The One Item You Missed While Spring Cleaning…

As Spring is upon us, you’re likely cleaning out the layer of dust and grime Winter has left behind. Between mopping the floors, scrubbing the bathroom, and generally tidying up, there’s something you use more than any other appliance that you’ve probably left off of your cleaning list.

Your cell phone is constantly in your hands, touching your face, and resting on surfaces of varying degrees of cleanliness. In fact, a cell phone often holds more bacteria than the surfaces in your bathroom! Without periodic cleanings, it could be the cause of that nasty spring cold you were desperately trying to avoid.

Keeping your phone clean is an easy and important step to keeping yourself healthy – here are some tips.

First, see what your phone is made of so you know how to safely clean it. Certain materials shouldn’t be cleaned in certain ways. For instance if it’s glass, you shouldn’t use alcohol.

If your phone is cracked, trying to clean the screen could cause even more damage – so until you can get it fixed, just gently wipe it with a clean cloth to remove excess oil. Take off any cases and turn the phone off (if you can, take out the battery too.)

To clean your touchscreen, you’ll need a special cleaning kit so you don’t damage the coating on your screen. These usually include pre-moistened cleaning wipes and/or a gel screen cleaner. If you have multiple phones, tablets, or just generally own a lot of gadgets, you could also invest in a UV cleaner for easy, repeat cleaning.

When your phone is clean, keep it that way! You can use a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints and smudges, and an antibacterial polish like PhoneSoap can prevent germs from growing on your screen.

Protect your touch screen from further griminess by using a screen protector- this not only makes your phone easier to clean, but it will protect it from scratches. One with an olephobic layer will repel oils and make cleaning even easier.

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