Mobile Charging Stations at Hackathons

We here at InCharged believe every event has its own unique charging needs. Whether it’s a conference, trade show, lecture series, or festival, your attendees are going to want to charge their devices at some point. But what if the main activities at your event rely solely on the ability to stay charged and connected?

Hackathons (aka codefests or hackfests) are events where people involved in hardware and software development come together to collaborate on projects for a short, intensive amount of time. These single or multi day events can involve not only computer programmers, but project managers, graphic designers, interface designers, and other tech industry professionals.

While the name hackathon sounds nefarious, the term “hack” simply refers to programming in an experimental sense and not to any type of cybercrime. These events are typically hosted for educational purposes, to pinpoint new areas for innovation, or to quickly develop usable software for specific purposes. For example, companies such as Netflix, Facebook, and Google have all hosted their own internal hackathons in order to kick-start the innovation of existing or new products. Sometimes, companies will even add a competitive edge to these events by offering an incentive or prize to the group that comes up with the best solution or product for the task at hand.

When hosting a hackathon, keeping all of your attendees’ devices charged is top priority. While laptop charging options may be the first thing that comes to mind, how are your attendees going to charge their phones if all of the outlets are taken by laptop chargers? Not only do you want to provide an adequate amount of charging stations for all of their devices, but they have to be easily accessible so your attendees can keep working within the group while they charge. Our Powermethod is the best option for charging both laptops and mobile devices because it offers surge-protected technology and can be customized with any combination of 3-prong outlets for laptops, open USB ports, and common mobile device charging tips such as micro-USB or Lightning. Another great option for mobile device charging is our Inbox, which can be mounted discreetly to tables, walls, and other surfaces so your attendees can charge their phones and tablets without having to leave their computer or work area.

Additionally, some hackathons set up specific areas where participants can go to take a break and regroup. If this is something your event has to offer, you may consider putting a customized charging station such as our Infuse Flex in this area – it can be covered with a customized skin, and features an HD screen that can play any media you choose.

Whether the event is aimed towards developing particular software such as mobile apps, or hosted for a particular cause, hackathons are a collective process that works towards a common goal. By offering mobile charging solutions directly at your attendees work stations, you can help your attendees focus on the work in front of them rather than their cell phone charging across the room.

Mobile Charging Solutions

Show your care to your attendees

If you have charging stations at an event, especially when the events are of long hours, it shows your care for the attendees and their well-being. If your event is more than a few hours long then there are chances that the mobile data will make the batteries drain faster. The most embarrassing situation arises when the venues have limited power outlets that can create the most challenging situation for event planners. In such a situation, a mobile charging solution can help the attendees to charge their cell phones by providing them the relevant outlet to charge their various devices simultaneously.

The best thing is InCharged provides charging lockers that can keep the devices securely and creates an opportunity for the event organizers to grab their attention while they are charging their cell phones. These charging lockers provide a safe and secure environment for the attendees to leave their cell phones behind while they are enjoying the event.

Keep your attendees’ phones charged for event awareness

Nowadays, everyone has cell phones that they carry everywhere they go and with current technology these are used for texting, calling, sending emails, taking pictures or making videos, and much more. The drained cell phones of attendees can take away the opportunity of online posting of their experience at the event and restricts them from taking photos or videos that restricts them from social media posting. With the low battery or dead cell phones, attendees will not be able to take photos and make videos that also restrict them to post about the on-going event. It is essential and the most important aspect of the overall success of the event to make the attendees satisfied throughout the event and the charging stations can keep the attendees’ cell phones completely charged that enhances their experience at the event.

Attracts the clients

If you have a cell phone charging stations in your venue, they will certainly attract the potential customers who are looking for the outlet to charge their cell phones. However, these charging stations are a great way to keep the attendees in your venue for a longer period and can attract even those who may not otherwise have attended your event.

Make you stand out of the competition

Mobile phones are a necessity for everyone and these are something that everyone carries while going out as these are used for handling day to day activities. If you will incorporate the cell phone charging stations then it can make your customers visit your venue instead of your competitors. If you want to enhance their expectations then you should provide them something that your competitors have not provided yet and the venue can have something different that catches the attention of the customers and make them appreciate it.

How phone charging stations enhance the engagement of the customers?

While planning events whether they are trade shows, conferences, festivals, or anything, they need proper strategies and resources to make things work in order. You need to think about creating compelling agendas and turning booth traffic into leads and sales as there is a lot of competition that you need to face while organizing the events. While planning the events, you need to consider the details and components that are essential for planning the conferences or anything. However, the most essential thing that you should not forget while planning the event is the charging stations as –

These are the most common items that event attendees forget

While traveling, it is common that everyone forgets to carry things whether these are the small items or the cell phone charger, which is something that most of us forget when heading out in a hurry. However, the professionals heading out for conferences mainly need cell phone chargers as they rely on their cell phones to handle their day to day tasks from checking the emails, live tweet conferences to texting or calling. The relieving thing is there is a simple solution to this common problem and it can make your event stand out to attendees or make your booth among the most popular and most visited venues. Moreover, the incorporation of a cell phone charging station can make your attendees stay at your booth for longer.

Latest phone charging technology

Latest Phone Charging Technology

Integrate charging stations in Trade shows, conferences, or events

Today, people constantly feel the need to plug their cell phones and to recharge them whenever they become low or dead completely due to which cell phone charging stations are gaining huge popularity for being the essential accessory for the event. Mostly, when the events are fun and exciting, it encourages attendees to tweet their moments or post an update about their experience at the booth, which also include the use of cell phones. You should give attendees a place to recharge their cell phones as these are the great ways to keep the attendees engaged throughout the event. Additionally, higher engagement of attendees allows the event organizers to strategically place the cell phone charging stations at the places where there will be more attendees. If you will provide a place for attendees to recharge their cell phones, it keeps the attendees engaged throughout the entire event. Additionally, if you want to gain higher engagement of attendees then you need to place the charging stations strategically that can provide reliable experience to the attendees and leaves a positive impression on their minds.

Add a charging station to your booth

The most essential aspect of attracting visitors to the booth is to have an appealing and most suitable venue and if you want to make it more appealing then you need to use the displays of the charging stations to deliver your brand messaging. Once the visitors are in your booth, you can use the displays to show the demo videos, or multimedia content to enhance the engagement or leave a lasting impression on their minds. While these are the most reliable tactics to gain booth traffic but the charging stations are the most reliable ways that help you to stand out of the crowd and attract more visitors. Mobile charging solutions are the most suitable way that an event organizer can use to drive traffic to your booth, which also encourages the visitors to stay for longer, enhancing their dwelling time. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity for you to gain larger leads that result in enhancing relevant sales of conversions, so the incorporation of cell phone charging stations are a great way to attract more visitors.

Make the attendees to stay for longer

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the event organizer to keep the attendees for longer, mainly, when they run out of batteries, but with the mobile charging solutions it becomes easier to make the attendees stay for longer. It also creates an opportunity for you to talk with the attendees about their businesses or you can ask their viewpoints regarding your product or services. These are the most essential ways that can help you to meet your goals effectively as well as provides you an idea about how you can make changes to get better feedback.

Build your brand awareness

No doubt, if you have your booth at the conference, it helps you to build your brand awareness but there are additional ways of elevating your brand even more and among those adding a cell phone charging station is the most reliable idea. The best option is to choose a cell phone charging station that can be used for branding and allows you to promote your brand with the images or videos as these are the great way to enhance the brand visibility. Furthermore, the cell phone charging stations can be used to express your brand in a more innovative way that also drives more conventions as well as enhances the leads. 

Cell Phone Charging Stations from InCharged

Flex – These cell phone charging stations are everyone’s’ favorite that is easy to set up and brand due to their lightweight features and takes only a few minutes to completely assemble and strike. These charging stations are available with 20″ digital screens where you can show the images or videos to enhance the engagement of the users. The most efficient features of these charging stations are these can charge various cell phone charging stations from Apple to Android and everything in between. These charging stations are available with 12 charging tips that keep the customers satisfied throughout the event and also let you share your message while providing free charge to your audiences.

PowerMethod – If you are looking for a better solution to enhance the engagement of the audiences then cell phone charging stations are a great way to gain the attention of the audiences. These cell phone charging stations are lightweight and free-standing that takes only a few minutes to assemble and strike which makes them the most reliable choice for charging the multiple devices. The PowerMethod charging stations are available in a range of designs and you can choose the most suitable that fits your needs and requirements. These charging stations can charge various devices from Apple to Android and everything is in between and is the most relevant choice to turn any area into a power charging hub.PowerMethod Plus – These cell phone chargers charging stations are a great way to enhance the engagement of the attendees as you get an opportunity to gain their attention while they are charging their cell phones. These are also redesigned to turn them into studier and easier than ever due to their lightweight and free-standing features. People want to keep their cell phones fully charged and the event organizers want attendees for their event as well as strategies to enhance their staying time. The incorporation of cell phone charging stations is a great way to fulfill the needs of both attendees as well as the event organizers so these are the most relevant options for making the event better than expected.

Cell phone chargers charging station

Cell phone chargers charging station

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