group of attendees the more depth discussion and valuable knowledge sharing takes place in the seminars in an intimate setting.


Ceremonies are arranged for different purposes but these are the most reliable for the businesses as they provide an efficient way that you can use to present your brand and its products effectively. It hardly matters what the occasion is the ceremonies and galas have a sophisticated way to present the marketing special occasion. The most efficient way to celebrate the formal event with the customers is during the award ceremony as it enhances their engagement in a better way. 

Periodic business meetings and company gatherings

The internal business meetings and periodic company gatherings are mainly essential for the small businesses, those who plan to organize the particular type of events. These events are used to discuss a selected topic related to some specific problem, facilitate some project kickoff. These topics can commonly be discussed between nearly 25 employees. 

Thought leadership and networking events

 The thought leadership and networking events are to present the brand authority in a particular domain and provide the opportunity to the interested people to interact with the one and other. This event type may be VIP or more on general admission.

Latest product launch

The events for product launches are mainly done for showcasing the new products or the new launches to the customers as the goal behind the new product launches is to gain the customers who are keenly interested in your product and are much excited about the new features and functions of the products. 

Acceleration events for sales

These events are also known as VIP events that mainly focus on delivering the exclusive and impressive experience to the most influential shareholders, customers, and the honored guests. The goal of any VIP event is to increase the revenue and maintain the loyalty to stable the marketing current events with these key figures.

Events for Job fair and recruitment

The main motive behind organizing the job fairs and recruiting event is to hire talent for the company and the departments who are in need of the fresh talent. This hiring starts from the colleges and universities this process mainly known as placement drives. This process is beneficial for start-ups or companies who want to hire fresh minds to help expand their business.

Events for Team building 

The events for team building are also known as the internal meeting groups that have 15-25 employees who focus on delivering their ideas in an interesting way to develop the reliable bond within the organization. The goals are employees can understand each other, build a relationship so that they become future better leaders and collaborate.

Marketing and Brand activation

Marketing in the fields and brand activation mainly develops the stronger relationship between the company as well as the audiences as the relationship building is the foremost for the event type. These are mainly essential when you need to know about the audiences that you are targeting to plan the activities throughout the event. 

Virtual Events

These events are mainly organized by the companies that do not have resources for hosting the live events as some companies cannot afford to travel to the international conferences. Furthermore, these allows people to participate in the event from all over the world and choose the attendees from different groups with different viewpoints.  

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