Italian Judge Rules Prolonged Cell Phone Use Linked to Cancer

The highest civil court in Italy, while discussing the workplace compensation case stated that the cell phones can cause severe health issues that can even lead to cancer or brain tumors. However, the statement was criticized by the medical experts in Italy by making an explanation that there is not any scientific research or study that claims the cause of cancer due to cell phone usage. Furthermore, the decision that was made public in October stated that the Labor Law Section of High court in Italy ruled in favor of the verdict Innocente Marcolini, who was a former commerce manager in Brescia, and developed a trigeminal ganglion tumor near his left ear.

It then claimed a consequence of speaking on a cell phone continuously for 6 hours a day for 12 years and it was due to the demand for his job. Although the tumor was removed successfully, Marcolini was left with severe problems for which he asked for compensation from INAIL, which was an Italian Agency that ensures health-risks related to the work. The claim was then rejected due to very little evidence related to the mobile phones that lead to brain tumors. In particular, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that to date, no adverse health effects have been established that are caused by the continuous use of cell phones.

When the further appeal was brought for the case from INAIL in front of the high court, it has confirmed the decision of appeal court and once again Macolini won the case about cell phone health risks which then makes the rule in favor of him. The sentence becomes final, the organizations for Italian consumer advocacy, celebrated the ruling, that says they will create a precedent that allows the use of cell phones to the customers who use cell phones for many hours a day to sue the manufacturers if in case they have developed a tumor.

Ways your Smartphone can affect your health


Probably, you take your cell phones everywhere you go, but do you remember the last time you cleaned it or maybe not. There might be bacteria, viruses, or other germs on it and it is mainly because people don’t wash their hands well, which develops bacteria on it. On the bright side, it’s a hard surface that usually makes it hard for the germs to survive but still, it is probably a good idea to wipe the screen thoroughly.

Text Neck Syndrome

When you look too much on your cell phones, it strains your neck muscles that mainly lead to the tightness or spasms and sometimes it makes you suffer from nerve pain that causes your back or shoulder to hurt severely and even your arms. You should take a break after every 20 minutes to stretch and provide rest to your back and about hunching forward as it helps you to hold your cell phones higher up while texting. If possible you can also do exercise or yoga that will help you to stay strong and avoid neck pain that happens due to continuously looking down.  

Phone calls postures

Sometimes when you are doing something and your hands are not free, you mainly pinch the cell phones between your shoulder and ear but it is not the right position of holding the cell phones. If you do it for a long time, it will start hurting your neck and in case it starts and causing severe issues for you or you can’t avoid it. Then, you should take a break and move your neck in another direction to get some relief from the pain and if the damages are severe, then you should take rest, use a heating pad, and take precaution from an expert for the pain and stiffness.

Cell Phone Postures

Text and drive

No doubt, sending a text takes only a few seconds of your attention but it seems to be quick and does not cause any harm. However, if you are driving a car at a speed then these seconds are enough to cause a serious car accident and there are more chances that it can crash severely.

Talk and drive

Maybe you think that it’s safe to talk on the phone while driving but it is not and there are more chances of getting crashed. The number of accidents happens due to car crashes and among them, some are injured people and most of them even die so if the calls are urgent then you should pull over to have a safe journey.

Using the cell phones during night time

The light from the different sources other than sun can severely affect your sleep and mainly links to the diabetes, obesity, severe heart disease, and various other health issues that can lead to serious problems. Mainly the light from the cell phones is bad for your health so you should keep your bedroom dark or avoid using any LED light during night time while resting as it can result in better sleep if you are completely tired.

Avoid walking or talking at the same time

While walking down the sidewalk, when you send a quick text or make a call it takes a few seconds but the time is enough to make you fall. It is better to wait for some moment that can avoid such minor accidents as the most common injuries can cause severe muscle and tendon strains, broken bones, and even head injuries.

Cell Phone Health Risks

Cancer risk

Most of the cases have shown the risk of cancer or even tumors due to the regular use of cell phones but it is not scientifically proven yet about the cell phones affect on health. However, you can prevent your health risks that can limit the use of cell phones or the best way is to keep them on speaker mode while talking with any one as it can limit the radio waves.

Trigger thumb

Sometimes your thumb gets stuck in a bent position or pops when you try to straighten it and the pop hurts badly and it happens when the sheath around your thumb becomes thick that restricts the movement of the tendon. It also happens while texting or typing on the cell phones or just holding a Smartphone tightly that can cause trigger thumb.

Thumb Arthritis

It is not yet clear that the use of cell phones can cause thumb arthritis, but it can definitely make the symptom worse as the thumb arthritis causes severe pain and tenderness on your thumb at the point where it meets the wrist. However, the use of cell phones for texting or holding it for a long time can make the conditions even worse.


If you use your cell phones by keeping them close to your medical devices, then they can work efficiently but the cell phones can interfere with the various types of hearing aids.  You can consult with an expert if you detect any issues or problems related with your medical devices especially if you are using your cell phones regularly.

Eye Problems

The light from Smartphones has the harmful wavelength that can make your eyes tired and even causes severe issues that sometimes damages your cornea by harming your vision, making your eyesight weak. If you notice these issues, it would help to limit the use of cell phones that can take the life of your eyes to reduce the occurrence of such possibilities.

Things you can do to reduce the cancer risk from cell phones

Children should use cell phones during emergencies

The skulls of the children are thinner as compared to the adults and their brains are still developing, so the radiations from cell phones can go deep into the brains that also cause damages. So, you should not give cell phones to the children for making calls, while they can use them for texting that is still safe for the kids.

Keep the cell phones away from your body while talking on the phones

You can get a hands-free set while using your cell phones for making calls or you can use earpieces that can reduce the radiation that can affect your health while talking. However, make sure to use a wired set up as a Bluetooth headpiece also uses radio waves for transmitting data that can be a particular problem if you are wearing it for the whole time.

Avoid using cell phones in weak signal

You should use your cell phones when the signal is weak or while driving as it increases the power to the maximum and the cell phones repeatedly try to connect to the new antenna. Furthermore, you can talk by keeping your cell phones on speaker as when no one is around and you are holding your cell phone at a small distance away from your body, it means you there will be fewer radiations.

Avoid carrying your cell phones on your body all the time

You should not carry your cell phones around by keeping them near your body mainly under the pillow or on a bedside table. The best thing you can do is to turn on the flight mode or switch off the cell phones completely as they can severely affect your health.

Cell Phones Affect on Health

While carrying cell phones in your pocket, position the screen towards your body

While going out and carrying the cell phones with you, you should make sure to keep the screen towards your body as it can make the electromagnetic field move away from you rather than through you.

Use the cell phones to establish contact or for a few minutes conversation

If you want to have a longer conversation then the landline with a corded phone is the most suitable option that you can choose. The cordless phones can affect your health severely and even harms your body severely so if you want to keep your health stable and fine then you should use the headphones or keep your cell phones on speaker while talking on a cordless cell phone. 

Switch Sides regularly

While communicating on your cell phones or making calls and before putting the cell phones to the ear, you should wait till the correspondent has picked up. Doing so limits the power of electromagnetic fields that releases near your ear, causing severe damages to health and lowers the period of the exposure.

Tips to reduce the exposure to cell phones radiations

Avoid body contact – You should follow the warning from the cell phone manufacturer and follow the owner manual so you should avoid using or carrying cell phones against your head or body for the whole time. Mainly, you should keep the space between you and your cell phones which means you should not keep your cell phones in your pocket.

Text more – The more possible way to get rid of the health issues is to use cell phones for texting rather than talking as when you held your cell phones for texting, you keep it away from your body that can lead to severe health issues. The created distance is much greater between you and much powerful when it is near the field radiations from the phones.

Use speaker mode or a wired headset – While making calls, you should keep your cell phones on speaker or use a wired headset while holding your cell phones during the time of talking as it increases the number of radiations that your head will be absorbing. You should keep the cell phones near the field radiations as it is most concerning cell phones affecting health is against you.

Shorter calls – You should limit the cell phone conversations as if you take less time to talk with a phone, it can go against your head that results in fewer radiations going into your body. The best solution is to use a corded landline phone if it is available and avoid using the cell phones that are cordless for a long conversation.

Switch the sides of the heads while talking – You should switch the sides of your head regularly during the cell phone calls to reduce the radiation exposure instead of keeping it only on one side of your head. Most of us use the same hand or keep it on the same side while holding or talking on the cell phones but you should switch your hands so that you can stop the radiation on only one side of your head.

Wait for the connection of phone call – While making calls, you should wait for the calls to connect when you place the cell phones next to your ear as it emits the radiations during the initial connections and then lowers the power once the connection is established.

Use Airplane mode – You should turn off your cell phones or put them in airplane mode when they are not in use, mostly during the night time. If you are keeping your cell phones on make sure to keep them away from your head and body when you are sleeping as it continuously emits the radiation even when you are not using your cell phones that can lead to severe health issues.

Cell phones Affecting Health

Cell phones Affecting Health

Avoid using cell phones in places like a bus – You should not use the cell phones while traveling in the bus as these are the severe issues that can passively expose others to the electromagnetic fields of your cell phones. So, if you are using the cell phones make sure that the space is empty where there are fewer people around you so that the electromagnetic fields cannot affect badly. 

Avoid using low battery cell phones – You should use the cell phones that are running out of batteries as these emit more radiation which can impact your health badly. However, if you are running out of battery or your cell phones are extremely low then you should immediately put your cell phones on charging as using the cell phones during such situations can cause your cell phone batteries to explode and a low battery cell phone increases radiation that can affect your health badly.

If you want to get rid of the severe health issues then the best thing that you can do is to follow the instructions or the correct measures to use the cell phones, as these can even cause cancer or tumors related issues. The above-discussed instruction can help you to get rid of such a situation and guide you to use cell phones without impacting your health.

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