Battery Powered Charging Stations Give You Freedom to Roam

Nowadays, the majority of people do not prefer to leave their homes without taking their mobile phones with them or leave their cell phones while heading out. Moreover, while leaving they check for the keys and wallet with them as well as they have the habit of checking the percentage of battery left in their cell phones. Mainly, people suffer from low battery anxiety when they run out of the batteries and the situation gets more stressful when they are at an event or fair. These situations mainly arise either when you forgot to charge your cell phones or you do not get an opportunity to charge it while you are outside. When people go out for the events they use their cell phones to take photos, make videos, either to save them as a memory or share them on social media platforms. However, when they arrive at the event and have very less battery then they will not use their devices efficiently so these can cause different as well as negative consequences as –

  • The attendees feel stressed because they do not have a battery and they cannot use their cell phones while in the event which also restricts them from enjoying the moments.
  • Most people prefer to leave the event even sooner than expected due to the fear that their cell phones will die completely.
  • They will not be able to share their experience on social media platforms.

Things to consider about cell phone charging stations

If you have a cell phone charging stations for events, the guests will feel comfortable and stress-free as they will not have to worry about their cell phone batteries during the entire duration of the events. Additionally, the attendees can share their experience on their social media accounts with peace of mind which means that they will enhance the visibility of your events. The most essential factor is that your event will gain the benefits of having free charging stations for guests which means your event will gain extra benefits with the relevant positive opinions. Moreover, if you are providing charging stations along with the Wi-Fi connectivity and an app designed for the events, you will surely categorize as a modern and innovative enterprise due to which you can leave a greater impact on the minds of the attendees of your event.


Free Charging Stations

Battery Powered Portable Charging Station

Everyone needs cell phone charging stations mainly when they are at your venue as it can keep the cell phones of your attendees fully charged. If you are offering a place to the event-goers to charge their cell phones, it means you are gaining their interest towards your venue as with the fully charged cell phones your attendees can tweet, post a status on the social media platforms and use Snapchat that can allow you to create a buzz. Here are some of the things that the every event planner need to consider while planning for renting or buying the cell phone charging stations for the events:

  • Size – The size of the cell phone charging stations not only decides the cell devices that can be powered but it also impacts visibility as well as opportunities for branding.
  • Additional features – Despite providing micro USB or the lightning chargers, various charging stations also have additional features such as secure lockers and opportunities for branding. So you need to make sure that there are warranties that are also associated with the charging stations you choose.
  • Cost – Rental prices vary depending on the cell phone charging stations that you can choose the charging stations that suit your needs better.
  • Revenue – Charging stations not only provide benefits for the attendees but they also offer a chance for your event to generate revenue through sponsorships. You need to make sure that you are choosing a cell phone charging station that you can use for branding purposes as well.
  • Location – There are various things that you need to do while planning the location for charging stations as you need to consider whether the area has electrical outlets nearby, the area is suitable to gain a high level of foot traffic or the charging units are going to be large enough to get noticed.
  • Shipping – The shipping cost changes depending on the size of the charging stations, so most charging station providers prefer to ship anywhere no matter which charging station you are going to choose.

Benefits of using a portable cell phone charger for your devices

Nowadays, everyone is dependent on the gadgets, and these gadgets rely on their batteries and without the charged batteries, they are merely lifeless. Mostly, it happens that when you are in a hurry for the urgent meetings, family calling, or various other emergencies and you find that your cell phone battery is drained, at that a battery powered portable charging station can be a life savior.

Your cell phones mainly run out of charge after using them for the whole day so you need portable charging stations to keep your cell phones fully charged, but some chargers are more portable than others and you can use the battery-powered charging stations while heading out. Almost every Smartphone users agree that the most suitable charging stations are those which can charge cell phones without electrical outlets. Here are some of the ways a battery-powered charger can add convenience to your life.

You don’t have to place the tables near the electrical outlets

With the portable battery-powered charging stations you can place the tables anywhere while organizing the events as you do not have to look for the outlets. The best thing is you can place the charging stations in the location where you want more foot traffic for the event to gain the complete attention of the attendees.

Quick charging features

The battery-powered charging stations are handy and reliable enough to charge your cell phones in a short period and at any place. Furthermore, it also provides the complete power to your cell phones to make them work efficiently so when your cell phones run out of the batteries you can recharge them instantly with the battery powered portable charging station.

Battery powered charging station

Battery Powered Charging Station

Enjoy the great outdoors

When your event has battery-powered charging stations, you can organize your event outdoors as the attendees can enjoy the outdoors while charging their cell phones. Mainly, people enjoy the events outdoors more as compared to the indoors as they can roam around freely and can enjoy the event more comfortably in the open and fresh air.

Better convenience

If you have the portable charging stations, you don’t have to make attendees wait at one particular place to charge their cell phones completely; instead the portable battery-powered charging stations allow them to walk around at any of the tables. You can place the tables in the middle of the venue or near the stage to grab the attention of the attendees while they are charging their cell phones. Furthermore, when you have your life savior with you can carry them everywhere in your handbags or pockets. No doubt, it is a tedious job to carry heavy and big accessories as well as much frustrating but these portable chargers are light in weight as well as small in size and are designed by keeping in mind the necessities of the common people.

Travel anywhere and be connected

Whenever traveling, you always wanted to stay connected with others through social media platforms when you are exploring a new country or a new town without any access to the power source as these charging stations can deliver reliable help then your cell phones are running out of batteries.

No u11nnecessary wires and cables

The best thing about these battery-powered charging stations is that these are not only portable but also come without any unnecessary wires or cables. Mainly, people prefer to carry chargers with them, when they are with a lot of clumsy wires and messy cables but the battery-powered charging stations are free from such hindrances.

Why should you go with the battery-powered charging stations?

The battery-powered charging stations have greater benefits and they have gained a huge popularity in today’s market as they have become the most reliable choice due to their portability features.


The cell phone charging stations come in different designs and these are evolving continuously in a better way  as these are becoming more convenient, consistent, easier to use, and much more durable. Some batteries powered charging stations can even charge the different types of batteries due to their convenient features which includes various types of batteries. Furthermore, the battery-powered charging stations can charge in different ways, mainly through a wall outlet, computer USB port, and even a carport so no matter what your resources are, you get various options for the battery chargers.

Better performance

The rechargeable batteries mainly use 1.2 volts of the energy in the entire time they are in use and on the other hand, the disposable batteries mainly start at 1.5 volts that progressively gets lower until they are completely dead. With the rechargeable batteries, you can get the peak performance all the time even when you get the signal for low batteries. Some battery chargers also provide a refreshing mode that can make your rechargeable batteries drain before you can charge them fully again.


When we talk about batteries then the Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries are better for the environment as compared to the nickel-cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries and both are better than the disposable batteries. Mainly, the rechargeable batteries are the most reliable options as they produce less waste because you can recharge them with a simple battery charger and these can be reused various times. These also consume less energy due to the recharging batteries as these batteries are more energy-efficient as compared to the cost and energy used for making new batteries.  

Saves time

When you run out of the batteries, you mainly search for the outlets, plugs, or chargers that waste your number of hours, but if you have the portable battery-powered charging stations, it can save you enough time to handle your other tasks. You only need to put your cell phones on charge and they are ready to go as the best thing is you can carry them along with you in your pockets or backpacks due to their portability features. Even if you don’t have extra recharged batteries, you can have your batteries completely charged with the battery-powered charging stations which save your hours that you can spend on searching for the outlets or the chargers.

Save money

Although the initial cost of the battery-powered charging stations can make you feel like the transactions are not worth it so you need to think about it according to the long term sense. Furthermore, the rechargeable batteries are also capable of being used for various times which is far better than buying the pack of batteries.

Charging Stations from InCharged

Flex – These charging stations are favorite of everyone due to their easy to set up, easy to brand, and easy to experience features which makes them the most suitable option for the events. These charging stations mainly come with a 20″ digital screen that you can use for the images or videos to leave a lasting impression on the mind of the onlookers. These charging stations are also known as the free-standing kiosks as they take only a few minutes to assemble and strike which make it easier for the event organizers to lessen their burden. These charging stations have an HD monitor that allows you to use them for branding purposes and these are mainly available with 12 charging tips.

PowerMethod – If you are looking for better trade show engagement while charging your cell phone then these are the most suitable option when it comes to lightweight and free-standing. Furthermore, the PowerMethod charging stations take only a few minutes for assembling that allows you to show off your brand in a style. The events can get expensive and the cell phone charging stations are the most suitable options that perfectly fit your needs as these have 8 A/C outlets with 10 in-built charging cables that can charge multiple devices at the same time. These charging stations support various devices from Apple to Android and everything in between due to which they are the ideal option for the events.

Cell phone Chargers

Cell Phone Chargers

PowerMethod Plus – If you want to make your event better by gaining the reliable attention of your attendees then these charging stations are the most reliable option that you can choose. These are the redesigned version of the cell phone charging stations that makes it studiers and easier than ever as these are built for delivering fast-charging with easy installation features. No doubt, people want their devices to be fully charged and the event organizers can incorporate these charging stations for enhancing the experience of the attendees. The dynamic design of these charging stations let you fit each unit of your needs and the different charging cables makes everyone charge their cell phones freely. Furthermore, these are the most reliable option for the different cell phones and can charge up to 8 devices with its 8 charging ports.

InBox – The charging station is also known as the secret weapon of the events which can turn any space into the cell phone charging stations due to their portable and powerful charging station. No doubt, events can be hectic but if you want to keep them simple then you just need to plug the charging stations in a power outlet and you are all ready to charge your cell phone devices. Furthermore, these are a great way to show off your brand in an efficient manner so you can use these charging stations to keep everything manageable and to keep the attendees satisfied.

Charging tables – If you want to enhance the experience of the attendees then you can make your charging tables the place where your attendees can arrive when they are at your event. When attendees are charging their cell phones, you can get the opportunity to gain complete attention and enhance their involvement in your event. No doubt, events are busy and if you want to make them less hectic, then you can use these charging stations as a relevant option as it is great to show off your brand as well. Events need tables, and phones need a charge, so the charging tables are the easiest and the lightest tables that make the charging easier as well as reliable.

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