Introducing Our Newest Portable Charging Station – The Power Box

We’re excited to announce a new portable charging station that combines the sleek versatility of our InBox with the portability of our battery pack option- the PowerBox.

PowerBox tabletop charging kiosk USB powered on a dark wood table

The portable PowerBox can fully charge up to 8 devices simultaneously with no need for a power source. In fact, the Power Box can fully charge at least 2,000 devices before needing to be recharged itself. The 8 USB ports located on the top of the box provide easy access for everyone and also make it a great tabletop charging option for any device. Simply place it on any surface and you instantly have a place where people can come together and charge up!

If you’re looking for a sleek charging option, the white metallic finish, LED backlights, and round LED top light will seamlessly blend in with your atmosphere. Need something more eye-catching? We can add a custom wrap that can include your logo, message, and custom color scheme.

At a mere 12” x 1” x 3”, the Power Box is an extremely portable option. It’s also constructed with a durable aluminum casing to help protect it from wear and tear. If your events are never at the same venue or you need a charging option that can easily be moved from room to room, the Power Box is one of the best options available.

If you’re searching for a charging solution for an area where power outlets can be scarce, look no further than the Power Box! It’s a great, unobtrusive option for waiting rooms, corporate events, conference rooms, outdoor events, and more.

From Desktops to laptops, tablets to smartphones, the complete invention cycle revolves around making the technology pretty handy and easily available to the end-user. On average, the US adult spends 3 hours and 40 minutes daily on phone doing multiple tasks such as net surfing watching videos, social media, playing games, food ordering, cab booking, bill payments among other tasks. The phone usage duration has increased by 8 minutes from the year 2018 to 2019.

With all these gadgets and an increase in usage, come the issues of charging them from time to time. The pocket power banks are a solution, but that is also viable when you are carrying a case or a bag with you. There are a few events where you don’t want to carry a pocket mobile charger, for all such situations you have cell phone charging stations.

Even if you don’t use the phone for long, the apps running in the background drain your battery giving you the unavoidable low battery life experience. The trouble gets doubled with you are paying a bill or locating a place through GPS or having an urgent phone call with the client and the phone goes off because of low battery. So what comes to rescue then? It’s the cell phone charging stations.

Phone charging kiosks and tables have been around for quite a while and these setups are saving people from low battery life experiences at restaurants and bars, nightclubs, lounges, hotels, resorts, gyms, fitness centers, airports, sports stadiums, car dealerships, music festivals, conventions, universities, colleges, casinos, shopping centers, hospitals and clinics, train stations, amusement parks, trade shows, weddings, events.

The phone charging stations didn’t just solve the problem for people with low battery on their phones, but it also added a benefit for the owners. The stations gave them space for advertisement which they could use for themselves or sell it.

InCharged designs its cell phone charging stations keeping aesthetic values of the locations in mind. Our stations made to fit all locations and interior as they are easy to customize.

We not only deal in providing stationary charging solutions, but we also provide portable charging stations that are easy to carry and charge bulk mobile phones. Some do have a corded connection while some run on the batteries and can be taken anywhere.

The model we are discussing today is The PowerBox – small, easy to carry, a wireless charging station that can charge up to 8 devices at once and 2000 devices in its single charge.

Key Features of the PowerBox Charging Station

  • InCharged’s PowerBox is just 10×10 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall. It’s quite small in size and doesn’t take up much space or come in the way of other items.
  • The battery-powered feature makes it easy to carry anywhere. Whether you have an outdoor event or indoor, The PowerBox will never fail you.
  • Easy customizable with your branded labels or of any brand that you want to promote.
  • No setup required. Just plug and play.
  • In case of a multiday event, just charge it during the night and use it during the day. Its battery lasts up to 10 hours so that no phone around it is left un-charged.
  • You can either get the charging chords from us or you can even use yours. It can charge both android as well as iOS devices.
  • Increases the audience’s attention span as they charge their phone, which is great for marketing.

So, you see, it is not only built for charging devices. It is built to do more, actually, a lot more.

See The PowerBox in action.

White tabletop PowerBox USB charging station at event conference in ambient lighting with blue LEDs

See the multiple devices connected to The PowerBox and getting charged in a small space. Perfect for longer conferences and meetings happening in a tight space.

Can be easily placed on the tabletops in the events as a convenient charging option for the attendees. Customize these and you place them on the tables in a restaurants and bars as well.

Looks elegant and goes well with any kind of interior and furniture style. To match the PowerBox with your interiors, get a wrap of perfect size. The tips and instructions are also include in the link. Share your requirements with us and we can customize the wraps for you. We have an in-house team of expert designers.

Great for branding and promotions with its eye-catchy design and smooth finish. Advertisements on a utility items are always effective.

Black PowerBox tabletop charging station that is battery powered with tablets plugged in

Justifying its name – PowerBox

What Benefits Our Clients Get through Our Charging Stations

  • The retail store owners have seen an increase in footfall and sales after installing a cell phone charging station
  • Many local business owners have seen repeat business as customers love to visit the places where they can charge their device easily
  • Customer engagement has also been increased due to the advertisements displayed on the charging stations
  • People don’t bother waiting in lounges as they can utilize the time in charging their device.

InCharged offers easy buying and renting option on all the products. So, if you need the PowerBox only for a day or two, just let us know.

You can download its wrap template from our website to see the exact dimension of the prints required for displaying on the PowerBox. Get PDF versions of Spec-sheet and manual also.

All the InCharged cell phone charging stations are designed and manufactured in the USA.  The company is owned and operated by the women and the minority. We are renowned in the market as the only company offering scalable, future-proof, modular, and compatible with all the devices.

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