10 Ways Charging Tables Can Benefit Your Event

If you’re searching for a way to connect with event attendees, look no further than the ultimate conversation starter- the charging table! Our charging cocktail tables come equipped with 9 smartphone charging tables, 6 open USB ports and 3 A/C outlets, so there’s power for devices of all shapes and sizes. Tables can also be branded with your own artwork, branding, logos, and colors so you can project the exact message you want while grabbing the attention you need.

Still don’t believe us? Here are just 10 ways our charging tables can add value your event:

  1. Charging tables provide a concrete area for event attendees to congregate. This is a great way to establish an area to connect with your guests or encourage dwell time.
  2. According to a 2016 survey from the Center of Exhibition Industry Research, 71% of event attendees agree that having a way to keep their devices charged is crucial to having a positive experience (this was the second most coveted event amenity after free, reliable WiFi).
  3. Incorporating your images or logos into your custom charging table wrap is a great way to expose your brand to attendees without fighting other event sponsors for attention.
  4. Unlike many similar charging tables, the charging ports on our table are contained below the table surface, which is an elegant layer of smooth glass. This means no wasted table space for plugs and chargers.
  5. Attendees can sometimes congregate in undesirable areas just because there are outlets they can use. Consider adding a charging table somewhere more desirable to encourage a better place to gather.
  6. Our charging tables are 44’’ high, a preferred cocktail table height. This is perfect for thirsty attendees that want to have a place to put their drink down while charging their phone, or for professionals that need a quick place to charge their laptop or tablet while continuing to work.
  7. Charging tables are one of our simplest models to use. There’s no assembly required- simply plug in the unit and you’re good to go!
  8. Choosing a clever place to put your charging table can make it a destination! If you want to drive event attendees towards a particular exhibit, booth, or venue area, a set of charging tables can increase foot traffic substantially.
  9. Charging tables are unique and more interactive than basic tabletop or locker style charging units, which can provide a memorable piece for your total event experience.
  10. Keeping your guests charged and carefree encourages them to spend their time enjoying your event rather than stressing about a low battery.

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