How The InBox Mobile Charging Station Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

InCharged is proud to offer a full line of charging solutions to fit the needs of any event planner. We understand that saving money is critical at each and every turn of your event planning process, regardless of the size of your budget. That’s why we’re focused on providing eye-catching, state of the art charging solutions without breaking the bank.

Want to make an impact on your audience but want something affordable? If your budget is tight but you still want to enhance your user experience, the InBox is for you!

The InBox charging solution can turn just about anything you own into a custom cell phone charging station – it’s the perfect option for those who want the fastest and most efficient cell phone charging capabilities with minimal ambient space interference. Its compact design also saves you significantly on shipping fees compared to larger, heavier models and makes it much easier to transport to and from your venue.

With the InBox, there’s no need to find purpose-built charging furniture that could cost you thousands of dollars. The InBox can be mounted on a wall or tabletop, inside a lamp or sculpture, on the bottom of a table- the only limitation is your imagination! Its cutting-edge technology is so small and lightweight that it can be integrated into your environment for an unobtrusive yet fully functional effect.

If you’d rather make the InBox the star of the show, no problem! Take advantage of our 360-degree custom wrap, so your branding is front and center.

We built our InBox based on direct feedback from consumers. While some customers want a large, flashy charging station with LED screens that draw attendees in from a distance, many want an easy to use charging option with a small footprint and no screens. In fact, the design was drawn on a napkin at a trade show right after hearing feedback from a client. It’s a testament to the passion and level of detail we put into each custom charging station- we’re constantly improving our options to meet your attendee’s needs.

The InBox has been used by Starbucks, Allstate Insurance, Uber, and Bonaroo Music Festival, but you don’t need to be a large corporation to take advantage of one of this tiny and dynamic charging option. As one of the most affordable charging stations on the market, the InBox can help even the smallest of events provide an affordable charging option your attendees won’t forget.

Ready to get set up with an InBox? Get in touch with us for a free consultation today!

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