Cell Phone Charging Stations at CES 2016

The end of the year is arguably the most exciting season of them all. Yes, the holidays are wonderful and New Year’s Eve is a lot of fun, but did you know the most exciting event happens after January 1st? If you’re like us at InCharged, you’ve been biting your nails, listening to Christmas carols, and waiting patiently for the CES 2016 tradeshow on January 6th-9th.

Consumer Electronics Show 2016

The International Consumer Electronics Show (or International CES) is an annual tradeshow that includes over 3600 companies showcasing their products as well as over 200 conference-style sessions. From manufacturers and developers to suppliers of consumer technology hardware and content, the CES is one of the largest gatherings of electronics enthusiasts and professionals in the world.

At the CES, there’s something for every type of consumer. Whether your interests are in robotics, audio, 3D printing, health and biotech, video, photography, software, or internet services, there are more than enough companies exhibiting their cutting-edge goods and services to keep anyone engaged. It’s also your opportunity to interact with technology and innovations professionals, so you can get a more immersive and interactive experience than simply reading about a product or company online.

One of the best parts of CES is the wide range of businesses that attend. Big name international corporations such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Google will be in attendance, but more notably a large amount of small startup companies will be there as well. CES is a great opportunity for new, up and coming innovators to rub elbows with larger companies in the industry because of the high level of interaction available to all attendees. Business can happen right on the tradeshow floor, around the conference sessions, or during impromptu or planned meetings between businesses.

Additionally, the CES has a long standing tradition revealing new technology to the public for the first time. Products such as the VCR, CD, Microsoft Xbox, Blue-Ray, 3D printers, and many others have been exhibited to the public for the first time at the CES. With the pace at which the industry is moving, the CES provides an abundance of opportunities to experience the most cutting edge products first, even before they’re released for public consumption.

Charge Your Phone at CES 2016

With 3 different venues to explore, the CES is an overwhelmingly large and interactive experience. If you’re lucky enough to attend, make sure to keep an eye out for our charging stations in the Sands venue located in the Smart Home exhibits area. We know you’ll be taking lots of pictures and videos of your favorite products and exhibits, so make sure to keep your devices InCharged (otherwise you may miss your opportunity to snap a selfie with a robot).

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